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Diablo II Stressed me out!
By John Hoppe | April 3, 2000

Not Really.. What stressed me out was actually getting to play! The Servers are down a lot, but I did get to play a bit, so here's my review of the beta:

You start off in town, just like Diablo 1, and the beta only allows you to choose a barbarian, which is cool, I went out exploring a bit, found many undead, and other baddies.. Most of the monsters seemed very easy to kill, but I guess that's supposed to be like that since its so close to Town..

I have played it enough to bring my character to a level 10, which is pretty good considering how much time I've put into it.






    April 30th 2000

There are lots of unique items in the game, and a really cool feature is that gems you find can be inserted into certain weapons, armor, etc that will enhance it. Some enhance it by adding fire damage, cold, or even biting. Some add to Attack.

In the Stress test, the area isn't that big (Well, the open wilderness is pretty large). you got the town, 2 caves, one is 1 level deep the other 2 levels, and 2 undead areas - a crypt and a mausoleum. Then the rest of the game is open land, which many have said that Act 1 is larger that ALL of Diablo 1's levels put together!

I plan of buying it, its a fun game.. to me its more action than RPG, all you really do is run around and kill everything - a click fest some say. but I have yet to see the full game, so I'll be back when I get my hands of the final version and we'll see.

The game will support 3DFX or Direct3D, I had to download nVidias latest drivers (v5.22) to get Direct3D to work.
The resolution IS a disappointment, I don't know why, after ALL this time it wasn't at least 800x600, but once you are in the game, it doesn't really matter, its really nice looking and the graphics look pretty good. I believe that in the final game there will be five "acts", each one will be immense, and packed full of nasties ready to strike you down, should be fun! <g>

Lets talk about cheating.. yeah, cheating.. I personally thought cheaters RUINED Diablo 1, I actually quit playing because everyone had 800000000 hit points, all spells and would kill you outright, you had people say to newbies: "join me, I'll help you get weapons & experience in the Dungeon" then, once in the dungeon, he kills the newbie..

I hope and Blizzard have found a really good way to protect the servers and the character files. It sucks when you work your ass off getting to level 20, then have a level 40 cheater kill you... 
Anyway, the game should be out by the end of the Month, if you like a more action oriented RPG, Diablo is defiantly for you, I also believe Icewind Dale will be more action than RPG, which doesn't REALLY bug me, I'm still buying them both.. Yeah, I'm a RPG Junkie, so what!! <g>


The Good
Parallax Scrolling, supports 3D accelerator card, Game is much larger than the previous one.

The Bad
Low Resolution, Ground Graphics sometimes jitter or ripple.

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