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News Archives

Back from Vacation - Arcanum Preview Soon
Just got back, and was happy to find a preview of Arcanum waiting! We'll have tons of screenshots, info and a full preview in the next week.

Icewind Dale Add-on "Heart of Winter" Site Opens
The add-on for Icewind Dale called Heart of Winter has opened. Heart of Winter offers 800x600 resolution, full screen play, new items, spells and new quests! Be sure to check our Icewind Dale site for the latest info, We'll have all the latest tips, hints, cheats etc for it as well!

Rune Sword Demo Released
An epic adventure tome with many hours of play with 12 unique races, 30+ skills that develop, 30+ spells, 6 vices that affect role-playing, fascinating combat (reminiscent of the Heroes of Might & Magic strategy game), 100+ monsters & dozens of NPC's
with many quests and puzzles. And there are no Elves or Dwarves.
Also, Rune Sword has an easy object-oriented construction set that is included for making great new adventures or just plain character editing! And all proceeds go to Charity!!!

Lots more added to BG2 and W&W Areas
We've been adding lots of info, files, tips and cheats to both the Baldurs Gate II area and the Wizards & Warriors site. If you have either, check out these sites! Chapter 2 of our BG2 walkthrough is complete, with detailed maps as well!

Siege of Avalon Chapter II released

Digital Tome released Chapter two of its Siege of Avalon™ title for direct delivery to gamer’s computer desktops from their website at More than a sequel, an Episodic Chapter is the next installment of a whole game novel spanning six parts, an innovation in electronic entertainment.

Baldurs Gate Editors and Cheats Released
We now have a few Editors and the entire list of cheat codes, and a complete item list code set online for your cheating pleasure! <g>

Icewind Walkthrough Updated and Complete
If you're still playing Icewind Dale, and are stuck, check out the extensive walkthrough we've written. It covers all aspects of the game, with extremely detailed Maps with many of the best item locations!

Expansion Pack for Icewind Dale
An expansion pack for Icewind Dale is in the works according to Interplay. The new expansion pack is called Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, and is being developed internally by Black Isle Studios. The expansion pack will add a variety of enhancements to the original game developed by Bioware including new monsters, spells, items, and areas to explore within the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Other features include higher character class levels (up to level 22 depending on the class), 800 x 600 high resolution graphics and improved OpenGL 3D support.

Wizards & Warriors Site Opens
Since the game is now out, we've opened our Wizards & Warriors site to the public. All 'areas' open later tonight. If you have yet to purchase Wizards & Warriors, scroll down a bit and click on the W&W Box to buy it, Its a great CRPG! If you don't know what the game is like, check out the preview!

Arcanum Beta Registration Begins Today
Sierra Studios and Troika Games are opening up the land of Arcanum to a few lucky souls this fall! All beta participants will receive an Arcanum Beta CD-ROM and an exclusive pass to the Arcanum Beta Forum. This is your chance to get an advance look at the game and offer helpful feedback to aid in the development process. To be a part of this select crowd you must complete the online registration form. Due to a limited amount of spaces, not everyone will be chosen.

Baldurs Gate II on Store Shelves
Its finally out, and we'll have complete coverage of it with all the latest tips, hints, item lists, cheats, maps and everything else just as we did with BG1 and IWD! Hit our Baldurs Gate II site as we add stuff to the site now!

Ironworks Wizards & Warriors Site Preview
We're working on the Wizards & Warriors support site that will have all the latest info, Quest tips, Walkthroughs, Spoilers, Maps, Items etc, etc.. Check out the preview of it Right here

And remember to come back when when the game is released for help or to post tips, or Questions! D.W. Bradley said that they'll check out the message boards and might answer some questions as well.

RPG Planet has a first look at Arcanity
"Arcanity is one of the latest massively multiplayer, online role-playing games (MMORPGs) in development, among the ever growing genre that is seeing many new ideas and improvements. Previously titled Cataclysm, the Los Angeles and Las Vegas based development studio known as Brick House Trading Co. was forced to change the title to Arcanity, not to be confused with Troika Games' Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. Brick House Trading Co., founded in 1999, started out as a daytrading firm, but their minds shifted to creating an online role-playing game that gamers, including themselves, will enjoy."

