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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
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Chapter Four
Chapter 4 Written by Dan Simpson
Maps by Ironworks


The Town of Brynnlaw

AR1600.jpg (113494 bytes)

The Town of Brynnlaw
First thing we get to see what Irenicus has been up to all this time, testing various things on Imoen (and that also explains why Bodhi captured all those Shadow Thieves). Then you are taken across the sea to the town of Brynnlaw, which is a stone's throw away from the Asylum Spellhold.

If you followed the Shadow Thieves, then Sime will say that she doesn't trust Saemon, your captain. He does seem suspicious...

If you followed Bodhi, then Bodhi will have Saemon show you around town before vanishing into the night. Saemon tells you to seek the tavern, before ending his tour. He isn't very motivated.

Once off the Shadow Thieves ship, Saemon turns traitor and has some Vampires attack you, before vanishing himself. Fight off the three vampires and Sime will talk to you. She recommends talking to Sanik in the tavern to discover an entrance to Spellhold.

If you got off Bodhi's Ship, Saemon merely waits by his ship. He also recommends talking to Sanik in the tavern to gain entrance to Spellhold.

Head out to the Vulgar Monkey Tavern. It is up one level (seeing as the city is built on several terraced levels), about in the center of the map (x 2000 y 1550). You will find Sanik inside, he is dressed as a green mage. Talk with him. He begins telling you some stuff, but is quickly assassinated in the name of Guild mistress Galvena. The innkeeper will then talk with you. He provides some details on the situation, telling you that Sanik's bride likely knows a way into Spellhold, but that she would be currently held by Galvena. This would require getting into the Guild, one way or the other.

We can now enter the Guild (x 1080 y 1485) on the first level of town. However, talk to one of the Courtesan's just outside the guild and get them to take you inside (which may require that you buy their services for 100 gold). Once inside, tell the courtesan that you are there to rescue Claire and they should leave you alone.

Leave that room. You are in the main hallway, go leftwards. Kill the guards (one has a Halberd +2). Enter the room to the right of the guards (x 345 y 195), and search the wardrove in the back to find Galvena's Key.

Go back to the hall, and enter the last door.

Search the jail until you find Galvena. Tell her that her evil ways are over, then kill her. (4000 exp) She also has her mage, Vadek, with her (8000 exp) and they have some minor magical treasures.


AR1605.jpg (47562 bytes)


Talk to Claire and she'll agree to take you to see Golin who may know how to get into the Asylum. (10,000 exp) Golin thanks you and will even give you 22 gold (2000 exp). He mentions that only 2 types of people can enter Spellhold, Cowled Wizards and Magical Deviants. There is one crazy Cowled Wizard living in town, Perth the Adept who may have a way in. You can also have the Pirate Captain throw you in there if you prove to be unstable enough.

The best option is to go find Perth and take his wardstone. You will find Perth's house at the top of the city (x 3000 y 1200). Perth is apparently being Dominated by Irenicus as he wants to "test your limits." Interestingly, Yoshimo tells him that there will no testing with Yoshimo around, and Perth calls that inconsequential. Hmmm...

Perth - 20,000 experience
Wardstone for the Asylum
Book of Infinite Spells

We can now go to Spellhold (x 3500 y 2).

AR1601.jpg (60433 bytes)


Alternatively you can go seek the Aid of the Pirate King. Head up to the pirate king's house, and talk to his door guard (x 1115 y 665). Tell him that Golin sent you and he'll open the door to the house. You get 38,500 exp for convincing him that you are crazy. And there is no reason that you can't get Perth's experience then have the Pirate King commit you.

Trick: I didn't see a little trick I found when asking the pirate king to commit you to Spellhold the game auto saves after your party receives the XP award. So if you load the auto save after you get into Spellhold, you can talk to him again and receive the XP award again. You can do this as many times as you want.

