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Spoilers sent in by Visitors
Vale of Shadows

'Skrull' Adams

Neophyte characters can have a hard time with the amount of undead in the tomes in the Vale of Shadows, one thing which I found useful was to have a thief type character (one that can use stealth,) run into rooms
while in stealth mode, scoping out potential targets, and attacking them.

The attack is not to kill them, but to get them to follow you back to the rest of your party.  This is especially useful in some of the deeper chambers that have 20 or more skeletons, as well as wights and skeletal mages.

To deal with the wights and mages, I found it useful to have an archer and mage, flinging magic missiles, just to disrupt the spells until the melee fighters can rush in. Once a mage is surrounded by heavy plated warriors with large cutting weapons, they are usually quite easy to pummel into dust.

Another useful thing to do before you delve into the the depths of the Vale of Shadows, is to stock up on Mummy's Tea.  I did not realize (its been a while since I played a Paper and Dice Forgotten Realms game,) that Mummies were so lethal.  If you get diseased you won't have time to get back to town, or sleep, so that character is effectively dead (if you didn't safe just before.)


Vale of Shadows Lowest Levels


While venturing in the vale of shadows at the lowest level of the crypt you will come to a Door operated by a mechanism to either side that looks like gears that upon inspecting the mechanism it indicates that is can be activated by a nearby switch.  Well that switch can take a monumental amount of looking closely.  The switch in question resides just behind one of the pillars out near the triangular rise in the floor.  It is about midway up the rightmost column and very easy to overlook.


Fighting Strategies


The best strategy I have found is to make one fighter character stand apart, never underestimate the power of a superb pure fighter.  If you take all the best armor class and dexterity modifying items and load it all up on one fighter that fighter will be able to fend off armies for a good duration giving your power casters time to lay waste to the hordes from safely behind that fighter.

Also with the way the AI in this game functions the first character the hostile NPC's see is the one they target almost exclusively which makes the fighter a great puller as well.  This strategy can work wonders if you have a thief hidden and scouting and the fighter bringing them home.


Dragons Eye Tips (Spoilers)

'Skrull' Adams

After The Tomb of the Unknown God, which is fairly easy compared to the Vale of Shadows (speaking from a difficulty vs. rate of advancement standpoint,) is The Dragon's Eye mission.

The first level of this dungeon is greatly important to succeeding on the second level.  On the first level, the primary enemies are Lizard Men and Bombarder Beetles.  The Lizard Men often yield flaming oil jars.  These are especially useful for the fighter heavy party.

If you plan on fighting the Bombarder Beetles at this point, I suggest using long range weapons to attack them, or spreading out your party. Bombarder Beetles squirt a substance that damages anyone in about a 5 foot radius.  By killing them at long distance, you avoid this attack altogether.  By spreading out, you allow one to be hit with each attack and since they only really can do this attack once it limits the damage.

The second is most useful if you have a fighter heavy party (few to no mages or long range weapons.)

On this level you can fight the Lizard Man King, though I don't recommend it until more experience has been gained.  The King is hard enough on his own, but fighting him AND his minions it what makes this part difficult.  The Lizard Shamans have a nasty habit of casting magic foiling spells like silence 15' radius.

My recommendation is to skip fighting for now.  Level 2 has more Lizard Men, as well as Sword Spiders, Bombarder Beetles, and Trolls (mostly,) and Talonian Priests.

Though it may be tempting to use flaming oil on the Sword Spiders or Bombardier Beetle, don't use them yet.  Save the flaming oil for the Trolls, which can only be killed by acid or fire. If you have a flame weapon, you obviously don't have to worry about this, but if you don't you will have to rely on flaming oil and spells like Melf's Acid Arrow, Flame Arrow, or other related spells (Magic Missile does not count as fire by the way.)

Level 3 is tricky due to the large group of skeletons and cold wrights you have to deal with.
Pordia the Necromancer greets on this level by way of Skeletal Knight, basically telling you to get lost and sends her army at you.  Though this requires similar tactics to the tombs in the Vale of Shadows, so it should be fairly familiar by now.  On the East side of the map is a bridge to the last part of this level, watch out for traps, there are a fair number of them (though I'm not sure what type they are,) and they are everywhere on the East side of the bridge and beyond.

