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Hint's and Spoilers

We are no longer accepting submissions for
Hints or Tips. Thanks for all those that sent them in,
They are all excellent!

Tip By: Zlinky
I've heard people have had trouble with Firkragg. This kills him in 2 ROUNDS!

Say that you wont fight him, and his little mage friend attacks. Kill him - he's not too bad. Then get Jaheira (or any cleric) to cast magic resistance on him - it actually lowers it from 90ish% to a pathetic 20 odd % - without making him hostile. Then, cast harm, stand next to dragon and save. Attack, hopefully hit ( if not LOAD). Then get anyone who can to MAGIC MISSILE. Result: dragon meat and 46000 experience.

Tip By: Aaron Hamm
When you enter a battle and see a mage or cleric, the first thing you should do is try and disrupt their casting. The most successful way to do this is by pausing the game, then targeting them with missile weapons or casting an offensive spell on them (though you should be sure that they don't have some form of spell turning protection). Occasionally if the caster casts a spell with a low delay, like magic missile, sometimes they'll get that spell off before you can disrupt them. The trick is hitting them before they can cast on you, so make sure to use the most out of the time you have, by enabling the "auto-pause when enemy is sighted" option.

Another tactic I found my friends were overlooking was the use of area effect spells to kill low hit point monsters. For instance, say about 40 little spiders suddenly popped out of nowhere to attack you, you keep trying to kill the little critters, but every time they seem to poison your party members and because you don't have enough antidotes or elixirs of health, you have to reload the battle continuously... well an easy solution to this little conundrum is to cast a spell like Fireball or Cloudkill in the center of them (Cloudkill is my personal favorite). Even if all of your party members get hit for some damage, it's better than reloading your game twenty times to finish the scene!

The last tactic I found that most of my friends weren't using was preventative spell selection. Make sure that you have certain spells memorized at all times, these are cure poison, cure disease, negative plain protection, chant, and chaotic commands. These spells are necessities for fighting certain monsters (Negative Plain Protection is needed to protect against the level drains of undead for instance).


Tip By: Chris Wight
A good tactic when fighting any group with archers is to purchase the reflecting shield from the store in Waukeen's Promenade.  Then equip it to your leader (if possible).

When you get into combat, send the wielder of this shield forward to become the target (you may need to magically protect this character from spell casters).  If the enemy has many archers they will basically kill themselves on your shield.  Your archers/other missile weapons/magic can then focus on the other enemies.

I had great fun with my Cavalier taking on many orc archers this way.  He just slowly walks up to the orcs one by one and is basically impervious to their arrows.  One time I had him just stand there and eventually the stupid archers killed themselves!!

Tip By: Ramlat Savistag
Dragons are not that difficult.  Here's what I did.  Fist I summoned an elemental and ran him up to the dragon.  He wastes his death spell on the elemental.  I then summon more many as possible and then cast Otiluke's resilient sphere on them.

The dragon is too numb to know he can't touch them or they touch him so he'll focus all his efforts on the elementals.  Cast Magic Resistance ( not Lower Resistance ) and the new Magic Resistance will replace the dragons super magic resistance.  Nice Bug there.  Then you can spell and whack away.


Tip By: Martin Robert
1) To start the game with all your equipment, simply start a multiplayer game with one character then import the others, they will have all their equipment with them...

2) in Nalia's keep, you'll be confronted to some stone, clay, iron
golems... Forget about your swords and even a mace + 1 or the flail of nalia father doesn't work... On one of the statue (the one to the left) there is a magic hammer +1, +4 against giant kin... Hit them with this weapon, but you need to have a fairly strong fighter if you want to succeed... There is some really good items on the statues...

IMPORTANT: Do not try to get the object and then run or if you do make sure it will be when you're going out of the keep and not going to the stairs since usually one golem follow you in the stairs and the other are waiting for you when you'll come back.


Tip By:
if you liked Drizzt using 2 sword on Baldurs gate 1 you'll like how you can now you just put the weapon but it can be a missile weapon bow or throwing weapon or two handed but this really kicks ass so i suggest u make some time of fighter /barbarian /ranger /bounty hunter or anyone that is like a fight or similar that is the best thing I have found out on the game so far!


