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Heart of Winter
(Icewind Dale add-on)

By Dan Huling | December 22, 2000

Heart of Winter is an expansion pack add-on for Icewind Dale that is nearing release in the 1st Quarter of 2001 which is being published by Black Isle Studios and Published by the guys at Interplay.

Heart of Winter promises up to 20-30 hours of added adventure, along with this add-on comes an



    Black Isle




updated gaming engine, which adds a great deal more support for pathfinding; higher resolutions up to 1024x768 (800x600 is supported); drop away interface and a few tweaked battles in the 'old lands' of the Icewind Dale game as well!

Basically, the interface has been upgraded to the one Baldurs Gate II uses now minus a few options (Such as the map location markers, and a few other small items), which begs the question-- have Dragons been added to this add-on? If you view the logo above, it looks like their may be! Dragonbane anyone? 

So why are we going back to the cold tundra that is Icewind Dale you ask? Well, you and your party (you can import your characters into the new adventure) head to the far North of the Spine of the World in a town known as Lonelywood.

You'll meet a man there that tells you that an Undead Barbarian named Joril (The dude that helped you seal the gate at the end of
 IWD) and his army of Barbarians are threatening the small town of Lonelywood, and he asks you to bring peace to the town, the Barbarians, and a few.. 'other' areas!

We've played the game for about 5 hours so far, and it's really great! The artwork is totally mind blowing as well (Even better than that in Baldurs Gate II) and for those that didn't like the static cut-scenes-you'll be happy to know there is an awesome opening cut-scene, with more possible in the game. (As we delve deeper into the game, we'll update this).

We've added a bunch of screenshots that we think you'll like, we did try to get some unique shots so you can get an idea of the new spells, monsters and such.


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