Near the end of this level you can fight Pordia, but watch out for cloud kill spells! Pordia will even cast these spells if you have a stealthy thief, so watch out when dealing with her.  She also has a host of poison zombies with her. These are easy do deal with because they are so slow, but they can tie you up enough that Pordia kills you with volleys of 5 magic missiles. To deal with her, I stood near the bridge, and ran my thief character down, and back, to make here waste the Cloud Kill spells, then I drew out the zombies and killed them, and finally ran in and took her out. She has a nice Dagger which is +2 and poisons its target, and a powerful Robe.  Make sure to be careful when checking the boxes in the back of the room as they are trapped with cloud spells.

Level 4 is very odd.  At first it will seem as if it is a safe area, make use of this deception, and heal up, as you will not get a chance to later.  In the library, you can tell Geedo that someone is looking for him, if you do this, he will leave and give you a chance to break into the locked room here, in there you will find some spells, and a book on secret societies.  This is a tip off that something is wrong.  There are two other groups of doors, one near the bottom right, and two near the top of the map.

In the top grouping there are two, a easterly and a southerly one, DO NOT pick the lock on the easterly one, pick the southerly one (or bash it if you have only warriors, or if your thief can't pick the lock.)  In here is a group of adventurers that were captured by Yuan-Tis and Lizard Men.  They will rush passed you and try to kill the imposters.  This will bring the whole Sanctuary into attack, so watch out!  The Yuan-Tis
aren't too difficult by themselves, but the spell casting Yuan-Ti's will summon trolls, and you will be rushed from all sides by townsfolk, (some spell casting some not), Yuan-Ti's, trolls, and Lizard men.

At the lowest level of The Dragon's Eye, is the lair of Yxunomei, the Snake Queen. At first she reveals herself as an odd speaking child, saying cryptic things, until you corner her in her lair.

If you attack directly she will slaughter you in no time, as she is resistant to everything except certain types of fire.  The way to deal with her chamber, in my opinion, is to move carefully around the edges and pick off all her minions first, then once the chamber (as well as the rest of the level) is clear, begin attacking her.  Now the strategies for beating her will primarily depend on what sort of party members you have.

A mage can use the Scorcher spell (this is the only fire spell I could confirm that worked, Fire Arrow, and Fire Ball seem to have no effect.)
A thief can pick up the fire dagger +2 on the level above (The Sanctuary,) in one of the chests, and do backstabs (this is very affective if you can run far enough to re-cloaking, and do another backstab.)

A fighter could 'obtain' the flame sword from the adventurer party in The Sanctuary, though I didn't do this, and cannot confirm 100% that it will work (it should since the fire dagger does.)

A druid can use the spell flame sword I believe, though again I did not try this yet (as I don't have any druid characters.)

The second thing to keep in mind when fighting Yxunomei is that she has MUCH better AI than her minions, she will follow you around the entire level, even if she cant see you, with the exception of hiding in shadows.

The other thing to keep in mind is she will cast spells before she does her primary attack.  The order is roughly Cloud Kill on herself as a shield (since she is immune,) then 2 or 3 raise undead, and sometimes a slow spell.  You also cannot disrupt her spells with conventional means since she is immune to weapons and magic.

One final note, if you do need to sleep after you have talked to her as a little girl, and she polymorphs to her true form, she may disappear when you wake up.  This panicked me at first and I restarted from an earlier save game.  What happens is she moves to other rooms, so you will have to find her after you sleep.  The room I found her lurking in was the one on the upper left side of the map, near the chests.

Hope this info helps, it took me a while to figure it out :)


Final Bad Guy


This guy is suitably the toughest bastard ever to walk in the dale (next to you of course).  The fire demon begins by Casting cloud kill and sending his two iron golem buddies after you.  To avoid the cloud kill I paused the game just after porting in and then made all the characters walk in different directions.