Liberate Ginia the Courtesan

Ginia - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 3450 y 1700)
Chremy - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1820 y 1450)
Calahan - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 1590 y 1740)

At the top right of the city you will meet a woman named Ginia who was recently forced into prostitution. Instead, she tries begging instead and says that she has done the deed. Ask her what the trouble is. You see, Chremy holds her brother captive, and as long as he does, she is forced to gather money for him. Agree to help.

You will find Chremy to the left of her. Talk to him. He doesn't see reason (did you think that he would?), forcing you to kill him. Interestingly, he has Galvena's Medallion on him, which you could use to get into Galvena's Guildhall if you wanted. Now we have to smuggle Ginia out of town. Drop down another level and find Calahan, the Smuggler.

Talk to Calahan and ask him to get Ginia out of town. For 200 gold he will smuggle them out to Ulgoth's Beard for you. (2000 exp) Return to Ginia and tell her the good news (9000 exp).

QUEST: Ason the Little Thief

Ason - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x 560 y 1170)

In the western part of the city, a young boy will approach you and swipe 10 gold off of you. He mentions that if he doesn't steal from you then someone will hit him. This is related to the above quest about Ginia (Ason is her brother).

OTHER: Pirates

This town is crawling in Pirates. Some will attack you, others will attack each other. None of them have any good treasures.

OTHER: Priestess of Umberlee
Temple of Umberlee - Brynnlaw (AR 1600, x y )

Within Brynnlaw there is a temple to the goddess Umberlee. Makes sense as Umberlee rules the waves. Anyway, you can buy several interesting objects from her, like a Girdle of Bluntness, but you can also kill her for no loss of reputation and 14,000 exp.


AR1500.jpg (133262 bytes)

As there are two ways into Spellhold, there are two places you can end up. If you simply walked to the Asylum using Perth's Wardstone, you must enter the Asylum on your own. In that case you enter through the front doors. (x 625 y 1050)

If you asked the Pirate King to have you committed you will find yourself already inside one of the cell's in the Asylum. However, you won't stay there long, as soon enough Irenicus teleports in. You can talk to each of the inmates several times, and some give you items (gems and worthless scrolls).

If Yoshimo is in your party, he turns traitor. Turns out that he was working for Irenicus the entire time. Not that he was actually doing anything to hamper your efforts, but still. Whether he was in your party or not, the results are the same.

You are drugged and put to sleep, when you awaken you are in the tube...

Remember the three dreams that you had in chapters 2 and 3? Well now is the time for the (near) Final Dream, and this time you are given control. After listening to Imoen we're on our way. First thing first, go through the gate to enter the castle (this is the Dream Candlekeep, and if you didn't play the first Baldur's Gate, Candlekeep is where that game started).

You will find a Demon barring your way. He wants you to make a sacrifice to enter. What will you sacrifice?

Your mind -1 INT
Your Health -1 CON
Your agility -1 DEX
Your wits -1 WIS

Give up whatever you can afford to give up (fighters should drop Wisdom or Intelligence, mages Constitution, etc. Try not to give up Dexterity whatever class you are). You lose whatever you chose to lose, and can then enter the castle (x 2000 y 1500). Go to the back of this room to find the dream Imoen. She tells you to "lead the beast here." Sounds easy enough. Leave the castle.

Go left to find Bhaal (about x 1000 y 1800). Talk to him and get him to chase you. Now return to the castle, go in and go to Imoen. Don't worry Bhaal will follow you. Imoen then says she will make it vulnerable. Attack. Once defeated Bhaal gets irritated.

SPOILER: The Imoen in your dream is actually your own soul taken form to help you out. This is why the dream ends with "Imoen" screaming... your soul has just been sucked out of you.

Maze Beneath Spellhold (AR 1512)
Bodhi was given the task of killing you, and instead she dumped you in a maze to play with you some more. She says that she will give you time to escape and stop Irenicus from his evil plans...

Also you can pick up Imoen again (and you really should, she IS your sister). I assume that Yoshimo turned traitor to make room for Imoen to return to your party.

Due to the nature of this maze, all the optional items (the riddles and the portal) have been integrated into the walkthrough. This is just for convenience sake.