Arcanum Info at RPG Vault
RPG Vault has some more info on Arcanum for your reading pleasure. Check it out, its a good article!

Baldurs Gate II Gold
The game, based on the best-selling Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast, has generated record-breaking preorders worldwide.  Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn is scheduled to begin shipping to retail on September 26th. See our Preview Here.

Wizards & Warriors Goes Gold!
This is one game that many have been waiting for. Its gone gold and should be on store shelves within a week or so. What is Wizards & Warriors? See our Preview and Beta Review Here for more info!

Pool of Twilight Overland Map Preview
For the Dungeon Craft gaming engine, I've drawn an 'overland' map for a game module I'm working on called "Pool of Twilight", its the sequel to the old Goldbox game Pools of Darkness, based on the book too. But as many may know, Dungeon Craft's engine is 24-bit color, high-res, so it'll look a lot better. Check out the overland map that we're working on.

Siege of Avalon Preview
The Adrenaline Vault has written a preview of Digital Tome's Siege of Avalon, their special feature pack has been released yesterday as a public beta. We'll have a full preview here next week, they sent us a copy, so we'll have some screenshots seen nowhere else.

Desslock on the Diablo II expansion pack
Desslock has posted a nice article about the Diablo II Expansion pack, it a good read, and anyone into Diablo 2 will want to check this out, here's an excerpt:

"The two new classes are suitably different from the five classes that shipped with the original game (although they seem more than a little inspired by EverQuest character classes). The Assassin is a new female character that has skill trees for martial arts, shadow disruption and traps. Some of the martial arts skills involve more than manual dexterity, as there's a "dragon breath" attack skill, for example. Shadow disruption skills include "lure", which should in handy for luring enemies into your traps. The traps are quite varied, including blades that sweep through an area and a number of "sentinel" creatures that fire charged bolts or sprinkle spikes".

Ironworks - Baldurs Gate 2 Week!

Baldurs Gate II Week Ends
If you haven't yet seen any of the screenshots from Baldurs Gate II, check out each days shots. over 40 total, and many are never before seen! 

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Preview
Gamespot has a great in-depth preview of Elder Scroll's III, Morrowind! Be sure to check it out, looks like its shaping up to be a great RPG!

Wizards & Warriors is an Excellent CRPG, and we have the complete review/preview up with an additional 38 NEW Screenshots! All of these new screenshots are from the latest build. Read the Review and Check out the Screenshots Here

Darkstone 2 Announced!

Adam Harrison and a bunch of others have started the Darkstone II project. The plan is, to get a bunch of folks with varying talents together, license a cool engine, and get to the coding to create Darkstone II. He's asked me to put a shout out to anyone who would like to be involved in this project. They are looking for all kinds of people, storyline writers, graphics artists - Everyone!

Sounds like a killer idea for sure! If you want more info on the project you can mail Adam Here

New Area Opened - Dungeon Craft!
For those that don't know, Dungeon Craft: UAF is a brand new CRPG Game creation program based closely to the Goldbox Game engine, Unlimited Adventures. But DC has High-Res graphics, 24-bit color, MP3 support, JPG, BMP, TGA support, and tons more features! You can download a beta of the game program too!

Wizards & Warriors Update
We've received a near complete build of the game last Friday, and have been playing it a lot for a huge preview in a few days. We'll have some exclusive screenshots up This weekend!
(20 of them)!

Dungeons & Dragons 3E review at Daily Radar
Not really Computer Related, but you might want to check this out since a few CRPG's will be using the 3rd Edition Rules.
Daily Radar has posted a review of the brand new Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition Player's Handbook.

Arcanum Public Beta test coming in Sept.
Sierra Studios and Troika Games today announced a public beta program for their upcoming role-playing game Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura.

The public beta will begin in September, and will give gamers access to some of the 19 major environments within the land of Arcanum, along with scores of dungeons and quests to explore.  Testers will also be given a private online forum on which to discuss the game with the developers, give feedback and suggestions, and report bugs.