The golems are easy enough to drop with your fighters but as you will soon find out the floor is trapped all over and will dispel you when you step on the triggers.  The way to avoid the traps is by having your rogue stand there and do find traps,  this will give you the ability to flee the hell spawn without losing all your good buffs like haste (highly recommended).

The monster is one hellacious swordsman (carved my -12 ac fighter to pieces in about 30 seconds) but alas the only way to beat him is in melee.  Reason melee is the only way is that he is immune to all magic's and you need a +3 or better weapon to hit him (exception is the arrows of piercing I believe I managed to hit him once with this.).  You will put your full heal (clerics should have this by now) to good use.

If you have two good fighter types allow them to shift turns taking the hits while you heal the hell out of them.  Another tactic is to keep the man the demon is hitting on moving away and allow the others to hit him in the back until he turns (this is where seeing the traps on the floor becomes important).  The casters were not too useful only hasting and summoning treats for the demon to eat.  It is sure to be a hard battle and probably take many tries.


The Severed Hand

'Skrull' Adams

Before journeying to the Severed Hand, I suggest you talk to Orrick the Gray, in his tower in Kuldahar.  Orrick would like information about mythals to complete his experiment.  Since you have to go there anyway, this is a good way to pick up a few more XP.

On your approach to Severed Hand, you may see Larrel's Sending, a elven lich like creature, which is all that remains of Larrel.  If you have a dwarf in your party, as I did, he will curse at the dwarf before returning to the Hand. 

If you have not slept yet, because of the Neo Orogs in Kuldahar, I suggest you do it now, the Hand is oddly deceiving at first glance. Once you enter the first level you will be attacked by shadowed orcs, these orcs are actually dead already, shades of orcs that attacked the Hand long ago.  After clearing the entrance, things get difficult.
Walking into nearly any room will trigger large amounts of orcs,  goblins, or ogres (all shadowed) to appear and attack, these creatures are much more dangerous than their living counterparts, so be ware.

On this first level you wont have to worry about many traps, but one, a paralyzing trap, toward the staircase on the lower right corner. Before moving to the upper levels you should clear all of this level.  There are MANY hidden magical items in the Hand, most of which will outclass any weapons you may have up to this point.  Search desks, piles of chairs, boxes, anything you can.

I should also point out that searching with a thief will not help you much here, if you trigger any of these shadowed creatures to appear, they will all attack your party.  This goes for the next level up as well.

The second level is about as difficult as the first, watch out for the goblin trainers, they have tons of shadowed worgs with them.  Since the Worgs are shadowed, they may not be charmable by the charm animal spell ( I had no success with my ranger who has this ability naturally.)  I also was never able to turn any of these shadowed creatures as Undead (it may be possible, but I never was able to do it.)

This level pretty much goes the same as level 1, I suggest clearing it before going up to level 3.

Level 3 is the tough one.  Several things to keep you busy here: Shadowed Goblin Archer Elites, Shadowed Ogres, Shadowed Orcs, Shadowed Orc Shamans, Shadowed Orc Archers, Burning Skeletons (they cast fireball), skeleton archers, skeletal knights, shadowed souls (spell casting, but look like lesser shades in Vale of Shadows,) and blade skeletons.

The nastiest of these have to be Blade Skeletons and Shadowed Souls. Blade Skeletons look like Skeletal Knights with Reapers for hands, you will know when you see them.  They have a few disadvantages.  They are so big, they can easily be blocked by just a few party members, or charmed creatures.  They are also not too difficult to take out at long
range due to this.  Though you do not want to let them get close, as the large blades will cut fighters down in moments.

Shadowed Souls are horribly nasty as well. As typical with most spell casters, disrupting their spells is by far the best way to go.  The only problem is that they typically are guarded by many skeleton type undead, and getting to them can be a problem.  On this level, a thief is useful again, and you can put them out one at a time.

Make sure you search this level thoroughly as well.  You should find some broken pieces of machinery.  Keep this as you will need it later. (also keep your eye out for Evayne's Diary, you can use it for extra XP later.)

Level 4 gives you a few breaks.  This is where the 'sane' shadows still remain, you can find out about their plight, and how Larrel is a bit insane now.  The cure for this is to fix his Astrolabe, which I will get to later.