Ok, we are in a big evil maze, and need to find the way out. Don't be afraid to rest. Sure, Bodhi said you are on a clock but she is an evil vampire who can't be trusted. Go down the southwest passage, kill whatever is there (for me it was Umber Hulks and Minotaurs) to find the big statue head (x 750 y 2100). He asks you to find the Builder's Hand. Also you can search a pot near him for some spells. Back to the beginning.

There are now three directions we can travel: Northeast, Northwest and Southeast. (we've been southwest) Go up the northeast passage first, (x 2170 y 1200). There is a door dead ahead, open it. Kill the Clay Golem within. Then you can search for treasure (trapped!):

Bag of Holding (container that holds a lot) Opal Stone (keep this, and don't put it in a container) Rogue Stone (useful if you want to go in that one Bridge door) Spells - Prismatic Spray (Mage) Arrows (etc.)

Go back to the start, then go up the northwest passage (x 1300 y 1210) and open the door to the right (x 1350 y 960). Kill whatever is in here (Gibberlings). Search the 2 containers in here:

Ruby Stone (don't put this in the gem bag, but keep it)
Spear +3 Magical Arrows (etc.)

Head west to the next room (x 760 y 1075) and go in. Welcome to the riddle room! In the center is a chest full of bizarre riddle objects. These objects are then placed in the arms of the statue that they solve the riddle for. Starting from just left of the door and going around, the riddles are:

Riddle: Answering Object:

At night I come without being fetched, at Star Medallion day I am gone without being stolen.

No beginning. No end. I am a symbol of the Golden Circlet world's cycles.

Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear, Worn Out Boots all day we are bitterly pressed; Yet this I will say - we are full all the day, and empty when we go to rest.

Here, in this place, you swallow me. Yet, were I Jar of Water more, I could swallow you.

I have seen the mountains rise. I have seen the  fall of Netheril. You shall die but still shall I march on: Sundial

To those within the dungeon I am joy. To those 
fully beneath my gaze, I can be Hell: Sun Medallion

I will save your life but yet can you die by me. I 
will settle disputes yet not with words: Sword Medallion

Name me and so shall you break me. Gagged Man

Always do I tell the truth, yet cannot speak. Look to me and see what really is: Mirror

I have two heads but one body. The more I stand  still, the faster I run: Hourglass

Try to defeat me but try in vain. When I win I end your pain: Grinning Skull

Complete all the riddles to get 20,000 experience. Then search the center chest again to find:

Sapphire Stone (don't put in gem bag, but do keep it)
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone Open the next door (x 875 y 915), and then open the next door to the right (x 1033 y 700). This is the second riddle room. Go up and click
each of the faces twice to be teleported into the center. There you will be asked a riddle. Get it right and you are rewarded, get it wrong and you are punished. There are 12 faces and 12 corresponding riddles:


Lighter than what I am made of, more of me is Ice hidden than is seen, I am the bane of the mariner, a tooth within the sea. Speak my name.

A spirited jig it dances bright, banishing all Fire but darkest night. Give it food and it will live; give it water and it will die.

The man who invented it, doesn't want it for himself. A Coffin The man who bought it, doesn't need it for himself. The man who needs it, doesn't know it when he needs it.

The life I lead is mere hours or less, I serve all my A Candle time by being consumed. I am quickest when thin, slowest when fat, and wind is the bane of the gift that I bring.

The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint Darkness all you wish when surrounded by me.

They come to witness the night without being called, Stars a sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to sight each day without the hand of a thief.

They follow and lead, but only as you pass. Dress Shadows yourself in darkest black, and they are darker still. Always they flee the light, though without the sun there would be none.

I have holes throughout, from back to front and top A Sponge to bottom to core. More nothing than something within, and yet I still hold water.

I am free for the taking through all of your life, Breath though given but once at birth. I am less than nothing in weight, but will fell the strongest of you if held. 

Alive as you but without breath, as cold in my life as Fish in my death; never a thirst though I always drink, dressed in a mail but never a clink.

Of all your possessions, I am the hardest to guard. If A Secret you have me, you will want to share me. If you share me, you no longer have me.

