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Ironworks Gaming's Baldur's Gate II Area
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Latest News

New Forum Software Update
Ironworks Forum's Baldur's Gate II and ToB Forums have been merged, and the entire forum has upgraded to vBulletin board software! Now, you can upload screenshots of your character, post messages, upload portraits you made, and tons more!

New Design and Entire site Updated!
Along with this new Web design, we have also added new tips and hints that have come in, as well as updated links, and lots of new files and utilities in the Editors area!

New Portraits added
You'll be happy to know that I have finally added some new portraits to the site. Actually, I was just going to add 'Series 9', but I had so many good pictures and scans that I had enough to make 'Series 10, 11 and 12'! A few are redone originals as well!

Baldurs Gate II Official Patch Released
You can now get the Official Patch for Baldur's Gate II on Interplays site. This is NOT a beta either, it's the final, official patch. What's been changed you ask? Click here to read the readme.txt file. This patch is 9MB

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough Complete
We have added the last chapters to the Walkthrough, thanks to
Dan Simpson for such detailed and great work on them! We're working on the Detailed maps now, and should have all of them up by Saturday. And remember, have a great Thanksgiving!

New Worldmap Selector Added
We have finally labeled each area on the Worldmap, and have added it to the site. We will soon have ALL the links on the map functioning with detailed info for each!

Chapter 3 Completed & New Tips added
After a nice vacation, I finally finished up chapter 3, and I'm busting butt on chapter 4 now. I have added many new Tips and Battle strategies that you guys have sent in - All of them are excellent btw!

BG2 Forum Problems fixed
The Ultraboard software is showing signs of crapping out, but I did fix the problem.. And yesterday, yet another error popped up, this was also fixed quickly. These are the first errors we've ever had with the forum, but we now get 90 new users a day, and postings have increased 300% since Sept! I'm guessing that this software is choking at the traffic <g>. but don't worry, I bought a UBB license for the Ultimate Bulletin Board software (The #1 Forum software out there), and it'll be up next month. We'll leave the old forum open for a time, because there are tons of excellent posts to view!!

More tips by you added!
I've added some more tips that you guys have sent in, lots of great stuff guys (and gals) <g>. If you have yet to see yours added, don't worry, we'll have it up in the next update.

Bonus CD Items listed!
If you have the bonus CD, and wish to use the create item cheat, we now have the list of items added to the cheats page!

Chapter 2 Completed - With Maps!
We're now working on Chapter three! Also, we have added more cheat codes to the cheats area, and have cleaned up the Items list of codes so it will load easier. (And added a printer friendly version)

More Editors and Programs for Download
We have added a BG2 XP cap remover, and a Rules FIX to the Editor Area. Check them out if you'd like!

Chapter 2 Walkthrough & More tips
We've added most of chapter 2 to the walkthrough, and will have the rest up Friday. We have also added lots more of your Tips & Hints you've sent us. Thanks to all who have, and keep 'em coming! :-)

Portraits area Opened
We've added all 100 portraits that we had scanned in for Baldurs Gate I linked over here now, check them out if you're looking to change your portraits. We'll be adding series 9 in the coming days as well.

Infinity Explorer 0.07 Released
This is one hell of a utility guys.. You can view Maps, Monsters, Spells, and so much more! If you like to mess with programs like this, head over to the Editors area and snag it!

Chapter One Walkthrough Complete
We now have chapter one, with all the maps up online for you guys. We're now working on Chapter Two.

If anyone has the exact data on what items and NPC's are on the Bonus disk that came with the Collectors Edition, and the one that Electronics Boutique (EB) also gave out, Drop us a line, and let us know. We need actual Item names, or ID numbers if that's possible.

Entire Item list for Cheats Complete
There are over 300 items in Baldurs Gate II, and we've listed every one on our Item's Cheat page! Want that +5 Holy Avenger sword without getting your hands dirty? <g> 

The cheat page is a whopping 290Kb, so if you have a slow connection, be patient while it loads.

More Tips Added
Check out all the tips we've added, hopefully they will help you out until we get our Walkthrough finished. We're overloaded with BG2 & Wizards & Warriors, so we'll be busy for many weeks now!

New Baldurs Gate II Editor
The people that brought you Gatekeeper, and Dale keeper now have released an awesome new editor called Shadow keeper, its got lots of cool options and stuff, check it out Here!

Have a Tip or Cool Battle Strategy?
If you do, send it to us and we'll make sure it gets added to the Tips & Hints 'user submitted' area, with complete credit to you!

Stuff Added finally
Just added some cheats, I've been flooded by emails asking for them, so I added a few I know of, our internet connection to the site was out, so we've been unable to add stuff up until today. We'll be adding your tips, and LOTS of Walkthrough stuff later today also! (If our connection stays Lawful good) lol

Looking for help? Have a Tip?
Ok, its the first day, and we're working 24 hours to gather all the info for quests, items and more. We already have the cheat codes, but unless I get swamped with emails, I'm holding off a few days until I post them. Be sure to check back often now that its released, we'll have all the areas filling up now. 

If you have a tip or battle Strategy already, Send them in! We'll post them with your name as credit!

More News of the Release
We decided to start fresh with our items list and walkthrough because the press copy was not a complete version, but we just got it today (Collectors Edition, which was 55.99 at EB, and remember to ask for the special bonus CD EB is giving out! They don't have many, so get that free CD quick! We'll take a picture of the contents of the Collectors version, but here's what you get: the CD's - on special Gold format, a pad of BG2 paper, some great trading cards, a very nice cloth map of Amn, and a bonus CD (not the EB one) that adds some special powerful items, and an NPC.

Your wife is leaving you, and you're fired!
That's right, today Baldurs Gate 2 hit store shelves, causing mass divorces and firings by bosses, but we don't care, we'll just enjoy the gaming goodness of this massive RPG! <g>

Working on Walkthrough and Items List now!
Might sound strange, but since we received a copy early for preview, we'll have lots of goodies up the day Baldurs Gate II is released! Stay tuned, and tell your friends about us!

Baldurs Gate 2 goes Gold!
The wait is almost over, Baldurs Gate went gold, and will be on store shelves by the 28th! Save those nickels and dimes!

40+ New Baldurs Gate II Screenshots!
If you missed our Baldurs Gate II Week, check all the new screenshots out, be warned, some may contain minor spoilers, and you'll be warned on the page in question. Click Here to see Each days set of Screenshots - 40+ in all!

Read the Baldurs Gate II FAQ
If you have questions about Baldurs Gate II, check out the BG2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It will answer all your questions I'm sure, but if not, send us your questions, and we'll send them along to the Development Team and we'll do an interview with them!

Site Almost Complete

We're working on getting the areas complete. Right now, all the buttons above are all linked to this same page, but when we're complete with the site, they will all be FULL of goodies! <g>

Let me know what you think of this design, It took a lot of work getting this exactly the way I wanted it. Be sure, All the areas will be done by July 4th 2000! We will have interviews with the Designers of Baldurs Gate II in the coming months as well!

Join the Discussions in our BG2 Forum
The Forum IS open, join in and lets discuss what should be in Baldurs Gate II, what questions we should send to the BG2 Developers and Which Spells you're looking forward to!! Sign in and Post, or we'll get Boo to bite you!

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