Update on Wizards & Warriors

We have lots of new information regarding Wizards & Warriors. This CRPG really looks like it'll be a winner! 4 years in the making, and over 200 hours of game play with 300 monsters and 6 spell books full of new and interesting spells!

Also, we've got the latest screenshots to drool over. (14 of them this time)! And we'll have much more soon. Ironworks does plan to have a support area now, for Wizards & Warriors, its THAT impressive folks!

New IWD Cheat, Items List and Detailed Maps
If you play Icewind Dale, and need some help, check out the Icewind Dale area, and check out the new Maps, and Items Lists we've put together, we're also working on LOTS more goodies to add as well

Patch v1.06 Released for Icewind Dale

This corrects even more stuff in the game that patch v1.05 missed, go download it Here and install it. Simple to install as well. 3.17MB

Ironworks IWD Walkthrough Added
Its not complete, but we've uploaded the Prologue and Chapter 1 for now, we're editing the other chapters now, and adding a few things that we're missed. we're also adding maps to the locations for help on battle strategies. The rest of the Walkthrough will be uploaded by Monday Afternoon for all to enjoy!

Lucas Arts & Bioware to create new
Star Wars CRPG

We just received this press release, check out the full news article that Bioware has released on this new RPG! We'll have a story on this new partnership and game very soon!

New Goldbox Game Engine Screenshots!
Programmer Richard Turner, P. Stevens and Graphics Artist Dan Huling (me) have been working on a brand new Goldbox game engine, bringing it up to date with the current Graphics and Styles, yet keeping the essentials that made the Goldbox games so unique! I coined the term "Dungeon Craft", because with it you'll be able to design your own adventures and create stand-alone adventures to trade with your friends. Its very much like Unlimited Adventures that was released in the early 90's by SSI. View the screenshots Here

Much of the artwork is yet complete, and combat art is not even completed, I'm busting butt to get this done now.

Cheat Codes for Icewind Dale Unlocked!
The new final patch that was released for Icewind dale a few days ago has unlocked all the cheat codes, and we have them!

Icewind Dale Final Patch v1.05 Released
If you own Icewind Dale, go download the patch right now. It corrects lots of the bugs, and other problems that some people have encountered. Most of the patch fixes the Multiplayer end of the game. Snag it Here.

New Goldbox Engine being developed!
If you're in your late teens, you'll remember those awesome Goldbox games, but these days they look rather weak - some had EGA graphics (Some of you may not know what EGA means ;-)) Its ugly, its pink too. Anyway, I joined up with programmers to help work on the brand NEW GB Engine (I'm doing the Artwork), Instead of EGA or 256 colors, its 24bit, and High res! The engine will look almost the same, and behave the same but with A LOT more bells and whistles! We're working on a dev area now to give you weekly updates on it, I call the engine Dungeon Craft 2K, but that's just me ;-)

-- hahah, the spell checker didn't even know what EGA meant!

RPG Siege of Avalon Released

Siege of Avalon is a medieval fantasy-themed adventure. The player arrives on the scene as a soldier pivotal to a crucial turning point in the 12-year-long desperate final struggle between the great armies of Eurale and the invading Hordes at the Gates of Avalon. It features more than 140 supporting characters and hundreds of "extras" through the use of Character-LAB, a new proprietary technology the company developed specifically for the development of Episodic Computer Game Novels.

Icewind Dale Review Up!
We've finished the game a few days ago and have finally finished writing up the review. If you have been on the fence about buying Icewind Dale, check out the review, and just for grins, look at the voting results. and remember, those of you that have IWD to visit our IWD Area for all the latest Tips, Spoilers and Maps to help you through the game!

New Arcanum Editor & Game Screenshots
We've received a bunch of great new screenshots of not just the game, but the editor! Check them out for the Game Here and the Awesome looking editor Here!

Be warned, these aren't resized crappy screenshots that Gamespot might give you, these are FULL resolution, at 1024x768 and are about 200k a piece, but its worth keeping the original size!