I can have no color, though there may be darkness A Hole within. I have no weight and hold nothing, and if placed in a container it becomes all the lighter.

When all 12 riddles are answered, then everyone gets 5000 experience points and you receive:

Ring of Regeneration (regenerate 1 HP every 6 seconds)

Go back to the previous passage, and open the other door (x 750 y 800). Fight the monsters in here (Rakshasa and Mephits). Past them is a big portal. Remember those gems that we gathered that I told you not to put in your gem bag? (Opal Stone, Sapphire Stone and Ruby Stone) They are the key to this portal. Click the portal once and a Greater Wolfwere appears, twice and a Demon appears, three times and a Djinni appears and gives you: Doomplate +3 (Plate Mail AC 0)

We are done here, so go back to the start, then take the southeast passage to the next level (x 2100 y 1800).

We start in a room. That is ordinary enough. Just ahead, the room narrows quite suspiciously. When someone goes through that narrow, a gate shuts and lots of Umber Hulks appear in this room and the next. Which means that your party will probably be split in two for this battle. To avoid this fate, I sent out a Wizard Eye to scout out the area, it triggered the gate and left my entire party on one side. You can also have a thief pick the lock on the gate to open it.

Prepare yourself for a big battle with a Lich. Wander down the passage to the first door (x 2100 y 1800) and go in it. Here you will find the aforementioned Lich and his undead buddies (Greater Mummies and Skeletal Warriors). With Protective Spells active, you shouldn't lose any people (or if you do, you shouldn't lose too many). Keep the Liches defenses down by Breaching, Piercing Magic, etc. Also make sure you have good undead fighting weapons equipped (Daystar, Mace of Disruption, etc.)

Liches are worth 22,000 experience. After the battle you can search the pots here for some minor treasures (Cleric's Staff +3, etc.).

Enter the room right here, and search it for treasure. (spells and gold mostly, as well as some arrows)

Head further down the passage, it turns to the west. Follow it to the door (x 1050 y 2070). Open it to find Dace, a vampire. This ends in a battle. Kill him and he retreats to his coffin. Then you stake him to get his Hand (the object we need to escape this place). If you don't have stakes, then when you go by the library again, he reappears inside and tells you that your job is half finished. You can find a Stake later on in this level when you get to the Kobold Shamans.

Back to the main passage, then continue north to the next room. (x 3000 y 1100) I found a Wandering Horror here to fight. There are also 3 containers in here with spells (Simulacrum, etc.) and other minor treasures. Open the next door.

In the middle of this room (x 2340 y 515) you will find a book on a pedestal. Click it twice to turn the page. Each time you do this it summons forth a "bloodthirsty" monster:

Kobold Captain
Sword Spider
Umber Hulk
Mind Flayer

Treasures: Ring of Free Action
Spells - Simulacrum
Summon Fiend

Search the wall (x 2030 y 520) for a secret door, open it and go through. This is the Kobold/Imp room. Past this is the Crystal Room, which also has the Kobold Witch Doctor. More Kobolds will appear around the Crystal, and summon forth its "defenders" (more kobolds... and one xvart looking guy). When they are dead, you get a Piece of the Crystal.

Go back to the book room, open the door and go up the stairs.

Go now to the southwest passage again to the big giant statue head. Talk to it with both the Crystal from the Kobolds and the Hand from Dace to get it to open the passage. For this everyone gets 29,500 experience. The head doesn't physically move, however you can now enter the door behind it. (x 470 y 1890)

AR1514.jpg (61797 bytes)

There are two doors to the right, we want to take the bottom one (x 630 y 820). Open the secret door to the right (x 820 y 1020). Inside is a switch, click twice to open the secret door to the left (x 560 y 1020). Within here are a group of trolls (including one 12,000 exp troll). Search the nearby pot to find:

2 Mithril Tokens (used later to gain an item)
Spell - Breach Arrows +2

Back to the passage, and take it down to the next door
(x 650 y 1500). There are Minotaurs (3000 exp) in here. Near the door we came in is a pot:

2 Mithril Tokens (so we have 4 total now)
Spell - Sunfire
Bolts +2

Open the door at the top of the room (x 1000 y 1450) and go in. Search the pool in the center of the room to find:

Minotaurs Horn (used much later)
2 Mithril Tokens (6 total)
Mind Flayer Painting

There are 3 statues in this room, each of which has another "monster" painting. So click on each statue twice to get their painting. They WILL shoot spells at you, no matter what you do. Once you have the 4 paintings, head back to the beginning room. Then open the top door (x 900 y 650), go through the passage and open that door too.