Tip By: Jack Quintana
Just a note to those that are trying to create a new character in BGII. I found a very mean combo.  Half-orc Cleric of Talos
Normally clerics can physically go up to 18 STR, and 18 Con, but half-orcs can go up to 19 STR and 19 CON.


Tip By: Shawn Gumbleton
So I'm cleaning out the Domain of the Dragon, and eventually come across the Adamantine Golem.  After trying several different strategies, I've come up with the following notes:

Immune to spells.
Immune to any weapon that isn't at least a +2 hand-held crushing weapon. Only takes the plus damage from the enchanted weapon, with no strength bonuses. (You whack it with a +2 mace, it takes 2 damage, if you're lucky).

Seemed to take some sort of fire shield damage from pounding on my summoned fire elemental.

I had Minsc and Keldorn tank for the party in the narrow rock passageway (which the golem can't get through, anyway, and thank Helm for that) while Jaheira and Aerie back them both up with healing and cure poisons.  Several puttyfied and poisoned fighter sub-classes later (does that poison breath ever run out?), I gave up and hasted my sneaky monk, grabbed the stuff in the room, and high-tailed it outtathere


Tip By: Osborne, Jack
If you are playing a monk, don't be shy about using the
quivering palm on everything.  Get this....I took down Firkragg,
single-handedly, on the First hit.  Yeah, when it happened, I thought it was a glitch, but nope!  The funny thing is, it was on my first try.  So, all told, DEATH FIST everyone!!


Tip By: Androclese
As the game progresses you'll run into tougher and tougher wizards.  Make sure you use the miscast magic, spell breach, and spell thrust on them to break their magical defenses.  THEN you can send in the grounds troops.  I you don't you'll only end up dead.


Tip By: Anon
When you face opponents, you pause, .. give commands with long range attack, best with bows (use magic arrows) or long range spells, wait until the attack was made ... when the opponent comes nearby ... run a while away, best would be if there is something you could run around, ... the time comes when the distance between you and the monster becomes greater a bit, ... then you start shooting again. ... It works also with magic opponents because they are as stupid as cows, ... when they spell and you run away, they follow mostly..


Tip By: Clea
In Nalia's Keep, here's what I did with the golems -- lure the "easy"
ones out one by one to another room, where you can dispatch them with +2 or higher weapons.

I found the last stone golem particularly difficult,
so my trick was to charm him with my golem ring, then head for the
alcoves -- at which point the Iron Golem did the other golem in!  I
raced out with the stuff, leaving the Iron Golem to bang his head
against the door -- he's too big to get out.


Tip By: Robert Etcheverry
To beat the Demons on the Planar Sphere quest easy, you have to first have a bounty hunter ( like Yoshimo ). After that you find a demon ( Don't let the demon see you ) you summon monsters like crazy and set a lot of traps. Send the monster close to the demon but far enough so the demon has to walk into your traps. After that, providing that you set enough, the demon will be slaughtered by the traps.


Tip By: Nik
If you are using Jaheira then make sure you memorize Fire Elemental when it becomes available. In earlier parts of the game, this can win whole quests for you, as most things can't hit it.

It will not turn on you, because it is summoned by a cleric not a mage. Additionally, you can haste it or give it chaotic commands (prevents it from turning against you). Just about the only thing you DON'T want to do is cast an area effect spell, if you hit your fire elemental (even with say, a fireball) it will turn on you.


Tip By: Febish, Edward
1) The blades (my current char) defensive ability has an excessive exploit with  archers/mages allow the bard with the best ac you can find and highest DEX to attack the enemy go into defensive spin and he will parry a lot of attacks coming at him. While he's doing this have the archers mages unload as much as they can as fast as they can (magic missiles etc) the enemy will almost always stay completely focused on the blade. This saves a lot of time healing and frees some spell slots for those awesome druid damage over time spells like insect swarm poison etc

2) okay i know this an established tactic from 'em but with the insects and poison lines of spell i open a fight with doom entangle insects poison and stand back with some cheap sling bullets and whack away this will stop a great deal of enemies when doom makes them fail there saving throws great cheap way to half a enemies exp without over burning with your mage (shes to busy casting breach and chaos)


Tip By: Jay in Minneapolis
Can't tell you how IMPORTANT it is to USE protection from evil/undead spells/items is!!  Also summon elementals is so helpful!!


