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The Ironworks

Icewind Dale Walkthrough v1.7

This covers the Intro to the game, Easthaven and Kuldahar Pass. There isn't much to be done here besides buy supplies, Armor, Weapons and run a few errands. Its a quick start to the game.


Chapter One
This Chapter includes the areas Kuldahar, and the dark and evil undead area Vale of Shadows - a very large, and hard area to complete. And last is the Temple of the Forgotten God.

Chapter Two
This Chapter includes just the Dragon's Eye area, don't think this is small though, its VERY large, and many monsters are extremely tough in this Chapter to defeat. 

Chapter Three
This Chapter is centered around the Severed Hand its a huge Tower with many levels and some of the more tough battles in the game are here. The Astrolab pieces are all located in this area as well. 

Chapter Four
The Huge area known as Dorn's Deep, a massive Dungeon that has so many areas its crazy. Lots of tough fights here also. Lots of magical Items to be found as well.

Chapter Five
The Icy area known as Wyrm's Tooth. Lots of Giants here and many Ice Salamanders as well. Magical Items galore as well. Have protection from cold memorized for this Chapter!

Chapter Six (Final)
The final Chapter, Lower Dorns Deep and back to
another area that is familiar to you for the final showdown with the evil mastermind.



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