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April 15th 2020

Ironworks Gaming LIVE STREAMING on Youtube!
Ironworks (Me, Ziroc) has been live streaming for over a year, (CLICK HERE YOU WATCH IRONWORKS LIVESTREAMS)we play all kinds of games--CRPG's Actuon RPGs, FPS'ers like PUBG--Battlegrounds and tons more!
I have put the Escape from Undermountain server (You must have NWN1 Enhanced Edition to play it--EE fixed all servers to show up, its awesome! I have streamed EFU, being the DM.
Come join the NWN1 EE Mod Escape from Undermountain, its fun, and lots of great content I added personally with mods. (Teleport system from Eye of the Beholder is in it, so you can
fast travel once you get deeper into Undermountain, and don't have to grind through all the levels to get to where you were. Click HERE and HERE for info and IP/Port info and how to install the Hakpaks you NEED to play. :)

Ironworks Forum BACK UP!
I got lucky.. I rechecked the CPU pins, and they had dust in there.. and swapped some new RAM in it, and BOOM! It booted fine, and the site is all back to normal! Saved me a lot of money! lol.. - New Registrations will be allowed soon. Just need to update the Capcha to stop the 100's of spambots. They ruin everything.. But that will be fixed VERY soon! :)

Screenshots from The Updated Witcher!
We've posted some screenshots of the upcoming RPG game The Witcher on the Ironworks Forum, they are simply amazing. Go check them out, FAST!

NWN2 Patch released. 80Mb
Hope you have a fast connection to the internet, because the first patch for NWN2 is 80Mb, and was released the same day NWN2 was released in stores. Don't you just love that? This says that Obsidian Entertainment allowed shipment of the NWN2, knowing that the game had serious bugs and issues. This isn't the first time these guys released a substandard game either!
To patch your NWN2 installation, click the update button         in-game.

As Expected, NWN2 a disappointment.
What is it these days with PC Gaming. It seems game developers think it is ok to release half completed games full of bugs and a broken interface that looks extremely unprofessional. The player characters are actually MISSING animations, and the game runs 4-10 fps even on high end PC systems. Amazing... I would be embarrassed if I were you Obsidian Entertainment. I will have a full review after I finish the game.


We Officially Boycott EB Games and Gamestop!
These two companies that were BORN from PC Games are now trying to get rid of PC Games. They just want to sell console games now.

IW asks you to NEVER shop at either of these corporations for your PC Gaming needs. They could care LESS about PC Game buyers, and it shows. Out of the entire store now, we PC Gamers are left with a tiny end-cap for our selection. Don't support a company that is killing PC Gaming.

Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW to boycott 'em. Screw em!

New Hakpak coming in November

With over a year in the making, this new hakpak will feature all new placeables, monsters and tilesets, as well as icons and everything else. Made for the Ironworks Neverwinter Nights mod, Escape from Undermountain, it adds twice as much content than CEP did, and as good a quality! Something to hold us until NWN2 is out, and when it is, we'll be making content for it as well! Below are just a SMALL taste of what's in the hakpak:


Dungeon Lords Patch Released!
Thank god. With the very shaky release of the very buggy action fantasy game Dungeon Lords, a patch was quickly released to fix many nasty bugs and makes the game much more enjoyable. Shame on the play testers for missing these bugs. You can download the patch here: Download Patch Site II

We're now making NWN Models!
Now that I know how to go about making 3D models  for Neverwinter Nights, I am now making a set of Monsters such as the
Kuo-Toa, Kenku, Thri-kreen and a few others. Also, I am making Awesome new placeables, icons for items, and tileset pieces! I have decided to redo my NWN Webarea into Modding support area, where you can download all the best hakpak's, as well as the stuff Ironworks releases, and full support for our 24/7 NWN Mod, Escape from Undermountain, that you can play online free, right now!

I have been working on the new NWN webarea, and it'll soon be finished and will replace the old Neverwinter Nights area I never finished. I plan to make it unique, and something you can't find elsewhere. I mean, there are hundreds of NWN fan sites that you can get cheats, walkthroughs, and what-not, so why make another? Let's make something that no one else has! Loads of content, and all free!

Daily and Weekly Updates are back!
We've been really busy with Ironworks Forum as well as a few other projects, and haven't updated this News page in a while, but that is all changing, so stay tuned, because we're BACK to daily and weekly updates, and finally new Webareas such as a new World of Warcraft area coming soon!


Neverwinter Nights 2 News
Yep! The news we have all been looking forward too is here! Obsidian Entertainment, Atari and BioWare are going to be working on it. View the following links for the news articles and other news on it. The release won't be until 2006, but that's okay.
NWN2 Forums | Official Announcement | GameSpot | IGN

Electronic Arts' president resigns
EA, the gaming industry's largest independent publisher, announced his departure Wednesday after the market closed. Riccitiello will remain with the company for what is likely to be a short interim period.

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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
Ironworks NWN PW Mod online, called "Escape from Undermountain".
Online since 2002!

Remember to visit the Forums for the latest news and information on today's CRPG's!

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