Tip By: Chris Christensen
If you have a cleric in your party, the easiest way to obtain the items in the golem room, in Nalia's Keep, is to cast the sanctuary spell. The golems will just sit there, staring blankly at you while you loot away!!


Tip By: Jairami - Game Sage of Minor Repute
Taking a page from Irenicus's lesser golems in the original dungeon I figured a way to defeat the golem room.

If you force attack one golem at a time, it is not too difficult to defeat them. Minsc with Sarevok's Sword of Chaos and my main character (human kensai normally dual wielding katanas) with the so-far double-headed flail of ages and a katana +1 in his offhand took care of most of it without even a haste spell.

One at a time drop all the golems EXCEPT the big beefy iron golem. Then get everyone back out of the room always and have a character grab the treasure. With only the Iron golem to avoid it is not necessary to use haste or an oil of speed though it helps.

Take the Hammer and the final flail head back downstairs to the forge and get yourself the completed flail. Now I grabbed Jaheira's magic shield and put it on Minsc with the hammer in his main hand. My kensai was back using the non-proficient flail/mastered katana combo. I had Nalia, Aerie, Jaheira, and the fighter/cleric memorize healing spells, barkskin (for my poor armor less kensai), slow poison spells, and haste.

Then I hasted Minsc with his now -4 AC, could have been better with protection from evil 10', and sent him in to draw the Iron golem over to the far corner of the room. Did I mention the iron golem waited for me like a good little golem in its room? It had to. It's too darn big to make it out the door into the hall!

Once the golem was attacking Minsc I went ahead and sent my main character in to attack and told two healers to cast cure serious and cure medium on Minsc because even though he hadn't been hit yet, by the time the healers got there and finished the spell, he'd need it.

With everyone hasted, they whacked away on the golem and whenever it'd hit Minsc, two of my three healers would run up with healing spells and then back up.

The flail would normally do 3 damage and Minsc would do 3-5 per hit. But remarkably it didn't take too long to take the golem down. I guess the programmers didn't really expect us to attack it.

Anyways, the golem only got his poison cloud off once before he went down. When he did, I just shifted the battle to the other side of the room and used the slow poison spells.

Battle over. A little EXP (nothing close to what I thought it'd be, but then again, I did get all the EXP for the other golems too).

Anyways, good luck to you, and remember, no battle is impossible with a little strategy and a little planning.


Tip By: Dustin Encelewski
When you come up against the Shadow Dragon, be sure you have the shadow ward stone. Don't talk to him, just cast "feeble mind" on him. you may have to try a few times but it works. Then you can it's easy Pickens.

Also, every one has a hard time with the golems in Nalia's keep... Just attack them one at a time before you look into the statues. Make sure to use an enchanted hammer or crushing weapon (I actually used axes).


Tip By: Makoe & Bone Displacer
Tip for killing the Demi-Lich
Ok here is my strategy to kill the Demi Lich in the Bridge District after receiving both pieces of the Golden Lich.

Items Required: The Holy Avenger, 14+ traps from Yoshimo or any other Thief, The Ring of the Ram, a Spell Immunity spell/scroll, haste.

*Make sure Party AI is turned OFF*
1. Have Yoshimo or any other Thief place 14+ traps right where the Demi-Lich spawns.

2. Move everyone out of the way except your Mage/Scroll holder and your Paladin armed with none but the Holy Avenger or any other +5 weapon.

3. Caste Haste on your Paladin.

4. Release the Lich, make everyone gets back and watch the fireworks fly. The Lich's 1st form should die from the traps instantly.

5. Make sure your mage/scroll holder is the closest person to the Lich, and cast Spell Immunity/Abjuration.

6. At this point, the Demi-Lich should be loose, he will cast a spell called Demi-Lich Howl, keep clear because this kills when you are close to him.

7. Get your Spell Immune character close to the Lich, don't bother attacking him just make sure the Demi-Lich has you targeted.