After talking to everyone on this level, and perhaps selling some items, you should go up the staircase to the left bottom, first, this will show Larrel's Sending, and he will move up to the tower, where you cannot follow him.  After this move counterclockwise to the other towers (this is the easiest way in my opinion.)  After that first tower, the next Tower is full of Clerics and Priests, which have goes mad.  By freeing their souls (killing them as shadows) you will get a piece of machinery for the Astrolabe.  Since all of these are clerics, deal with them as you would any spell caster group, though they can hurt you in melee, they are far worse at long range.  The spell to be most wary of is Mental Domination, where they will turn your own party against you.

Next is the Warrior Tower (it connects to the Mage Tower as well.)  Here you also are asked to free the souls of the insane Warriors.  Be careful this time.  These warriors are tough.  Some are melee and some are archers, I suggest trying to hold them at a choking point, and taking out the archers first!  The warriors may pound your guards heavily, but the archers are much more dangerous, with poisonous arrows.

At, I believe, the second level of this tower you will have two ways to go, up the stairs, or across a bridge.  I suggest going up the stairs first, there are some phase spiders and other incidentals, but nothing too hard.  Plus you finish your task of freeing the warriors.  Go back down to tell of your progress, but watch out, after you free the warrior, the one asking you to free them will attack you so she herself can join them in the afterlife.  I found a pair of speed boots on here, as well as another part of machinery.  (You can open the prison as well here and kill the monsters if you wish.

After this I suggest going back up and going over the bridge.  The bridge fight is interesting as you have to fight several melee fighters, some archers, a cleric and a mage, in that order.

The rest of the way up on the other side of the Bridge is a few mages, and not as hard if you use a thief to scout for you.  Up from here is a library, you should pick up the book on Mythals here to bring back to Orrick the Gray.  The next level up is Laurel's Sending, and a shadowed mage who is trying to fix the Astrolabe, give him the parts, you will not have all of them if you have followed this exactly, as you need to go to the last tower (filled with Officers.)  You can at least give him what you have and return.  Laurel's Sending will be incoherent until the Astrolabe is fixed, so don't even bother with him at this point.

The last tower is fairly tough.  Mostly because Officers will just spring a dozen fighters, and a mage and a cleric on you even if you use a thief to scout.  I suggest dealing with the fighters first, though if you can take out the cleric do that, he will cast Mental Domination, which makes your own party turn on you.  Silence 15' Radius, or break his spells with arrows or magic missiles if possible. After clearing out the guards and the cleric hit the mage.  Search everything in the room.

The next level up in the tower is more of the same, do the same strategies.  Take the machinery.  You don't have to go up to the next level up from here, but you may, only a few fighters here.  The level above this is the Arboretum.  I have not found anything for this yet, but I may have overlooked it.  Its a minor quest, so you can skip it for now anyway.

By now you should be able to go back through the Warriors Tower, to the Mage's Tower, and give the last piece of machinery to Larrel.  If you were as thorough in searching everything as I have suggested, you will also come across Evayne's Diary.  At this point you will be able to go either back to Kuldahar, or on to Dorn's Deep, I strongly suggest going back to Kuldahar, to give the book on Mythals to Orrick, and buying any supplies you need. (You can buy some magic arrows or bullets in the Hand first.)

The next note I should make is that I do not remember where the pieces of machinery before the Towers are exactly, though I know one was on the 3rd level.  There is also an overhang on the 3rd level ( you will notice it because goblins will attack you from there.)  Search for the way up there on the level below.  As long as you search everything, you will get all the nice weapons and items you need anyway.


Dragons Eye Tips

Romur Lockjarn

On level 3, watch out for skeletons that implode when they take damage or are destroyed (I think they're called Blast skeletons).  They cause area damage to anything around them. If they get close to your main party and you hit them, they will damage everyone around.   I found that firing a single arrow at them from a distance (I used a thief in stealth) solved this problem.