New Wizards & Warriors Screenshots
If you have yet to see anything on the Wizards & Warriors CRPG coming this fall you need to check these screenshots out, W&W is much like Eye of the Beholder, but with mouselook (Ultima Underworld depth too!) We'll have a huge preview review of it very soon with lots more info on it, but for now, check these screens out!

Beta Patch for Icewind Dale out
Go here to snag the patch for Icewind Dale, it fixes a bunch of different bugs, mostly multiplayer related. Download it here

Icewind Dale and Diablo II Out!
We just picked our copies up today, and are playing them now, We'll have reviews for both by Monday!
Icewind Dale is the the one we're covering on our website, so we'll be playing that one more...
New Portraits will be added by tomorrow night, and remember, if you have tips, tricks or whatnot, send them in to us!

V2.0 of our Icewind Dale Support Area is online
Just in time for the Games release, we have totally redesigned the entire IWD area and added a few new areas that needed to be there. Our first series of Portraits (Official TSR Scans) will be online to greet you the day IWD is released!

Icewind Dale Has gone Gold!
Icewind Dale has finally gone Gold, which means the master disc's have been sent off for duplication, and we should have it in our greedy hands within 10 days.

Best RPG at E3 - Neverwinter Nights

With the renaissance of RPGs, Best RPG of E3 has been an annual slugathon between some of the year's best titles.  This year Neverwinter Nights takes the laurels, if nothing else for sheer chutzpah.  Placing the world building in the hands of the player, this beautiful AD&D based game is destined to be the more-addictive-than-crack game of 2001.

Baldurs Gate II Area nears Completion!

We have the main page of our Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn support area, it'll be larger than our Baldurs Gate I area is too!
Check it out, we took a lot of time in its design and made sure it would be the best it could (Art and Navigation wise). The entire site will be completed no later than July 4th 2000!

15 NEW Arcanum Screenshots!

We've just received 15 screens from Sierra Studios and have them up for you to drool over. 4 of them are Exclusives (The first four are). be sure to check them out! We'll have a complete preview of the game once they send up a press copy of the game.

Neverwinter Nights 22 Minute Preview MPEG!

Dailyradar has the STUNNING MPEG 22 Minute preview you can watch Right Here. Its Either in one huge part, or 19 split up pieces. Its Streaming so no problems there!

This is the Preview that was shown at E3, and let me tell you, its amazing! They show off two different adventure modules and the BEST part we thought was the editor preview - They show you exactly how easy it is to throw together a dungeon and its extremely impressive, the forest module was our favorite.

There is so much more to the editor though than what they showed us, you can import models, textures and more! We are currently designing a module for NWN's  - The HUGE dungeon labyrinth Undermountain! 40+ levels of nasties, we're designing it in 3D Max for now, and on paper so we'll be ready to start work the second we have a copy in hand, if people would like to help us with this, contact us and attach your dungeon drawings!
Though NWN is slated for release sometime next year, we'll continue to have LOTS more previews and some exclusive interviews in the coming months, Stay tuned!

Vampire: the Masquerade Review

We review the latest RPG to hit the market, get the low-down on the game, and view all the screenshots we've taken. Gamespot and Daily Radar gave Vampire a slightly negative review, see what we think!
Read the Review here

Icewind Dale Sneak Peak At BG Chronicles

BG Chronicles has a sneak peak of Icewind Dale, check it out here. Since the game has yet to go gold, we are kinda doubting the 21st will be the release date.
View the BG Chronicles Sneak peak here

Arcanum E3 Teaser Movie Released!
Arcanum is the first game to come from the development house Troika Games, LLC, started by former Fallout team members Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and Jason Anderson.  The experienced Arcanum development team reunites many of the original development team from the critically acclaimed Fallout and Fallout 2 RPGs, including: Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Jason Anderson, Jesse Reynolds, Chris Jones, and Mark Harrison.