8. At this point, use your Ring of the Ram on the Demi-Lich, this should bring him down to the "Injured" stage if you are lucky. While your mage is tanking all of the Demi-Lich's imprisonment spells, move in with your Paladin and bust his chops with the Holy Avenger.

If all goes well, he should be focused on the spell-immune mage while taking a +5 sword up his ass =] He should die soon after the Paladin begins his rampage. Good Luck, this may take a few tries to get right, but it's worth it.


Tip By: Franky-Panky
Chapter 2, Nalia's Quest

Those Golems aren't tough at all if you've got a thief or a bounty
hunter and about a week to spend camping in de'Arnise. Can you see where this is leading?

Simply have a trap-setting character populate the room
in front of the inanimate golems with snares. After placing about 3
dozen little surprises before these inactive automatons, you're free to grab the goodies stashed among the statues on the far wall. This will awaken the room's guardians, but not to worry - the golems should step on so many traps getting to the adventurer that all you have to do is watch them die. This was so fun that the developers will probably set limits on the number of active traps a character can set in future releases, although this gamer hopes not.


Tip By: Philip Kremer
When you create your starting char you may think it is important to give this char a lot of charisma. Because everything will be much cheaper and all. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!! Give your starting char. a very low charisma and spare points for other things. Why? Because very early in the game (I can't remember the exact location) you will find a ring which gives you 18 charisma ALWAYS! So if you have 4 charisma you gain 14!!


Tip By: Michael Havron

Hint on all Breath weapon using Creatures:

To avoid the devastating effects of most breath weapon using creatures use a decoy.  Have your fastest character like a monk or such (hasted helps) run in circles around the creature until you see something like Shadow Dragon: breath weapon: your character here. then move in and attack.

This will at least buy you a few rounds before he can use it again.  This works better when playing solo, like i do.  since you can get a groove going of attacking then running in circles and attacking again without worrying about the monster targeting other creatures.  if only they had stuck to the AD&D rules and limited breath use per day.


Tip By: Avar

BG II tip - Sling of Everard +5

For all those folks troubled by iron & adamantine golems, and even
Demi-liches, don't overlook this very useful weapon.

The sling of Everard is a +5 (to hit) weapon and requires no ammunition to use.  Most places where you encounter iron or adamantine golems early in the game (Nalia's keep, the planar sphere, Firkragg's lair, etc.), these big baddies are located in a spot they can't move out of.  Although it's not the quickest method, nor the most honorable, one character armed with this sling can just take them all down at range without any risk to you or your party.

This sling is also one of the few weapons that can harm the dread Demi-lich (and you need every weapon you can get to defeat him...).

Forget saving up money to save Imoen.  That can wait until AFTER you've bought this little gem.


Tip By: Don Myklebust

Sneaky Adamantine Golem kills

There's a bow in Trademeet that doesn't need ammo.  The daytime-only nobleman merchant in the merchant area sells it.  When I ran into the Adamantine Golem, I had Yoshimo stand off  and bang away at it, 1 and 2 points per hit.  Takes a while, but... <g>  A little bonus was that one of the stone golems came out, but couldn't get past the AG, allowing the rest of party to take him down with + arrows, bolts and rocks as appropriate.  Think about hasting and poison-proofing a scout just to draw out both the stoners.  Might work.

Haven't tried the bow on the Nalia's keep iron golem yet.  I seem to be doing things backwards.

Trademeet 's done... traded Jaheira for Cernd because the Harpers have a contract out on her, and she keeps wanting to leave.  If you sleep outside, she's gone, a guy runs up with a note telling you she's turning herself in and not to follow her.  Since I traded her, I don't know what's going to happen.  For that matter, don't know what happens if she leaves voluntarily.  I just didn't want to lose all that expensive stuff she had on her.  ;-)


Tip By: Matt Fillebrown

Here is another way to beat The Big Red Machine.
(How to Beat Firkragg)

If nobody in your party has the HARM Spell, don't cry uncle just yet.
Before you attack him do the following.  Use a BOUNTY HUNTER to set EVERY TRAP HE HAS by Firkragg, plus cast glyphs of warding (not to close) by Firkragg.

