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Walkthrough - Chapter 6

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Lower Dorn

You finally reach the lower part of Dorn's Deep - Lower Dorn's.
Now you will see lots of
Deep Gnomes, Drow, Salamanders, and all kinds of Elementals. This chapter is the toughest of them all, after all, its the last chapter. Saver this Chapter! :-)

You will start off on the walkway, now you can do these maps in any order you wish, so you don't have to follow these directions exactly. Below is the Full map of the Lower Dorn's Map. This map is where all the areas split off into other maps (A few large) and mostly tough, with LOTS of great magical items! (See some of the maps for locations of the BEST items). There's a +7 Item in this chapter! Amazing...

lowerdorns_00.jpg (109736 bytes)

lowerdorns_02.jpg (66406 bytes)

I started off going to talk to the
Deep Gnomes in the Diamond Mines, take the Floor elevator to the bottom (Its in the north west part of the map).

Talk to
Tarnelm, the Deep Gnome. He'll be the grumpy gnome.. He and his people are starving, and need food. He will ask you if you can kill all the Fire Salamanders and get them some food. after you spoke with him, walk to the east and kill the monsters there, then go back up.

lowerdorns_04.jpg (58902 bytes)

From the Main Lower Dorn's map, head over the lava, and directly to the door. You'll be asked by Seth for some Papers that will get you into the area, you can bluff, but all paths lead to a fight with a few thieves come out of the shadows - Be warned, if they succeed at backstabs, you better have some healing potions ready. These guys are kinda tough in small packs.

After you have killed all those decloaking thieves, lol, go into the door and you'll enter Marketh's Garden.

First thing you will need to do here is quaff some potions of magic resistance. The Mushroom heads (Red Mycontids) are back, and they can charm you or stun you with their magical spores. the potions will help.. Kill these, and there are A LOT of them, so use lots of fireballs, lightning etc..

As you make your way to the center of Marketh's Garden, you'll hear a horrid sound-
Shriekers! these plant-type things are kinda like an alarm, and as long as they are making noise, more and more monsters will arrive, and attack you. What you need to do is hack them all up; kill them all, and finish off the rest of the summoned Boneguard monsters.

Now talk to Callard and his son in the center. finally, you have a choice of ways to go now, none really need to be done in order, so its up to you.

The huge garden has four doors. to the North, a hallway leads to the Ilmater temple. East, to the Mines. West to Malavons temple and the last, Northwest leads to Marketh's temple - ALL house lots of tough battles, so save the game often now...

lowerdorns_05.jpg (71974 bytes)

We chose to go get Marketh's badge first, enter the door and you'll enter a large 1st floor. This level is where you can get some nice magical items, and a bag of potatoes for the deep gnomes.

First off, hit the first room, you'll meet
Fleezum. you can attempt to bluff him, but chose NOT to, because if you do, and he lives, he'll be upstairs along with a bunch of thieves waiting for you. He's got the "Bathed in Blood Armor", which is really cool.

After you do that, go to the next room, the Kitchen, and kill the cook, he is evil, and will warn all the people upstairs if you let him go.

Get the
bag of Potatoes and head south, enter the purplish room, where Marketh's Drow sister Ginafae resides. she explains that he abuses her. if you tell her that you plan to kill her brother, she will plead for his life, but won't attack you. do what you will, and go to the last room on this level; Fleezum's brother, Flozem. He'll attack you outright, so dispatch his ass and take the stairs up!

lowerdorns_06.jpg (87821 bytes)

As you come up, you'll see a few Thieves come out of the shadows (decloaking captain! lol!) anyway, take care of them, and be ready for more every few paces. After that, go in the first room to the North, this is where
Seth is. He'll plead for his life, but kill him, and take his stuff. (Remember to check the maps above for a listing of the magical items, and where they are).

Leave his room, and you'll encounter more thieves, take them out and go into the next room to the North - Here is where
Marketh is! You can either take his badge and kill him, or allow him to live. (Kill the Women beater!).

