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  Latest News
Latest News for 07/13/24
Visit the Icewind Dale Upgraded Forum!
We have redesigned the Forums as well as changed to vBulletin board, which has many new features than the older forum software did.

Site Redesigned--New & Updated Content!
Finally, after many, many Months, we have finished our new web design, and with it, we added new content, and updated all the files, as well as any corrections that needed to be made. If you do see something we missed, please email us!

IWD Link to Patch fixed
A few people have been looking for Patch v1.05 for Icewind Dale (Not Heart of Winter) so I went and found the files -- also found links to the Dutch, Spanish and French patches! Download them Here. Happy New Year everyone! Icewind Dale II is also in production! More news soon!!

Cheat Codes Added for HoW
for those that have been looking to cheat <grin>, we have a text file full of the typical type cheats. You may also use the item codes from IWD once you turn the cheats 'on'. The Cheats are in the Download area.

Heart of Winter in Stores

It's finally here, we'll have a complete review of the add-on in about a week. Also, our Heart of Winter support website will be in full gear in the coming days!

Ironworks Heart of Winter Preview
Check out our preview of Heart of Winter, an add-on to the immensely popular game Icewind Dale. We also have 28 screenshots in total, 12 of them being snapped by us.

Heart of Winter Area Open
We've just added the area that will carry all the spoilers, tips, maps and more for the add-on to Icewind Dale- Heart of Winter!

IWD: Heart of Winter area being added
We'll be adding the new area here for support to the add-on to Icewind Dale, entitled "Heart of Winter" that'll be released in January 2001. We'll have previews as well in the weeks to come!

Even More IWD: Heart of Winter Previews

This time, its Daily Radars preview, and its a nice one too! Check it out, there are a few never before seen screenshots as well.
(Daily Radar closed. Links killed)

New Heart of Winter Screenshots

Baldurs Gate Haven has some new screenshots from Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, an add-on to the popular AD&D game that was released earlier this year! Check 'em out, the screenshots look promising!

(Baldurs Gate Haven closed. Links killed)

Icewind Dale Add-on Almost Complete!

it's getting close now. Background effects are getting wrapped up by David Pursley as well as some really cool character effects. We've acquired three new soldiers for our team: Hector Espinoza, Chris Amaral, and Primo Pulanco who are all contributing to the expansion. My main man Aaron "the master modeler" Brown continues to create masterful areas for you to explore and is also getting the intro and outro pieced together. Our man with the brush, Jason Manley is busting out some mad character portraits...i think you guys will fully dig them, i sure do, sweet! Speaking of which, Justin Sweet has just finished with the intro/outro paintings. nice! He is also responsible for that awesome ad currently in the magazines, check it out. Man, the box art is looking really good. Kelly Wine has been focused on upping the ante on the box design, it looks really good.

Walkthrough Complete
We have finally finished up the Icewind Dale Walkthrough, after being without an Internet connection for nearly two weeks (Time Warner's lovely Cable modems)  Between working on this walkthrough, working on the Baldurs Gate 2 press copy, and preparing the Wizards & Warriors site, we've been stretched thin, but every we're now okay now lol! Next, we'll be adding the rest of the items, and adding the last set of Maps to the Overland Map, (If you want to see the maps to Chapter 6 walkthrough, see the Chapter 6 Walkthrough Here, that's where they are for now.

Finishing up Maps & Items list
We're working on finishing up the Huge Maps & Items area's. We'll have these all 100% complete by Friday!

Walkthrough finishing Up..

The Complete walkthrough is almost complete, We'll have it up and finished by Friday also!

New Dale Keeper IWD Editor
If you remember the Gate Keeper Editor, then you'll know that this is going to be a great download! Go and snag it!

Patch v1.06 Released for Icewind Dale
This corrects even more stuff in the game that patch v1.05 missed, go download it Here and install it. Simple to install as well. 3.17MB

Ironworks IWD Walkthrough Added
Its not complete, but I've uploaded the Prologue and Chapter 1 for now, I am just editing the others, and adding a few things I missed. I'm also adding maps to the locations for help on battle strategies. The rest of the Walkthrough will be uploaded by Monday Afternoon for all to enjoy!

Item List growing & more maps added!
We've added the item list, its just started on Friday, but we have most of the items on the list up to Vale of Shadows. We'll be adding tons more until its completed by next week. Also, along with the item list, you will be able to find where the item is located via tip AND Map! It'll be very easy to find that +4 Longsword now! :-)

We're also finishing up the walkthrough, it will be released Monday afternoon, and will be split into Chapters and show areas and tips (Maps also) for fighting locations.

New Icewind Dale Hacks
We've added two new toys to enjoy, one is a hack that allows you to write 8th and 9th level spells to your spell book. Use power word Kill and the others now!. The other is a windows Explorer type program that can view all the files in the IWD file formats! See the maps, scripts, and more!

Cheat Codes Unlocked in Patch Upgrade!

If you have installed the latest Patch, v1.05 (final), then you can now run the cheat codes that were locked out. Ready the directions carefully, and have fun. Get the cheats codes here

Official Icewind Dale Patch Released! (Non Beta)
Download the final version of the Patch
Here, it will upgrade the store bought version to 1.5. this download is 3.17MB.

New Cheats and Experience Cap remover!
A new cheat program has been released, and this one is REALLY cool. Also, if you've reached the Experience Cap, and want more, we now have a great Experience Cap REMOVER! Check it out!


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