Next Take anyone with a Bow and set them a distance behind Firkragg.  Summon extra help (elementals or Monster Summoning) and get them ready.  Drink your potions and cast your defensive spells.  Then cast Magic resistance on Firkragg (good tip from this board.) Then let er' rip! As soon as Firkragg becomes an enemy (surrounded by a red circle) all of the traps will go off at once!!

This totally takes off hit points, next just
send everything you got at him, with your spell caster at the back throwing lighting bolts (this seemed to have an effect on him).  If he does his Wing attack and sends everyone flying, that's ok because your guy with the bow will still attack him, and then draw his fire (no pun-intended).  This will give the rest of your party time to get back into the fight. I did this and it only took me 2 tries!

So if you have a low level party do the following.

1) bounty hunter traps
2) defense spells (fire protection)
3) summon elementals
5)Have one archer behind the dragon.
6) let er' rip!


Tip By: Perin

Here is a very easy way to kill the lich and Demi-lich
First you need the cloak of mirrors.  Have your fighter wear the cloak and call forth the lich.  Go to the far top and left of the screen.  Wait there for the lich to come after you.  You need not worry about the spells it is casting because of the cloak.  Once it is in the corner wait until the protection spells wear off.  Then kill it.

As soon as the lich is dead and the script come for the Demi-lich flee the room.  Rest and re-enter.  Have your mage cast wizard eye.  The Demi-lich will try to imprison the eye.  But it can't.  Wait a bit then walk behind the Demi-lich then whack it also.


Tip By: Knightmare
Here's an interesting one for you.  Enemies in BG2 cannot open doors, so when possible avoid talking to someone who'll be an enemy after you speak to them and position half your group behind one door and the other behind another (obviously in a room with two or more doors.  Send your leader to speak to the enemies.

When they become active enemies, have your leader run and shut the door behind him.  Have the other group attack your enemies with range weapons until they get close and then shut the door in their faces.  Have the leader's sub-group open the door and attack with range weapons.  Repeat until stupid non-door-opening enemies are dead.  This can work on enemies when there's only one door, but you have to be lucky to have them move away from the door.


Tip By: Daemon83

Illithids: the cure!

Yes, its true, Mind Flayers were created by Satan and somehow the BG programmers felt too evil to get rid of them (similar to level drain and Beholders). This is how to kill 'em.

1) Scan your area...Wizard Eye, thieves, invisibility.
2) Try to draw some of them out one at a time. Get a range attacker...shoot ' The Flayer will follow. Make sure you have as many remove paralysis spells as possible. If your 'bait' gets caught get the spell off quick.

Alternatively (I have just thought of this) summon some creatures use them as bait and cannon fodder for those spells.

3) OK, they are quite weak... so you can kill them quick. They are reliant on gimmicks to kill. That is hold, domination, stun and intelligence drain, etc...

4) If a character gets INT. drained... get them out of the killing area
immediately. They will recover after not too long. However, if they are INT drained then it only takes a couple more hits from a Flayer to kill em out right.

5) Have patience and quick save after EVERY kill. And don't be afraid to isn't the weaklings method! Remember: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


Tip By: Stephen, aka "Takito the Monk"

Nalia Keep Golem & Firkragg Tips

I've read a lot of stuff about killing the golems in Nalia's keep...
well here's an easy way;

Run in a hasted character, and loot a statue - but ONLY ONE. Run out... and the golems will chase. Lure them into an ambush back down a corridor somewhere - they're slow, so you should be able to keep running away. When they arrive... mug them! Hit them with everything you have, all at once... and they'll drop in no time.

Now there's only the Iron Golem left... who actually happens to be the easiest of the lot. Simply stand in front of the door... as far back as you can get... and start smacking him with Minsc's Sword +3 (which you can get from the sewers). /He can't reach you/! And like the stupid golem he is... he'll just sit there while Minsc munches away at his hit points.

Result: Oh, and the same trick works on the Adamantine Golem in Firkragg's dungeon. Ah yes... Firkragg.

You can kill him easily too.