On level 4, if you pick or bash any doors, you will be attacked by everyone immediately.  If you explore around, when you get to the SE hallway, a notice of the large rug you are standing on will appear on the screen.  If you go back to the entrance and tell the priest there that the rug seems suspicious, he will attack you (and so will the other priests that you saw standing around in the halls).  But you have a better vantage point there since all the other priests (as well as a number of summoned creatures) will now be coming down the main hall at you instead of from all different directions.  It makes it easier to fight them, especially with area effect spells (fireball, web, etc).  Watch out.  From this point on, the summoner in the east room will continue to summon trolls and lizardmen every so often, many of which will come looking for you.

Also, you can rest on this level by finding the group of adventurers in the locked room and asking them to watch over you while you sleep.


Battle Tips


Perhaps the best tactic for taking out high end hordes is to conjure yourself up a fire elementals and allow it to walk a few steps ahead of the lead party member so the monsters attack it first.  With all the monsters targeting the elemental back the party off a bit and proceed to drop as many fireballs as you can muster.  The beauty of it is is that the elementals keep the baddies at a distance and they are 100% immune to the fireball attack allowing you to lay down major pain from a very safe vantage point.


Battle with Yxunomei Tips

Craig Joyner

There's a major error with the tips in regards to killing the Yxunomei the Snake Goddess, she is not immune to all weapons she is immune to +1 or less weapons, +2 weapons or better will harm her! The rest of the tips for fighting her are fine as far as I know but I do know for sure that she isn't immune to all weapons as the poster stated. I had one fighter with a +2 long
sword, a fighter/druid with a +3 spear, and a Bard with a +2 flail attacking her. She was indeed hard to kill and I ended up losing one of my characters during the battle to the cloud kill but I got him resurrected back in town after the battle was over.


Dorn's Deep Tips

'Skrull' Adams

After you stock up, or sell off the horde of magic items and potions you have no doubt collected, its on to Dorn's Deep.

The entrance to Dorn's Deep has a handful of Neo Orogs (you probably remember bumping into these on the way back to Kuldahar with the Heartstone Gem.)

These guys are fairly easy, after you have dispatched them, its inside the cave.

This level is strange.  There are basically two types of creatures on this level of Dorn's Deep: Blue Mycontids, and Ettins.   As far as I can tell, there is a bug in the AI (post-patch as of 7/9/2000,) which renders the Ettins on this level (only) non aggressive. This will most likely change as soon as a new patch comes out to fix it, so I'll discuss them as if they were aggressive.

The Blue Mycontids are probably the worst of these two,  they hurl spore balls at you from a distance, which can make you go berserk, or paralyze you, though they aren't outrageously strong, they usually attack in packs, and will pummel a held person to death quite easily.
My suggestion is to rush in on them, and close the distance so they will not spore you.  They will be found at all the blue mushroom patches on this map.

Ettins are huge, very huge.  They aren't that tough either.  Though it is much easier to pick them off at a distance, you can let them get up to a choke point, and have most if not all of your fighters attack them at once, since they can only really attack you one at a time, you just need to let them come at you one at a time (which isn't that hard.)
There are two caves besides the entrance to the Dwarven stronghold in the lower right.  The top one is a few Orcs, not even really worth doing unless you just want a bit more experience, the second is a Ettin lair near the bottom of the map.  In the Lair there are several Ettins, you have to be a bit more careful here as they can attack you from two sides, though area effect spells work well here.  There is also a reference to Planescape: Torment here, a Bottle of Razorvine Extract, Property of Mourns-for-Trees.  I haven't found anything useful to do with it, so its probably just an Easter Egg (Even tried the Arboretum in the Hand.)

The Dwarven Stronghold ... the hardest part here is getting passed the bridge.  Neo Orogs and Drow, and a few Orc archers, guard the bridge.

As soon as they attack, two phase spiders will appear, they are by far the worst part of this, as you cannot pick off the people on the bridge one at a time due to the phase spiders, until of course they are killed.  After I killed the phase spiders, I fireballed the orc archers.  There are Drow Mages near them, which have some high magical resistance, but the archers are in my opinion worse to deal with, as you can always disrupt spell casters.  After the archers and maybe even the mages are taken out, you can pick the rest off one by one at your leisure.

