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Ironworks Gaming's Baldur's Gate II Area
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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter One

Prison Dungeon


Baldr0000.jpg (190529 bytes)

Chapter One

Irenicus Dungeon Level 1

You wake up to Imoen releasing you from your cage- You've been captured, and mentally tortured as you can slightly recall.. 

After you get out of your cage, go and talk to Minsc, the way to get him out is to make him mad. Tell him you're leaving him in the cage, and he'll get mad and bend the bars, then he'll say that you knew he'd do that, and tell you "You're a Smart one"!

After that, go to the small room that is off of to the Southwest, this is where you will find a key that allows Jaheira to be freed. lots of your equipment is also on the table and chest. Get it all, and rest. (It's save)

After you rest, and have had Imoen and Jaheira memorize some spells (Important) its time to find a way out. Remember that Imoen is a thief, and you'll need to have her pick some locks, and detect traps, because there are a few in this map area.

You'll see a few dead bodies in the hallway, follow it to a room with a huge alter in the middle- its creating Lightning Mephits, so you'll need to switch this thing OFF (See Map for switch location)

Continuing on, you'll enter another room, this is where you will meet up with a Genie named Aataqah who will ask you a riddle, the two answers you can give are either "Push the button" or "Don't push the button". Either way you will have to fight something afterward. If you answer "push the button" an Ogre Mage will spawn who is worth some good exp so choose that one. The other answer will just spawn some worthless Gibberlings.

Next, go to the next room down the hallway, where a Sewage Golem resides. tell him that you're his master, and he'll tell you that you need the activation stone to 'control' him, allowing him to open the doors to the central room. next, you'll see a room with two clay golems, you need to take these guys out, because later on, when you enter a private room (Near the Dryads greenery area, an alarm will sound, and they will come running to attack you, so kill'em now!

Next, enter the room to the North, and you'll see a tank, where a creature/thing named Rielev. He is a product of Irenicus' evil spell effects. Talk with him. He'll ask you to kill him, because he's suffering - do it. Take the
Energy cell and the Activation stone that is on the table, among other items.

Go back to the Sewage Golem and use the Activation Stone, and have him open up the four doors to the central room. - you'll get 3000XP for this. You can also use the Energy Cell to activate 4 of the Water tubes and speak to those creepy things. You don't have to, but they give you some idea of what this freak
Irenicus is!

Next stop is the Library (See map), you'll encounter some
gray Dwarves here, go directly for the magical user, and the battle will be won. Remember to pick up the Acorns here, then proceed to the next room where a guy named Cambion here, trapped in a magical sphere. use the machine in the middle of the room to turn the sphere off, and kill him for 6,000XP!

Now that you've cleared out the outer dungeon, its time to enter the central room, where an
Otyugh is awaiting you. These things are pretty easy to handle, send everyone up for the kill. Be warned, there are traps on a few chests here, have Imoen check for traps first before you go looting! <g>

Now head down the tight hallway and you'll enter an odd wilderness type room, where
3 Dryads are. They will tell you about the evil dude, and his name. They ask you to find some acorns so they can escape, You should have them already, so tell them you have them and you'll get 9,500XP for that! After you've talked to them, talk to them again, and ask for the Gene Flask. (After visiting the Genie. see below)

To the south is a room that is full of traps, again, have Imoen clear the way and loot this room. (If you didn't kill those 2 Clay golems, then they will be arriving in a minute to attack you since the alarm went off). In this room, you'll find an
Air Elemental Statue and more goodies. In the Master bedroom, you'll find the Portal key - this will allow you to use the Stargate.. um, er.. I mean Portal!

Using the Air Elemental Statue, enter the the door that was locked by the Library. You'll be in an odd place, where you will end up talking to a Genie. He requires his Genie Flask, so that he may be freed. (the 3 Dryads have it). Once you return, and give it to him, he will give you Sarevok's Sword of Chaos +2! and you'll gain a whopping 15,000XP for completing this quest.

Now that this Dungeon is cleared out, its time to head into the Portal (Stargate I say!), and on to the 2nd level!

Baldr0001.jpg (51493 bytes)

Irenicus Dungeon Level 2

NPCs in this Map:

Yoshimo (Human/Male - Bounty Hunter)

On the second level, allow Yoshimo to join your Party- He's a good thief/Bounty Hunter! Search the crates and head Northeast into a room. As told by Yoshimo, kill the four Elemental Portals to stop the Mephits coming through 5,000XP each. You'll now be treated to some dialogue as Jaheira finds Khalid's desecrated body, and you get to listen to her while a bit.. ugh!

Head through the two doors towards the west. A battle between a Clone and an Assassin will take place, with the clone winning then attacking you. Kill her for experience points. Through the East door, go across the bridge (Warning, there is a trap here, have Imoen Disarm it) and kill the Duergars.

With the Keys/Wands, "activate" each of the pillars along the western edge to get the wands. All the wands have one charge left. Loot the statue. Through the Western door you'll fight a Vampire and Shadow Thieves - not too tough and probably worth it.

In the Northeast there are two corridors. The North passage leads through a goblin-guarded Forge to a room containing four Duergars, minor treasures and the Girdle of Bluntness.

The lower one leads into a room with a division. On the other side of the division is Frennedan who asks for rescue. Check the chests for minor treasures and the key. Release him and he'll follow you.

Go down the Southeastern corridor from the 'Wand' Hallway. You'll come into an area where three Shadow Thieves challenge you. Kill them. At this point, Frennedan turns into a Greater Doppelganger, so kill him and get 3,000XP!

Follow the passage down and over the bridge. Simply continue along and leave Irenicus' Dungeon.

Baldr0002.jpg (81347 bytes)

Waukeen's Promenade
(Following is a Cut-Scene)
As you exit, you'll see Irenicus killing off lots of Thieves out in the open, then you'll fight Irenicus! Some Cowled Wizards will Appear and arrest Irenicus and Imoen for illegal use of magic. You'll have to get her back, but first things first, explore the area!

NPCs in this Map:
AERIE (Elf Female Cleric/Mage)

The only major thing here besides the Adventurers Mart is the circus tent. Talk to the guard outside and say you'll try to end the evil inside. Inside, answer the genie on the bridge's riddle as 3 19,500XP. Enter the tent. Talk to Aerie and agree to help her free herself.

Head West and talk to the Spider- don't attack it, the Spider is really an illusion of a Elf. Go over and kill the peasants (Monsters that look like Humans). One of them has the sword that will free Aerie. Give it to Aerie 18,500XP and let her join.

Before you enter the next area, REST. and memorize spells that Aerie has, then go through the door guarded by the pleasure slave. Inside, kill all the monsters and enter the door at the top of the staircase (the genie will reappear and give some information).

Inside this circular room, Kalah will try to kill you, but first he tries to kill Quayle while some monsters kill you. Use part members to disrupt Kalah's spellcasting, and deal with the monsters. Keeping Quayle alive & Killing Kalah will earn you 2,000XP!

Everything will be back to normal, and Aerie will stay with the group. Take Kalah's treasure and leave. Outside, talk to the guard again for a Reputation increase of +1.

Otherwise, the only obvious thing to do here is shop. There are some distractions though:

On the top floor of the Den of Seven Vales, there is a group of adventurers. Be a smart-ass to them and they'll attack you. A tough battle (the Dwarf has 200 HP!), but worth it!
Search the bodies and chests for some of the magic items from Baldurs Gate 1! 

Chapter One Concludes, and you're off to the Slums!

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