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Walkthrough - Chapter 4

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Dorn's Deep
After Discovering where the Evil is coming from, with Larrel using the Heartstone Gem to Scry into, you now travel to Dorn's Deep. This area is a huge underground cavern, with many different rooms and sub-levels. First thing you'll see is these Blue Mushroom headed things called Mycontids.. Be careful, they can throw spells that will Charm or Hold your characters. Off them, and keep adventuring through the cave, and you meet a two headed giant. An Ettin! Have some fun with him, and you'll be amazed with the experience points you get for offing these big guys!

Checkout the Map below for all the locations and areas to go to. (There are a few small caves that house some more Ettins, in the North-east section. make sure you kill those human eaters!) <g>

dornsdeep_01.jpg (78108 bytes)

When you enter the Ettin cave, remember to pick up the
Razorvine Extract up off the dead body.  For Bandoth. Be careful though with the Ettins, there are a few (I think 4), and as a group, can inflict some hefty damage..

Go to Bandoth
and give him the Razorvine Extract, and in return he will give you the much needed location to a secret entrance to Lower Dorn.

After clearing this map, and the caves, head on over to the South-east part of the map, and walk over the wooden bridge. This will open up into a huge Dwarven Complex, and will be a lot harder that any past battles you've encountered. be ready for an INSTANT hard fight, for there will be Drow, Neo-Orogs, and more. Rest in this Map first, and memorize many defensive and offensive spells. You'll need them!

dornsdeep_02.jpg (100367 bytes)

As I said above, as you enter this Dwarven Complex, you be instantly attacked. be ready and spread your fighters out and use your toughest fighters in front to attack the Drow Swordsmen, and have your Magic users and Melee fighters attacking the Drow Spellcasters in the background.

Totally ignore the
Neo-Orogs and Orc Elite until the Drow are all dead. They are the ones you'll need to worry about first and foremost. After you take care of them, finish off the Neo-Orogs and Orc Elite and other variations of them..

Head to the next Area (As seen on the Map) This next area is slightly easier, and you'll be receiving a pretty large quest to undertake..

dornsdeep_03.jpg (61990 bytes)

Entering the cave, you will find a huge Monster (An Umber Hulk) named
Saablic Tan that is friendly. This Monster was once a wizard, turned into a Monster by the Drow, named Malavon.

He'll then ask you find a badge for him, this small badge is found to the dead south of this Umber Hulks location, on a Neo-Orog Chieftang named
Krilag. Go give this Neo-Orog a bad day by slaying him and his friends, and return to show this badge to Saablic Tan.

He'll then tell you that there are five more badges that need to be found to reach the leader of this evil, as he has overheard. he says that these
Badges are like Keys, and all 6 are needed to get to the leaders secret area.


dornsdeep_02.jpg (100367 bytes)

Leave the Cave and go to the room that has a circular table with writing on it. Remember the pattern on the table too. this is VERY important, for you must match up those symbols with the symbols in the next room. Once in this room, you'll see a blue outline on one of the Statues, if not, its the 3rd Statue from the Right. This is the only statue with its hand up I believe also... 

dornsdeep_02aa.jpg (114346 bytes)

After opening the secret door Save your game! This area is kind of tricky.. check out the Map above for the correct blocks to step on. This room is all a puzzle, and if you remembered the symbols on the table in the previous room, you should have no problem with this room. Be careful, because if you step on an incorrect square, a very deadly trap will go off, and Lightning will probably 1 or more of your party.

After you have correctly solved the puzzle, you'll see the middle section with stairs appear. walk down the stairs AFTER you save the game again. (Always save often now).

dornsdeep_02b.jpg (70494 bytes)

Walking down the stairs, you'll find a small room filled with the machine that operated the puzzle above. you will also see one dead body on the ground. Search the body and take the scroll and exit to the east.

dornsdeep_02c.jpg (85733 bytes)

This room is also small, and only has a duel stairwell. you will see a ghost (Friendly) the
Ghost will tell you that he and his people that have died down here are trapped in limbo, and can't rest until the lich named Therikan is destroyed. He has taken the life energy and is using it to fuel his powers.

Walk up the stairs and take any of the Northern doors - they all open up into the same next area. The next 2 areas are extremely tough for MANY people, we've received many emails asking us how can I kill the lich!?!? (This is explained below)


dornsdeep_05.jpg (87038 bytes)

Although this room houses MANY undead, you will find a bunch of nice items on this Map, and the next. be sure to search EVERY gravestone, and have your thief set to detect traps, because there are a few RIGHT as you enter this new area. take out the traps first, then deal with all the undead. Be sure to check out the map above for item locations and stuff for exact locations of things.

Upstairs is where you'll meet the Lich. he respawns each time you kill him, so down worry about even trying to kill him more than once. Only kill him to give yourself enough time to search all the crypts for goodies, plus, you'll only get the experiance points 1 time for killing him. So its pointless after one try, unless you need him out of the way so you can loot, as I said... The lich will respawn in
1 minute each time its killed.

Loot the place, and head directly north. to the next, and final room for Dorn's Deep. and this area has some pretty tough enemies. so Save again!

dornsdeep_06.jpg (98135 bytes)

Here is where you will enter the Hall of hero's. The Lich you just fought is here again, to fight you. This new area is basically a long hallway with 5 little rooms (Crypts) on each side. First off, you want to
kill the lich first, so go to the room that Therikan's Phylactery is (his power source), its in the 4th room on the left (See map).

Once you have it,
take it too the 3rd room on the right, and he'll die. (See Map again).

There are some nice items in this map. First off is the
Mail of Life, which is a VERY nice suit of Armor, and will replenish lost hit points. Another is for the Bard, an item called Owain's Lullabye. There are other items, random stuff.. Be careful of the Greater Mummy that is in the 2nd room on your left and the 2 Bronze Sentries at the end of the hallway, those two have very high magical immunity and you'll need a +2 or better to hit them I believe.

After those are taken care of, return back to the ghost (Back 2 maps), and he'll give you
Jamoth's Axe and a key to Wyrm's Tooth. After that, come BACK to this map, and exit through those double doors. Time for Wyrm's Tooth!

dornsdeep_00a.jpg (128976 bytes)




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