Arcanum creates a compelling new world where magic and technology coexist in an uneasy balance.  As Arcanum opens, the mechanical age has only recently arrived in this ancient land where Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and other races have learned to coexist in the new sprawling industrialized cities.
But this radical shift from magic to technology has created a potentially explosive situation.  While the townspeople and other thinkers begin mass production of light bulbs, batteries, eyeglasses and guns, the Mages grow leery.  This tightly-wound setting is the starting point from which the character must set out on his quest.

Arcanum allows gamers to assume the role of multiple pre-existing characters or create their own, and provides many paths to explore the game world, ensuring the highest degree of replay ability.  Meanwhile, the multiplayer component extends the life of the game and appeals to a large fan base that enjoys cooperative and competitive play.
Download the Movie Here.

Diablo II Goes Gold!
Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Diablo II, its highly
anticipated action role-playing game, has gone gold. The game will begin shipping to retailers at the end of June, and has over 1.5 million pre-orders worldwide (Wow! its a best seller even before its released -- More than the SIMS I believe!). 

Icewind Dale Area Ready!

We've added all the areas that will support the game and are waiting for its release on the 21st. Once we get into the game a bit, we'll start filling up all the areas with Spoilers, Hints, Tips, Cheats and lots more! We'll also have some of the best IWD Portraits on the net to use as your characters!!

Vault Network hosted a chat with Black Isle and Bioware about Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the new AD&D game continuing the story of Baldur's Gate

The chat took place Tuesday, read the Chat that took place. Very interesting stuff!

Preview of the Diablo II Stress test Diablo II Stress Test Preview
We have a huge Diablo II Stress test preview, for those of you that didn't get picked to beta test it, check out the preview and 24 brand NEW screenshots!

 Pool of Radiance II Area Open!
We've finished the Pool of Radiance II area early, and have added TONS of brand NEW screens for you guys to drool over! The game looks truly amazing! View the Screenshots

Activision Releases Vampire: The Masquerade
Activision Inc. today announced that  RPG game, Vampire: The Masquerade—Redemption, will be available for fans and gamers alike on June 8th, 2000. Vampire boasts a detailed storyline, the first-ever digital tabletop storyteller and four fully 3-D gothic cities for players to explore! Guess we better get ready, RPG season is about to kickoff!


Darkstone Trainer for v1.05b out

For those of you that cheat <g>, there's a new trainer for Darkstone v1.05b out, go  snag it in the Downloads area!

Dungeon Siege Support Area Coming!

We're working on adding the Dungeon Siege area, the Pools of Radiance area, and the Baldurs Gate II area, all will be launching by mid June!! You can view the opening page to Dungeon Siege, its nothing but a placeholder page, but you can see the layout logo we did! <g>

Review and Screenshots for Neverwinter
We have 9 new screenshots and a new, full preview review of the awesome RPG that's coming early next year! -- FULL STORY

Neverwinter Nights Wins Best of E3 RPG Genre
and Best RPG Awards!

Neverwinter Nights took home the Best of Show Award and Best RPG Award from Games Weekly Internet Magazine. Looks like more congratulations are in order for the Neverwinter Nights team.
Baldur's Gate 2 came in 10th, and Dungeon Siege took 3rd place! Link - Full Story at Games Weekly

E3 Round-Up
The E3 is now over and we've picked the best RPG stories for you guys to checkout, first off, we have two awesome videos of Neverwinter Nights and Baldurs Gate II from the E3. And also, checkout the brand NEW RPG "Grimoire" - With tons of Screenshots as well!

View them here:


Summoner - Is Gameplay as good as the graphics?
Summoner is a fantasy role-playing game that is currently under development by Volition. Featuring an advanced 3D engine, Summomer promises an immersive role-playing experience for the PlayStation 2, PC, and Mac. For more screenshots and regular updates, Visit the Summoner Web site at


Baldur's Gate II - Bigger, Better, Bolder!

Our Preview for Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn is up, view it Here. -- Don't forget to view all brand new screenshots too!

News for 05/12/2000
The Neverwinter Nights Area is now up, we'll no doubt add more as its release draws closer. Also, we've updated the other areas, and are now working on getting the Baldurs Gate II and
Pools of Radiance II
area up. Lots more coming too!!