The rest of this section is easier, though the Orog Captains are a bit nasty, as are the Drow Vanguards (who have crossbows with poison bolts.) Orog Captains are strong, avoid melee if possible, don't let them near any weaker party members.  After you have cleared most if not all of the rooms, go to the prison room (the one on the left side of the map, its bluish.) this will take you to the caves.

Here you talk to an Umber Hulk, who was once a human, and a Red Wizard of Thay.  He will tell you to kill the Neo Orog Chieftain.  Follow the rightmost passages to do this.  He is not that difficult, nor are his henchmen, use the same tactics as fighting the Orog Captains.  Get the badge off the Chieftain, you will need this.  Go back to the Umber Hulk and he will thank you and leave.  You can skip the rest of the caves, unless you want extra XP.  Only things here are Orogs and Ettins.

Go back to the prison room and just north to room with the circular table and all the stone dwarves around it.  After looking carefully you should find a secret door.  Open this, and pay attention to the symbols on the table, there will be three groupings, one on the outside, one in the middle, and one near the center.  Write them down if you have to.

Walk into the secret room.  You should see a similar shape here, do not walk on anything in this room yet.  Walk around the outside of the circle until you find the symbol that matches the outside symbol on the table, then you will hear a click, walk around the outer band, looking for the next symbol and so on, when you are done and 'hear a click from the table room' go back to the table room (the one with the dwarven statues and table wear you wrote down the symbols.)

There will be a dwarf with its hammer down, push on this, and go back into the room you just came from.  You will see a stair going down, go down.

You will see a body here with a paper on him, watch out, just after him is a trap, disarm it and go into the next room.

Here there are two stairs going up to a balcony, it doesn't matter which you use.  There will be a ghost at the top, he will tell you of Jorith, and a necromancer named Terick (I may have spelled these incorrectly as a side note.)  Take any of the three doors as they all go to the same place. Fight off the undead, but don't go up the stairs in the middle until you are ready to fight the necromancer.

The necromancer is more annoying than difficult, after you kill him you will not have long before he rises again.  The best thing to do with him is to attack him directly, if you kill him, any undead he summoned will fall when he does.  In one of the crypts near him is the key to Hall of Heroes.

You will have to fight him in here again, so be aware.  There are a few traps on the tombs in here too, so be careful of that as well.

His Phalcelary is in a tomb on the left of Hall of Heroes.  After you get it go to Jorith's tomb on the right side (you will tell by reading the statues in front of the tombs.)  You will also find Evayne's Tomb here (Larrel's Daughter,) get the book here, you can give it to Larrel later for some more XP.

Note that the door at the end of the hall cannot be opened yet, don't try.  Instead, after you have destroyed Terick for good, leave the Hall of Heroes, and talk to the ghost again.  He will be at the bottom of the stairs this time in front of a statues that is spewing molten metal.

He will tell you to get the key from the statue, this key will open the door at the end of the Hall of Heroes.  You can go back to Larrel to deliver his daughters book at this time, though I don't recommend it, as you will have to fight a bunch of beasts on level 1 of Dorn's Deep again.

Instead I suggest going down to the Wyrm's Tooth ... the door at the end of the Hall of Heroes.


Random Items?

Terry Gamel

There are places within Icewind Dale where you get a *random* magical item. There is a list of generally 5 items per location, only one of which you will get when you go there. For instance:

In the orc cave, prologue, on the top left of the map there is a box containing a magical item. That magical item will be one of the following: Quiet Boots (+7% Move Silently) Girdle of Beatification (User is blessed) Ring of Protection +1 (-1 AC, +1 Saves) Ring of Lesser Resistance (+2 Save vs. Spells) Fire Dagger (+2 THACO, 15% chance +1D4 Fire Damage)

Such random items are selected when you first enter their respective maps. If you save outside the map, you can then go in and look at the magic item. If it's not what you want, load your saved game and go in again.

Other places that I've found with random items: Prologue The mill where you talk to a goblin with a stomach ache outside. Inside, an orc attacks you. He has the random item.

Chapter 1 In the Vale of Shadows, on the dungeon in the bottom right corner of the map, there is a skeleton who asks for your keys when you first enter. He has the random item here.

