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Walkthrough - Chapter 1

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Entering Kuldahar, you have to find Arundel, he's located near the bridge with the rocks in front of the building. Arundel will tell you that many people have gone missing from the town, and that the Towns (Tree's) energy is becoming weak, along with very odd weather changes taking place, becoming cold in the place that has always been of warmth (Because of the Tree).

Most of the missing Villagers are in the area known as
Dragons Eye. (See Chapter 2)

One Villager, Milek, will tell you that he and his brother had gone out in search of the villagers, but were attacked by one of the largest Yeti they had ever seen, he ran, but his brother was killed. He asks you to get return his family heirloom ( A gem) back from the Yeti. You will find this mean sucker Chieftang dude in the Vale of Shadows, along with many other Yeti, near the statue, kill him and retrieve Milek's Gem.
Return to Kuldahar and talk to Milek (at Potters place) for a reward of 500GP and Exp.

The Innkeeper in the Village has a Secret, go talk to the Barmaid at the Tavern first, she will tell you about the Halfling, and how oddly he came to inherit the Inn so quickly.. Go to the Inn and go directly upstairs, inside a locked box (Need a good thief here) you will find a ring, take the ring to the Halfling Innkeeper and question him about it, don't kill him, follow the correct questioning and you'll receive some great experience points here!


vale01.jpg (76234 bytes)
Click on Image for All maps in this Area

Vale of shadows (i.e. The Dead Capitol of the Realms) <g>
The Vale has 6 caves, or "Crypts' to explore, and find keys. View the Map Provided to understand how to hit the caves in the correct manner. Its like - Go to cave/crypt 1, get key, to unlock cave/crypt 2, and so on. You will need the keys later on as well.

Crypts 1-4 are mainly key finding locations, and some great experience givers <g>. Now that Crypts 1-4 are cleaned out, head to the 'final' Crypt, number 5!

This is a very tough area, at least more than the other battles you've encounters so far, so be ready, and save often.

The second you enter Crypt 5, you're greeted by evil bastards left and right, slay them all... (And enjoy leveling up!)
Hit the next door, but he healed, and ready, because this is a tough fight,
View this map to see battle location and the Hidden (Kind of) Lever you'll need to pull after the battle is won.
If the lever doesn't budge, you'll need to check out the rest of the area.. Once Pulled, enter the Door it opened (Shown on the map in the link above as well). Another Battle, just as fierce.. save before this one too.. 

After you've killed them all, Kresslach, an Undead Specter will confront you, he can't be fought, trust me, I forced the issue, and its just not allowed. He will talk to you... he wants you to 'help' him with something.... (And agree to help him)

He tells you that a female Auril priestess (Lysan) of the Cold threatens his area, he has been cursed to live in this room forever, and the Auril priestess wants to destroy the area AND Kuldahar (The tree) she's the one creating the odd weather and stuff..

You will find the the priestess in Crypt 6, along with a few Yeti, and Shadow dudes, Kill her, take here stuff (She has a Morning Star +1) and you'll get 700Exp for it. (also return to Kuldahar later, and talk to the Tavern Bartender or Barkeep and ask for her other Equipment that she left behind, this will give you some nice items, and clues). Once you leave Crypt 6, a shadow will thank you for releasing them from her hold on them. Return to Crypt 5, tell Kresslach the deed is done, and he'll give you some great information here, and his Nice sword and whatever else in his Treasure chest (Gems, etc..)

Go back to Kuldahar and talk to Arundel, Tell him what you discovered and he will send you to the Temple of the forgotten God , in search of the Heartstone Gem, a missing artifact of Great power that can be used as a scrying device to find out what or who is behind the evil.

Vale of Shadows is done!


god_01.jpg (93499 bytes)
Click on Image for All maps in this Area

Temple of the Forgotten God
As you enter the temple area, you be approached by the first HUGE Giant in the game, you'll freak <g> Talk to the verbeeg, and  he'll tell you that evil forces invaded the temple and have killed all the priests and Temple guards. Enter the temple and talk to the Mage dude who approaches you, He doesn't believe your presence here is goodly, and will attack. Kill him and all the huge (Now mad) verbeeg's you encounter here, then enter the next area by taking the stairs down

As you come out the exit, you'll encounter even more evil mages and other enemies. After you kill all these bad guys, go to the far south east corner of the screen to exit to the next area.

Upon entering the new floor, you'll see lots of dead bodies, and the Heartstone Gem is not here!! Check all the bodies here, and retrieve the Green Potion and return back to Kuldahar and speak with Arundel about it. He'll tell you that the Green Potion is a anti-venom and will send you to the new area, Dragon's Eye.



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