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Ironworks Gaming's Icewind Dale Webarea
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Added a Ton more Tips - More Maps soon!
I've added a lot more tips that have been sent in, I have also just beat Icewind Dale (Sunday), and I'm now importing my winning characters into a NEW game to go through and get some maps I missed capturing, and a few item locations as well. If you are doing any Item locations, you can help us and send them in if ya want.

More Tips and NEW Updated Editor released

We've added more Tips that you guys have sent in, (Great stuff BTW), We're in chapter 6, an nearing the end, so we'll start compiling chapter hints as well. For those that downloaded the Icewind Dale TeamBG Editor, there's a NEW version out, with a FULL Item list, and corrected other stuff.

NEW Portraits and Tips online!
Get these brand NEW portraits we have scanned in and use them in Icewind Dale! If you don't know how, check page 26 of the IWD Manual.

Also, We've posted
our 1st tip that was sent to us, keep them coming! We're working on the first set of maps right now so stay tuned!

Beta Patch out for Icewind Dale

This patch fixes a number of problems, primarily in multiplayer, for Icewind Dale. This patch has not received a complete testing cycle in Internal QA at Interplay. An official patch will be released shortly after this patch. Read any instructions carefully. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by the use of these files.
Download Patch Here (3.3MB)

Icewind Dale Editor out
TeamBG has done it again,
Click here to snag the editor if you want to cheat. I won't stop ya.. ;-)

Icewind Dale is out!
We just picked our copy up today, and are playing it now, We'll have a review by Monday! New Portraits will be added by tomorrow night!

Site v2.0 has been unveiled!
Since the Game will be out in days now, we have launched the full 'Gaming' Site (Version 2.0), which will be filling up with Tips, Spoilers, Treasure locations and Item lists! Make sure to send us your tips and battle strategies and we'll post them on the site with credit to you!

As you may see, most areas are kinda bare.. but that'll change in days, when Icewind Dale hits our desks!

Icewind Dale Has gone Gold

Icewind Dale has finally gone Gold, which means the master disc's have been sent off for duplication, and we should have it in our greedy hands within 10 days.

IWD is Slated for the 27th now, but we're guessing around July 5th. (I hope we're wrong).

More Areas Added
We've added the other areas in anticipation of the release of Icewind Dale (Hopefully it'll be released on the 26th of June) that's what the release date is set for, but it could be as late as the 30th..

We added the areas kinda like our Baldurs Gate area. Easy to get to and get the info you'll need!

Remember, when IWD is released, and you're playing it awhile remember to come back and send in your Spoilers / Tips or Battle Strategies and we'll post them!


Check out the Interview Interplay did with Thomas French of Black Isle, its funny and interesting..
View it here

More Screenshots are Here!
We've added all the latest information and screenshots that are available at this time, the second something new is announced, we'll be on it!

Welcome to the brand new Icewind Dale website, we hope you like it, and that your visit here is informative.

Since Icewind Dale is not yet in stores, we have all the latest screenshots, news, rumors, FAQ's and Interviews for you to page through.

You can also download IWD screensavers, movie trailers, and get some great Desktop Backgrounds for your PC!


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