News for 05/23/2000
If you are in your late 20's you might remember a Saturday Cartoon Dungeons & Dragons, well, its BACK, and on FOXKIDS!
It starts this Saturday, at 11am. It has a new intro, and even new EPISODES!! Just thought you guys might wanna know!
Also, Check out for the latest on the Dungeons & Dragons MOVIE coming soon (Might be the reason for bringing the cartoon series back)..
Coming soon we'll have a "Goldbox Week" in which we'll reminisce about the good old days of RPG games and when SSI was the god of CRPG's!

News for 05/07/2000

Voting results
for 05/07/2000's Question

What was your favorite SSI Goldbox Game?
Pool of Radiance
Never played one
Secret of the Silver Blades
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Pools of Darkness
Champions of Krynn
Dark Queen of Krynn
Neverwinter Nights (AOL)
Treasures of the Savage Frontier
Death Knights of Krynn
Gateway to the Savage Frontier
Total Votes: 252

News for 05/03/2000
If you are in your late 20's you might remember a Saturday Cartoon Dungeons & Dragons, well, its BACK, and on FOXKIDS!
It starts this Saturday, at 11am. It has a new intro, and even new EPISODES!! Just thought you guys might wanna know!
Also, Check out for the latest on the Dungeons & Dragons MOVIE coming soon (Might be the reason for bringing the cartoon series back)..
Coming soon we'll have a "Goldbox Week" in which we'll reminisce about the good old days of RPG games and when SSI was the god of CRPG's!
A Vampire the Masquerade demo is coming soon, and from what I've seen, it looks to be a really GREAT RPG!
We'll also be doing reviews on upcoming RPG's - we're also looking for reviewers as well! Email Us if you are interested in being a reviewer for IronWorks!

News for 04/23/2000
A Brand new RPG is in the works by Artifact Entertainment called "Horizons: Empires of Istaria", and we've got some very impressive screenshots for you to check out below! Also, read the full review of the game at RPG Planet.

Horizons: Empires of Istaria               


Get More Information Here from their Official Website


Ruins of Kunark
expansion pack for Everquest is hitting store shelves!! It brings a 13 playable races to the existing set, the creepy Iksars, a race of Evil lizardmen inhabiting a new 4th continent in the world of Norrath. You'll be able to get to this new area via shipping routes from Antonica or Faydwer. One of the best features is that the experience level cap will be raised finally.


News for 04/17/2000

Just received this from Interplay:

Pre-order your copy of Icewind Dale today and get a limited
edition oversized Icewind Dale Cyclops Pewter Miniature absolutely FREE! Just be sure to order two games and you'll get 15% off your entire order. But hurry, since this offer ends at 4:00pm Central Time on Friday, April 21, 2000. HURRY and order now.
Take advantage of our tax week celebration by taking 15% off anything in the store.

Cyclops is just one of the many monsters you'll encounter in this
newest dungeon crawl from the award-winning Black Isle Studios.
Remember... The Lucky Ones Freeze To Death! Preorder this Baldur's Gate engine adventure today and get the Cyclops that's got people going underground!

Be sure to pass this on to everyone you know so that they too can take advantage of 15% off TAX WEEK! Remember this offer ends Friday April 21st.  So whether you received a refund or had to pay the piper, you get a deal with us!


Looks like more trouble at Origin, more lay-offs, and yet another game released half complete.

Yesterday: Raph "Designer Dragon" Koster and Rich Vogel – key contributors to Ultima Online's success - leave the company along with four other employees, all of the cancelled Wing Commander Online team, apparently to go to Origin arch-competitor and EverQuest creator, Verant Interactive. Read Crackednuts for some updated information.