Go back down the stairs, and head back to the Drow female (If you let her live). if you spared her brothers life, you'll get some experiance points... (I killed him)

lowerdorns_02.jpg (66406 bytes)

Leave that area, and the garden and go back to the elevator where you met the Deep Gnome that was needing food. give him the sack of Potatoes and he'll now ask you to kill some of those Umber Hulks, which is in the northeast part of the area (they are hidden, but when you enter the area, they will bust out of the walls). When they DO, kill them and enter one of those caves they came out of..

lowerdorns_03.jpg (80478 bytes)

The Svirfneblin village is here, after you enter the caves where you killed all those Umber Hulks, Beorn will walk up and tell you that he needs your help. One of the clans Priests has been taken to the Mines, and wishes you to find him.

Near the Entrance there is a Dark Elf Merchant, Nym. Now he'll speak in Drow first so tell him to speak common tongue. This Drow has lots of great Items - Many are magical, and have +'s to them.

If you decide to kill him, wait and buy some of his stuff, and if you wish to complete the Arbatorium quest in the Severed hand area, buy his
Cage full of birds.

Nym is
THE one responsible for the Dwarves and Elves long war. and was providing the magical items to both sides. (Remember, Drow Elves can live 500 years).

If you want to kill him, be warned; he is
tough, but if you do nearly kill him, he'll escape, and be in the Northeast part of the same map, so go and finish him off, and take your money back, and some items he has.

lowerdorns_07.jpg (69433 bytes)

To get to the Mines area, go back to the Garden map (Where the Shriekers were, and take the east path, and you'll enter the Mining area. 

Enter the cave, and you'll find a lot more slave Svirfneblin, one of which is the Priest;
Guello. You'll need to go kill off all the Fire Salamanders, and the Leader of them Shikata, is towards to north. He'll say that they can't escape while the Salamanders are watching them.  

The entire area is full of Fire Salamanders, so make sure you have lots of Resist Fire spells ready and any items that protect you with resist fire. They hate Cold spells, so give'em hell with
Ice Storm, Cone of Cold and stuff..

After you've taken care of the Leader of the Fire Salamanders, return to
Guello and tell him its safe. He will thank you, and get all the Svirfneblin out of there, and gaining experiance points. Now, you can also return to the map where Beorn is and tell him that you rescued his fellow Svirfneblin, and receive even more experiance points!

lowerdorns_08.jpg (85429 bytes)

Now its on to the little evil boy Malavon...
To enter his Palace, you'll need to go through what looks to be a deserted town, be warned, its not empty - LOTS of Umber Hulks and Blind Minotaurs reside in the area many hidden!

Check out the Map, there are a few traps in the area, so have your thief detecting traps. ALSO, this map is where the totally awesome sword Pale Justice is located. its a +7 Sword!! Check the map for the exact location!

After you've taken care of the monsters, and found Pale Justice, head to the upper top north part of the Map where the Green Dome is. Enter and be ready for more fun!

lowerdorns_09.jpg (66415 bytes)

First thing: SAVE! Entering Mr. Malavons area, you see lots of freaky stuff, Mushroom things being genetically worked on, and other weird stuff. There are many abused (And Blind)
Svirfneblin in this map, but none will attack you. Head over to the East, and you'll meet Malavon, that sick bastard! <g>

He'll ask you to drop all your weapons or he'll kill a group of Svirfneblin that he has in front of him, acting as a shield. Sadly, it doesn't matter what you do here, he will kill the little guys, and then you, so don't drop your weapons.

Some Hints for this fight:
The 2 Iron Golems are extremely hard to kill. You'll need a +3 weapon or better to hit them, and they're 100% immune to spells, so save those for Mr. Malavon. Send your toughest fighters after the Iron Golems, and have your Mage and Cleric hit Malavon with all your spells, when the Golems are dead, have everyone pour over Malavon and finish him off, but its not over. That was a decoy of him, NOW comes the 'real' Malavon, which is slightly harder than the decoy. Be careful to, he casts lots of deadly spells, such as Finger of Death and Malavons Fury. After you finish him off, Goodies are in store for you now, Malavon has lots of goodies in his room, and on his body (I believe). You will receive 50,000XP for killing him as well.

