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News for Wednesday October 23, 2019

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Finally finishing adding HoW Content
As soon as we get the entire web design finished, we will finish adding all the Heart of Winter files, and content. A Walkthrough will be added, as will be other items!

Cheat Codes Added
for those that have been looking to cheat <grin>, we have a text file full of the typical type cheats. You may also use the item codes from IWD once you turn the cheats 'on'. The Cheats are in the Download area.

Heart of Winter in Stores
It's finally here, we'll have a complete review of the add-on in about a week. Also, our Heart of Winter support website will be in full gear in the coming days!

Ironworks Heart of Winter Preview
Check out our preview of Heart of Winter, an add-on to the immensely popular game Icewind Dale. We also have 28 screenshots in total, 12 of them being snapped by us.

Heart of Winter Area Open

We've just added the area that will carry all the spoilers, tips, maps and more for the add-on to Icewind Dale Heart of Winter!

Icewind Dale Add-on Almost Complete!
it's getting close now. Background effects are getting wrapped up by David Pursley as well as some really cool character effects. We've acquired three new soldiers for our team: Hector Espinoza, Chris Amaral, and Primo Pulanco who are all contributing to the expansion. My main man Aaron "the master modeler" Brown continues to create masterful areas for you to explore and is also getting the intro and outro pieced together. Our man with the brush, Jason Manley is busting out some mad character portraits...i think you guys will fully dig them, i sure do, sweet! Speaking of which, Justin Sweet has just finished with the intro/outro paintings. nice! He is also responsible for that awesome ad currently in the magazines, check it out. Man, the box art is looking really good. Kelly Wine has been focused on upping the ante on the box design, it looks really good.


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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
Ironworks NWN PW Mod online, called "Escape from Undermountain".
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