Today: Even as the latest significant upgrade to Ultima Online, Renaissance, hits retail shelves, Origin announces that it has been unable to complete one of the most important key features of the new expansion pack – the Faction system – and accordingly, the Renaissance updates won't be posted as planned until they can eventually be finished, even though the retail version of the game is already hitting shelves, complete with descriptions of features that do not yet exist. Read this notice:

"...the changes and features included in Ultima Online: Renaissance are some of the most complex and elaborate changes we've published since the game was released, and because of this, we've decided to delay the publish of Ultima Online: Renaissance until we are secure in delivering a quality gaming experience to our customers.

Additionally, in the interest of providing a smooth and expedient publish, we have chosen to remove the faction system from the Renaissance publish. This system will be brought back into testing following the next publish. We expect it to be active on the shards within a few weeks of the Renaissance publish.

While we can delay the release of Ultima Online: Renaissance to our servers, we cannot delay the retail release, and thus you may see the new UO: Renaissance box on the shelves of your neighborhood software store now. For our new players, we hope this very short delay will provide ample time to experience and explore the world of Britannia before you settle in to enjoy all that Renaissance has to offer"

Can you believe this company? Its time to put this animal (Origin) to sleep, because they are just not cut out to create anything of great gaming value like they used to.. I just don't understand HOW they could do something like this right after their HUGE flop Ultima IX! - Its almost like they are wanting Origin to die.

Comments? Questions? Tell us how YOU feel in the our Message forum "General Discussion"


News for 04/11/2000
We are working hard on the IronWorks Planescape: Torment area, its almost complete. We are also getting close to completing the new Baldurs Gate II area!
We'll be adding support for Thief II and adding a Pools of Radiance II area with all the latest screenshots, info, and interviews!


News for 04/4/2000
The Icewind Dale Area is now open and ready! I've added all the best stuff to it and you guys should download the Icewind Dale movie trailer -- its really awesome!
The other areas are well under way, the next site to debut is Planescape. Expect it to be rather large - like the Baldurs Gate area!


News for 04/02/2000

We've got some awesome new screenshots from the sequel to Daggerfall, Called Morrow wind! Just take a quick look at these totally AMAZING screenshots... Click on the Image to give you a full screen 1024x768 image!

Morrowind Screenshots
Read the Press Release on Morrowind
MW_shot02-big.jpg (180466 bytes)
         MW_shot03-big.jpg (162704 bytes)          MW_shot04-big.jpg (235960 bytes)


News for 03/30/2000
The Icewind Dale Area is now open and ready! I've added all the best stuff to it and you guys should download the Icewind Dale movie trailer -- its really awesome!
The other areas are well under way, the next site to debut is Planescape. Expect it to be rather large - like the Baldurs Gate area!


News for 03/29/2000
Well, we finally got the new Darkstone site up, hope you like the new look! We'll be adding lots more stuff to the Darkstone area as the week progresses.

Now, for the other Areas -- Yep, we're late getting them going (they should have been released on the 20th). We apologize for the delay, but this small delay will be worth it, trust us! <g> We'll also be adding another gaming area;
Pools of Radiance 2. I hope its as good as the good old Goldbox days!


News for 03/27/2000
Welcome to the new Ironworks website! Its a totally new look, and I hope you all enjoy it! We have worked overtime to get these parts up in time to meet our deadline.

If you are visiting the Ironworks for the Baldurs Gate you'll see that we added a TON of new areas to it!

personalized jewelry,personalized name necklace

personalized jewelry,dv love

personalized name necklace,dv love

Visit the Ironworks Gaming Store!

Latest CRPG News

Divine Divinity

RPG Planet has a brand new Preview on Divine Divinity! Check it out, it's looking to be a really sweet RPG Game!

Design v3.1

In the next few weeks, you will see the NEW Web Design being integrated into all the areas of the site. Along with a cool new look, we'll have lots of new features!


1. Neverwinter
3. Dungeon Siege
Wizardry 8
Diablo II


Dungeon Craft Weekly Update

The latest version of Dungeon Craft is currently 0.860.

Be sure to check out the Escape Gaming's Official Dungeon Craft Webarea for lots of Art for DC!


Updated 10/10/2002







World of Warcraft First Looks!

Invisible Dream has a great preview of WoW! As well as some of the best looking screenshots I've seen in a game!


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