First you want to cast Magic Resistance on him (yes the support not the offensive spell) - with as low level a character as possible. Then summon a minion or two (some dogs, or a bear or something) and place it next to Firkragg. Finally, make him hostile by talking to him... and have your party LEG IT towards the steps going up. Hopefully, Firkragg will use his Wing Buffet, Hold Person and Greater Malison attacks on the summoned creatures (note that he will only Hold Person a Person... so you need a horn of Bezerker summoning or the like).

With these powerful attacks gone, he's limited to the following: Acid Arrow (counter with Shadow Door or Improved Invisibility), Red Dragon Breath (counter by having Nalia wear the robes of fire resistance, carry the ring of fire resistance and her own signet ring - 110% fire immunity), Charm Person (just need a good save vs. spells - again, Nalia's your ticket) and physical attacks. I'm coming to that last one.

Lure him to the steps... wait for him to attack you, and then run upstairs. With any luck, he'll follow you - and get stuck behind the table! Move a Shadow Door Nalia up to him... and pound away with every spell you have.

Jaheira's insect spell (the fifth level one) can be very useful here as well - just make sure Firkragg can't see her when she casts it. One trick is to stand Nalia near the dragon and insect her!

After a while of that... he's history, and you needn't take a hit point of damage.

NB: Don't wait too long to kill him. Leave it too long and he will cast
Heal - not only restoring all his hit points but restoring his Wing Buffet and Hold Person attacks - which can be devastating, especially Wing Buffet.

Finally, a plea. Has ANYONE managed to handle Kangaxx the Demi-God? (a secret Lich bad guy in the Docks) Has anyone even scratched him? His first form's fairly easy to defeat... but the second is quite formidable. I need help here.... Email me!


Tip By: Charles Littleworth
I have a handy hint on killing Mind Flayers.

1. (This strategy is for a room with more than exit/entrance to it) If there are any enemy NPC's around which are helping the Mind Flayer(s) then the MF( Mind flayer) will usually cast Psionic blast on it. You will find that that the mind flayer will be using its "helper" to do the dirty work. Send one of your party round the back and keep him there making sure he/she has got the attention of the Mind Flayers and there helpers. While this is going on send the rest of the party round the back and start hacking when it comes to the last one used a ranged weapon and lots of ranged offensive on the things that are killing your NPC.

2. (For more than 2 Mind Flayers) If you can guess where the Mind flayer is cast a few animal summoning spells on it and then cast lots of magic and fire arrows at it. That will most likely do the trick.

3. (For one Mind Flayer) Do some more of the animal summoning and blast with magic. Don't be afraid of casting a few fireballs at it even if you know your summoned minions will be affected by it


Tip By: Christian
Here are the answers to the 12 Riddles in the Maze of the Asylum....
(From left to right I believe) 
Secret - Breath - Shadows - Fish - Sponge - A Hole - Stars
- candle - Sarg <- Is this right? - Fire - Ice


Tip By: Alexander Meissner

Lots of Great Tips

1) all those golems in Nalia's keep are easy to kill (except the iron golem).  once in the room don't take any of the stuff in the statues right away, instead position your party around one of the golems and force all your party members to attack.  the golems wont care that your killing another golem, they are only programmed to protect the items in the statue, however the golem your attacking will attack you!  keep attacking the golems one by one, while resting in between if needed, magical weapons of sizeable power are needed for this method also (+3 swords seem to do the trick.  i had a +3 katana from the compound, a +3 2 handed sword from the sewers and still beat the iron golem).  eventually all the golems will be dead and you can take the items without them ganging up on you! you can also do this to the jail keep golem and the two other golems in the room in the first chapter for extra experience.

2) Firkragg was not that tough for me.  i had Edwin (you can use any spellcaster) in my party.  he cast disintegrate and it killed him on the first round! (yes it's lucky but it worked, 1 in a million i guess...) no fancy attacks, resistance lowering spells or anything.  you still come out with 46000EXP and the cash he leaves.

3) As for mages, if you know you have to face one, have the thief in your party hide in shadows and backstab the mage, then move your party in. problem solved (unless he/she misses).  minor spell trigger works well with two magic missiles in it.  it can devastate mages that only cast stone skin and mirror image with their spell triggers.  a mage at level 9 can inflict 10-40 damage almost instantly using this method.

