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Walkthrough - Chapter 5

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Wyrm's Tooth

wyrmstooth_00.jpg (159801 bytes)

Finally, you go to Wyrm's Tooth, a cold tundra. The Dwarves have hollowed out in the Glacier, with huge underground caverns.

The second you enter this map, you'll be attacked by Snow Trolls, Ice Trolls and Yeti. Remember that you will need to use fire spells or acid to completely kill most trolls (After they are fallen, you'll see that they still have red circles on them).

After you clear out the area, enter the Main building (See the map, and go in any of those 3 lower doors). 

wyrmstooth_01.jpg (92046 bytes)

As you enter the second level, you'll be in a library with a bunch of people that have slightly escaped from the Monsters on the top floor above. Talk to Seth and ask him about a book (To fix the Rope Bridge on the Wyrm's Map), Then Ask to borrow it.

Now, go talk to Garth, he's the Leader of the Slaves there, He'll tell you that they kinda escaped from the above Prison (That the Salamanders are running - It used to be a Museum).

He'll also said that they cannot get out of this library, and that these Frost Salamanders can't come get them because of the Warmer climate in this room. He describes to you that the level above is a Museum, and that the leader of the Monster Frost Salamanders name is Kerish (an inside joke as in David Kerish maybe?), and that he has a key that will allow them to escape fully from this library to the outside!

He will also say that a women named Vera never got to escape with them to the library, and asks you to look for her.

wyrmstooth_02.jpg (49823 bytes)


Taking the Stairs up, you'll be greeted right away by the Frost Salamanders and some winter Wolves, tell them you wish to talk to the Leader, Kerish. Once there, ask him about the Key, and tell him that you need it. He'll threaten you, but call his bluff, and he'll give you the key if you agree to find Vera and Kill her (You can just SAY yes, but help her escape later)

At this point, you'll have a choice, and whichever you choose will give you different amounts of Experiance points. Check the "Paths for Experiance" Below:

1. You can go and find Vera, kill her and go back to Kerish and he'll ask you to go find the other slaves, and kill them as well. (If you are playing an Evil Character set, then do this).
After you do this evil act <g>, go back to David... I mean Kerish, and you'll be  awarded some Experiance points.

2. Get the Key from Kerish, and help the Slaves escape. Now if you do this, you'll have to Fight ALL of the Salamanders, Winter Wolves and a few Ice Trolls before you leave, also remember to get the +3/+4 Spear that Kerish has after you kill him!. Also find Vera, and help her escape also!

wyrmstooth_00.jpg (159801 bytes)


wyrmstooth_03.jpg (126790 bytes)

After you get done with the Museum and did whatever you chose, you need to head over to the Rope Bridge, (Remember that you'll need to get the book from Garth in the Library).

Fix the Bridge, with the book's knowledge, and cross it. Enter the cave and prepare for a "large" treat!

As you enter, you'll get attacked by some really annoying Winter Wolves. Kill them all, and proceed west, and you'll see some Wyverns, one of them; the leader- named Frostbite will tell you about the Frost Giants here in the caves, and that Joril is the Leader (The guy that has the Badge you need), and that he sacrifices humans to him and his fellow Wyverns, Tell him that this will end NOW, and attack his ass. Now remember that these are Wyverns, and are tough, especially when there's more that one, and in a pack..

Now... After you dispatch those Wyverns, go west again, and you'll be in for a.. um, 'treat' <g>, Frost Giants! First off, these suckers are VERY large- Can't miss 'em! first off, there is two in the hallway, then 5 more in the main 'chamber'. the one in the northern part is Joril. Now here's what you can do:

1. You can bluff your way in, with no fight, saying that you are here to 'check-up' on him, and that you are one of his leaders men. He will give you his badge and you can leave it at that.

2. Slay them
ALL, and collect some mucho experiance points! Either way, you'll get experiance, but you'll DEFIANTLY get more if you slay them. Plus its fun!

Remember to get the Badge from Joril's broken body <g>, and his nice Magical Axe!

Now, Go north and you'll see some more Slaves, tell them that you've killed the Giants and Wyvern. You'll get more experiance points. Now, kill the Ice Trolls and proceed to the the next little cavern chamber (the room with the Dead Dragon bones), and
BE CAREFUL- to the south, there will be a few very tough Black Ice Knights, and an Auril priest- the leader.

Kontik will say that Auril has asked her to kill you. You will fight right away then, and be really careful as I said.. The Black Ice Knights are
extremely tough to beat, and you'll need a +2 weapon or better to take them out. (Or spells). After that, clear out the other stray monsters in the area, and remember to check the BAGS all along the West wall, there's a Ring of Wizardry located in one of those bags!

Clear the cave out, and then Exit the cave and proceed to the other cave located in the Northeast part of the Map, get ready for the Final Chapter!



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