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Latest News for 04/12/24
New Forum Upgrade
We have upgraded to a much better forum, and combined the Baldurs Gate 1 forum with the Expansion forum, Tales of the Sword Coast.

Welcome Mac Users
Just wanted to welcome all the Mac users to this site. Even though this site was made for the PC version, it's the same for the Mac version.

Baldurs Gate II News
Be Sure to check out our Baldurs Gate 2 area! It'll be even MORE in depth than this area, with more quests, items, cheats, maps and lots more!

We have corrected the
4th set of Portraits finally.. I have no idea how they got all jumbled up, but they're fixed now, thanks to all that pointed that out!

We've received a copy of
Baldurs Gate 2, and have been working on getting a Huge preview up for you guys, and we'll take a ton of screenshots too! Monday Aug 20th starts off BG2 week! 

We've added the
Baldurs Gate II Opening page, check it out!! We'll have the entire site complete before July 4th and with it, tons of Screenshots, Interviews with the Designers from the Game and more!
Visit the Baldurs Gate II Area!

Official Patches for Baldurs Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast:

Make sure your Baldurs Gate or Tales of the Sword Coast is up to date! Check here for the latest Patches and Upgrades.


We've added a whole bunch of new editing files from the talented bunch at TeamBG! We've also corrected a few of the links to the files, and added newer versions so you can play with even MORE stuff now! There's a new Character Editor version out, so check it all out in the Cheat Add-ons area!


The E3 is over and we have TONS of awesome previews of Neverwinter Nights and Baldurs Gate II at the Ironworks main page.
Click Here to go there!

We'll be adding a few new are as to this site soon, and we'll have the NEW Baldurs Gate II Site up by June 1st 2000!!

We're adding a few things today, and changing the look a bit -- Giving it a cleaner look... Monday we'll add the cheat codes we promised, and more tips and spoilers for Durlags Tower! Check back soon!


We'll be adding some new Cheat Codes that a user has sent us, and a few new items in a few days, right now we're getting the other sites ready for release!

Keep checking here daily for the latest!


We've totally changed the look and feel, yet keeping all the content the same, but we've added even MORE content for you guys while in the upgrade! The following areas are brand new:

Unique Magic Items list
Treasure Items list
New cheat codes
More Tips & Spoilers added

In a few hours I'm going to add the voting booth to the right column, and update the news again -- Lots of great info coming!


personalized jewelry,personalized name necklace

personalized jewelry,dv love

personalized name necklace,dv love

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Latest CRPG News

Divine Divinity

RPG Planet has a brand new Preview on Divine Divinity! Check it out, it's looking to be a really sweet RPG Game!

Design v3.1

In the next few weeks, you will see the NEW Web Design being integrated into all the areas of the site. Along with a cool new look, we'll have lots of new features!


1. Neverwinter
3. Dungeon Siege
Wizardry 8
Diablo II


Dungeon Craft Weekly Update

The latest version of Dungeon Craft is currently 0.860.

Be sure to check out the Escape Gaming's Official Dungeon Craft Webarea for lots of Art for DC!


Updated 10/10/2002







World of Warcraft First Looks!

Invisible Dream has a great preview of WoW! As well as some of the best looking screenshots I've seen in a game!



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