4) Assassins are a good investment.  you may not think their benefits are much but assassins make magic user killing a joy.  an assassin using a short bow with poisoned arrows can disable 2 magic users in one round (pending successful hits) then for the next 6 seconds or even 24 seconds (if they fail their save) all spells they try to cast will fail because they take one point of damage each second that the poison is in their system.

5) only fighters benefit from constitution scores above 16.  in the D&D core rules only fighter classes will benefit from constitution scores above 16 (which gives you +2 to HP per level) so if you decide to create that half-orc cleric remember that having a constitution score of 19 won't squeeze any more HP out of your character when he/she levels.

6) if you are an evil alignment and want to increase that reputation a bit go to a church and donate 1000GP (at least i think that's how much you have to donate at first) then 900 then 800 then 700 then 600... and so on. this will get you at least 7 points back and keep the bounty hunters off your back, letting you go and kill more people like Nalia's mother (i hate her soooo much).  i haven't experimented a lot with this method so it may even be possible to donate smaller amounts and still get the points while decreasing the amount donated every time.


Tip By: "Tage"
Want a whole party of Drow? When you go to the Underdark and talk to the silver dragon she turns everyone in your party into a Drow. If you want to permanently have a Drow party then kill everyone in your party and don't resurrect them until after you leave the Underdark, they will stay Drow!
You should only do this after your ready to leave the Underdark though.


Tip By: Arkenian
Do the Trademeet quests . . . in total, by the time you leave Trademeet, you can have gained around 30,000 gold, and 3 reputation points. And they're not that hard compared to many of the other similar quests. Also, if you are a druid, the first of these quests is your stronghold quest.


Tip By: Allanon

Golems in Nalia's keep:

Well I don't know why anyone would have problems with these easy wimps, Just fight 1 at a time, Make sure your characters have some +1 or weapon with some kinda magic or elemental power, and you will drop them like flies, cast haste and attack 1, kill it, rest, kill the next, rest, kill the next one, save the iron golem for last, place all your best fighters around the iron golem, summon any thing you can, even though they might not do much damage,  the golem might attack them and not you, Don't attack yet, cast haste, have nalia still the hammer and frost axe, press pause, have nalia identify them with spells, give them to your best fighters, un pause and attack away, use your  clerics n druids  and such for healing while your best warriors fight, casting spells and attack him in haste all at once will stun him, then he will not no what to do, who to attack so it will just stand there holding its head shaking back
and forth , I killed him in about 15 seconds.

Ok in the city gates there is a lich in the inn, there is a secret door
behind the painting, stand there, wait for it to go pink, have a thief
drink a potion of master thievery, and open the door, DO NOT ENTER!!

Have your thief (Nalia) Cast haste on everyone, have everyone go out side the inn, have Nalia cast Invisibility on herself, have her run in the lich's room, pick lock the chest, take the sword "Daystar" (+ 4 vs undead or evil) and have her take the sword to your best fighter, have nalia run back in the lich's room un-invisible and wait for the lich to start casting a spell but right before he can finish it run out of the room, that should of wasted his spell keep doing this eventually he will run out of his really good spells, he will then cast protection from evil on himself and summon Djinni, Efreeti, or Pit Fiend, quickly run out of the inn, after a while his protection from evil will where off and his summoned creature will attack him, of course the lich will kill it, this should put the lich at injured though, then have a healer and your fighter with the daystar sword run in the inn, have your fighter lure the lich out of his room and into the inn, and just have your fighter attack the Lich doing 12 - 18 points of damage, have your healer heal your fighter, in about 5 hits the Lich should be dead and you will get... Wand of Lightning, Wand of Cloudkill, Wand of Fire, Ring of Invisibility, and some other stuff I think.

Lazy Strategy:
Ok say there is a large group of enemies like 5 mages and like 10
fighters (just an example) there is an easy way to kill the all in 4
turns, Have Nadia cast Invisibility on herself, go in the room, Have
her cast Web on the room (the spider web like spell) and Entangle on the room, that way if they have a saving throw vs entangle the web will get them, next have her cast Cloud kill on the room, after a while walk back in the room to find everything dead and lots of cool stuff, there is many ways to use this.


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