Get his
Badge, and all his items, such as Fire Kiss Dagger +3, a Robe of the Watcher, and a Robe of Evil Archmagi (Only evil characters can use this), pick up the Seeds on the Long Shelf.

lowerdorns_01.jpg (54587 bytes)

As you approach the Guard tower, a little girl will appear, talk to her and she'll give you a key to the Guard tower. what you'll need to do is get to the tower FAST, because the Archers in the Tower are firing off Arrows of piercing +4 at you.

Once you're in, you see a group of Archers. Attack them all and loot the Leader of the Archers- Kelly's Dead body.

After you have taken his items, go in the Door to the top floor room. It's safe to rest in this little room. After you're done, its time to head over to the Forge, this place has Elementals - Air, Fire and Water, plus, to make things worse, you have Fire Giants - LOTS of them!

lowerdorns_10.jpg (92912 bytes)

To get to the forge, go from the main Lower Dorn's map, all the way south, take the mine entrance (on the tracks) to the Forge There are other ways to enter, (Like the area where you found the Gnome Priest. (
Also, Remember to save)

This Area (As I stated above) has lots of tough monsters in it, such as
Fire Giants (About 12 of them), Air, Fire, Earth & Water Elementals. As you enter the area, whichever you take, the Fire Giant will approach you and ask you why you are there, bluff if you want, and say that you're here to see their Leader, Maiden Ilmadia

To find her, walk on the lower path to the East and her small hut is on the Shore, enter and it really doesn't matter what you say here, it all ends in battle. (
See Battle tips below)
Maiden Ilmadia, and take the Badge, and her Magical items.

Battle Tips:

Start off by killing off all the Fire Giants, get one of them over to the far west upper exit, and attack it, then, once a bunch more come over, leave through the exit and use
healing spells and such, or return to the safe rest areas, repeat this until all Fire Giants are dead. If you have yet to talk to the Maiden, and attacked the Giants first, don't bother, she'll come looking for you with the giants. Another way is to go talk with the Maiden, then before you're trapped in that area, RUN back to that area near the exit and do that repeat thing.

Finally, kill off all the
Elementals. Loot all the stuff and now its time to hit the Temple!

lowerdorns_11.jpg (37179 bytes)

This area can be reached in two different ways , 1 of them trough 'Marketh's garden', by taking the upper north entrance, and the other one by taking the upper north entrance trough the 'Forge area' , This area is very hard, Featuring 4 'big' hordes of Boneguard skeletons and a couple of greater mummy's and zombie lords. Try to conquer this area in 4 'pieces' , don't rush attack the greater mummy's because you will get 50 Boneguard skeletons on your back. Lure 1 horde of Boneguard skeletons (10-15 pieces) with your fighters at a time, then move on to the next 'horde', etc..

'The idol' and his pack of Greater Mummy's & Zombie lords guard the 6 'key locks' to unlocking the stairway which will lead to Poquelin, lure the Greater Mummy's one by one away from the pack and kill them, this way the battle with the idol will be much easier. After you killed all the Greater mummy's , rush attack the idol with your strongest fighters , he will be no problem at all. Now insert the
5 badges you've found so far in the key locks , You'll notice that you don't have the 6'th one , this can be solved by talking to the priest located at the center of the map (near the throne) , he will thank you for freeing him and will give you his badge, Insert the last badge and you can take the stairs up to confront Poquelin.

lowerdorns_12.jpg (63348 bytes)

Take the stairs up and you will find yourself inside a Church,
Poquelin will approach you and tells u about his history , it seems that he was banned from his world because his little vendetta with Yxunomei got out of hand , Yxunomei followed shortly after and begun building forces on your world , Until Poquelin stumbled upon an ancient artifact , this artifact was so powerful that monsters from the region left their homes and searched him out, So forming a terrible strong force.