Chapter 2 Just before you fight Yxunomei there is a room at the top of the screen. Enter the room and go left into a treasure room. The chests contain a lot of good items, one contains a really awesome item (So far I've gotten the Red Knight's Shield, AC -4, and a Shield -3 that makes Water Elementals ignore user in combat)

If you have to fight your way through a level and want to see what the item is before you get there, try this: Save your game to a permanent save (other than quicksave), and enter the map. As soon as you can, quicksave in the map. Send your thief, hiding in shadows, to go take a look at the item. Consider taking your mage along, invisible, to identify the item. As soon as you see what it is, load either your quicksave (if you like the item) or your perm-save (if you don't)

Remember, save early, save often.


Book for Bridge!


Once you find the lich's soul which is hidden away in a philanthropy or something (its an item you'll find in the Hall of Heroes) You got to return to Bandoth's ghost and he will send you into the next chapter. That's where you'll find tons of greater ice trolls and frost salamanders. Anyhow.....after walking around that map and clearing out the trolls you will find out that a Frost Giant named Joril is in charge here.

But, you won't be able to get to him (his cave is in SW corner of map) until you fix the crappy rope bridge that separates you from him. Go into the frost salamander's palace and ask to see the leader.... After he assumes you are there to check up on him, he will let you walk around untouched.

Go downstairs where the slaves are hiding out and speak to them till you find a guy that knows about dwarven architecture, he will give you a book on how to fix bridges. That's all you need to get across the bridge and beat the crap out of the Frost Giants.


More Yxunomei Battle Tips

Benjamin Davis

Yxunomei is basically a Marileth (Tannari) and she's not *immune* to magic & physical attacks, just highly resistant. Keep in mind, she has SIX arms, and innate spell abilities. I killed her fairly easy, with no reloads, by standing right outside visual range & dropping cloud kill (scroll) & stinking cloud, then fireballs & snilloc's snowball swarm. This took care of her "entourage" then she rushed me in the corridor & my fighters swigged potions of heroism & ** giant strength & rushed her, while my mage & cleric threw spells & healed the fighters.

Pretty handy for 46,000xp!!


To kill a Snake Chick!

I beat her the second time with out any casualties. First you need to memorize every fire spell (fire arrow is useful) you can and also memorize with your priest animate dead, if you don't have these spells see if you can buy them from Orrick the Gray, but you should have them. Equip your best fighters with +2 weapons. Now have your thief enter her chamber while in shadows. After you finish with the dialogue move your thief where you can see the queen but none of the other snakes. Shot a little warning arrow at her and she will cast cloud kill near herself. Move back then cast animate dead with you priest.

Send your mage where your thief was so you cant see the queens minions but can see her. Send the skeletons and zombies to distract her while you mage fires fire spells at her. When she gets to close back up then wait for her to come and start beating on her with your +2 weapons and casting fire spells at her.


Where is the Paladin's Sword?

David Williams

Here's the answer:
First off it is not a true Holy Sword (those are really nasty in a Paladin's hands) but it is nonetheless an awesome weapon. Make sure you have slots in large swords (longswords to be exact). Between Dorn's Deep and Marketh's Place is the Artisan's District. When you enter, go to the left and you will see two houses there. Out of each house will come an Umber Hulk. Kill them and go through the hole in the upper house that the Umber Hulk made. You will find a corpse there, search it for a sword. Now you must identify it in order for it to work.


Even Another Yxunomei Tip

Ramon Brasser

The best way to defeat Yxunomei is to have your best archer equip the Messenger of Sseth bow you found on the same level and use the +2 arrows. Have a mage cast Haste on him/her and let the archer (fighter, thief, ranger or whatever you use) enter the room (the thief cannot equip said bow though). When Yxunomei changes to her real appearance, have the archer send down as many arrows at her as s/he can.  The Haste spell will come in handy as you can disrupt Yxunomei's spells. When she charges you, back off a bit and keep on firing. Since you move much faster than her under the influence of the Haste spell, you should be able to kill her before she can reach your party.



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