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First off, go out and get your equipment, Armor, Weapons etc, then clean out the bugs in the cellar.

Be careful here, you are low level, and some of your party members might have only 7 hit points - Send your BEST fighters to the goblins in the southeast part of Easthaven, and retrieve the little boys fish for exp.

The Drunk, Old Jed asks you to get him a bottle of wine, you can buy it in Pomab's Shop. 

The citizen who's dreaming down at the shore (Jhonen), his dream contains a
Sirine named Elisia, you can find here at the south western shore, you'll need to return a broken blade, and you'll receive a gem as your reward.

The leader of the town, Hrothgar asks you to find out what happened to the missing caravan, enter the next area by exiting Easthaven to the east. then enter the cave and kill all the orcs, this area will be pretty tough to 1st level characters, so have some spells ready, heal wounds and potions. When you see the Ogre Shaman, go directly for them first, they will be your largest threat. The Leader Ogre (Big guy) has a note on his body, Take this note to Hrothgar.

Hrothgar gives you an items list to take to Pomab, and to get the supplies needed for the expedition to Kuldahar, Go to Pomab's Emporium and show the shopkeeper the note, then return to Hrothgar.

Kuldahar Pass:

Free the little boy that has gone missing inside the abandoned mill , he can be found on the second level inside a hidden closet.

You can also bluff your way out of fighting these guys, but after you do, kill them anyway for more experience! 

Talk to the ogre inside the tower , he has a terrible headache, now go to Arundel (who lives in Kuldahar) and get a recipe from him, return to the ogre and you will get some good experience points.. (or, you can kill the Ogre, and get the item he's wearing, its a random item)



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