After this Poquelin will Attack you, a
Red Mycontid, Minotaur, Boneguard skeleton, Frost Salamander and one Earth Elemental will attack you as well, send your strongest fighters towards Poquelin and keep the other creatures occupied, Poquelin has 100% magic resistance but can be hurt with magical weapons, After a while Poquelin will teleports himself and your party away , leaving the battle field behind.

Back to Easthaven, Final Showdown!

easthaven_final_00.jpg (100874 bytes)

You will find yourself back in Easthaven, The whole town lays under big layers of ice, and houses are destroyed. A big Cyclops will attack you upon entering this area , slay him and move southwards, You will see 2 Cyclops guarding a bridge kill them as well and cross the bridge. All the townspeople are being held inside this prisoner camp, talk to Everard (Tempus priest) , and he will tell u how to enter the crystal tower, you can talk to the other townspeople as well, they will give several items and some information, It seems that Pomab,  Old Jed and Jhonen escaped the madness and are missing ever since.

easthaven_final_01.jpg (46367 bytes)

Enter the Crystal Thirth,
Everard will follow shortly after. Now take the stairs up, you will find yourself on a empty floor, This floor is the only place to rest safely, Rest and prepare for a hard fight.

easthaven_final_02.jpg (78348 bytes)

Now remember, before you enter the next area is reached, you will need to SAVE the game, and memorize some different spells this time. (See Below)

Remember to cast 'Haste' on your party, 'Strength of one'  and have everybody except your strongest fighter's invisible, This will require 4 or 5 memorized 'invisible/improved invisible' spells.

easthaven_final_03.jpg (79316 bytes)

Now enter the next area, Pomab will approach you, it seems that HE was evil from the beginning, it was HE who told Hrothgar to start an expedition, it was HE who lured everybody into their deaths, He and his 4 crystal sentry's will attack you, IF you made the preparations shown above do the following; Put your invisible party members near the throne and keep them there, Now let your fighters attack Pomab , they will attack his 'mirror images' first , slay ALL the mirror images until 1 Pomab remains, slay this last Pomab and the 4 crystal sentry's will fall to the ground. (The invisible party members are supposed to do nothing, The hasted fighters should be fast and strong enough to finish the mirror images off, and to kill the real Pomab as well, The crystal sentry's will chase your fighters , but concentrate on Pomab's mirror images because the sentry's will die when Pomab dies), You can of course choose another method of dealing with this fight, that's totally up to you. When you killed Pomab return to the area you came from, take a good rest and prepare for the final battle.

easthaven_final_04.jpg (53246 bytes)

Enter Pomab's room again and take the ladder up to the next one,

easthaven_final_05.jpg (78165 bytes)

Enter the Mirror and you'll see another in-game sequence  where Everard sacrifices himself for the greater good, Poquelin transforms into Belhifet, a Major Demon from the Lower planes.

Some Battle Tips:
Use Resist Fire for sure, this is key to winning this battle, cast the spell on your best melee fighters. Also, use Haste! This is another major key of winning the battle, cast it on your party, and the will attack twice as fast!

Have your Thief get rid of the traps (See the Red outlines on our map). These traps will dispel your stuff and spells if you hit one!

The 2 iron golems will attack you also, you can use one of your mages as a decoy here, OR kill them with your hasted fighters
Remember, Belhifet and the two Iron Golems have 100% magic resistance and can only be hurt with magical weapons with at least +3 to their attack damage. Use the 'Arrows of piercing +4' , which you got from the archers inside the watch tower on Belhifet it will hurt him BAD. Remember to heal party members which suffered damage, Belhifet will inflict superb damage to your best equipped Warrior.

After you've finally killed the sucker,  its time to check out the end cinematic. Its kinda cheap IMO, the cut scenes could have been much better..



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