This leads to a room full of monsters (for me it was Yuan-ti) that must be dispatched before anything can be done. There are then four doors in here, each with a picture of a monster on it that corresponds with one of the paintings we got. From left to right:

Mind Flayer - 11,000 experience
Flame of the North (2Hnd +2, 10% magic res., +4 vs Evil) Spirit Troll - 8000 experience Katana +2: Malakar (+2 AC vs. Slashing weapons) Umber Hulk - 10,000 experience Djinni - 10,000 experience Bloodstone Amulet

The Umber Hulk door leads to the next passage to go in. There were a number of Wolfwere's in this passage. Go up and search the pot (x 2280 y 185):

Arrows (Bolts and Bullets)
Spell - Phantom Blade

Then enter the room to the right. In this room you will find 3 Clay Golems guarding the one treasure chest there. Funky. When you take the items from the chest, the door slams shut and the Clay Golems attack. Make sure you have Blunt weapons. Then I would kill the Clay Golems first (Fake Talk works fine) and then unlock and take the treasures:

4 Mithril Tokens (10 total)
Gesen Bow String (final part of the powerful Gesen Bow)

Back into the passage, now take the southern door (x 2025 y 515). I found a Stone Golem in here. Search the table:

3 Mithril Tokens (13 total) Gold Lots and lots of throwing darts and axes And also search the pot to the left:

2 Mithril Tokens (15 total)
Throwing Items
Spell - Maze

Open the next door to the south to find the Vending Machine. This is the reason we are collecting Mithril Tokens. Depending on how many tokens are put in, you get a treasure:

5 Tokens - Boots of the North (50% cold resistance)
10 Tokens - Boots of Grounding (50% electrical resistance) 15 Tokens - Boots of Speed (Haste permanently on user) 20 Tokens - Jester's Chain +4 (AC 1)

Right now you should have 15 tokens. There are more than can be found throughout the level. I found the Jester's Chain to be quite useless, so I would get the Boots of Speed. Then later come back and spend whatever tokens you have on the Boots of the North. (If you plan to come back, you should probably mark it on your map)

Go back to the beginning, then back down the bottom passage to the Minotaur room. (x 933 y 1667) Open the door on the southeast wall. This passage leads to another door, which opens up to the Orb Room. There are 4 orbs in here that will cast a spell on whoever is standing on the mosaic in the center of the room. From left to right the Orbs cast:

Slow (x 1400 y 1575)
Heal (x 1500 y 1500)
Haste (x 1750 y 1525)
Lightning Bolt (x 1850 y 1600)

A great place to Heal people, but the Haste Orb is probably more useful. Head up the next passage.

Within the next room is a giant Minotaur statue, some vampires, and, oh, Bodhi. She has decided to kill you once and for all, well before you were supposed to meet (at least that is what I got out of that conversation). A battle breaks out, but quickly, the main character changes into the Slayer. This rightly freaks Bodhi out and she flees taking her vampire cronies with her.

Which leaves you as the Slayer, and you aren't entirely in control of your power. Keep everyone else in the party away from the Slayer else they might get killed by it. Your party members will rightly comment on this when you revert to normal. The Slayer is the Avatar form (mortal form) of Bhaal and if you are turning into Bhaal...

The next time you rest after this, you turn in the Slayer again, and chase someone in your party around (possibly the person you are in a romance with). You may even end out killing them.

The next time you sleep after that, you MAY get the Slayer Dream, where you gain the ability to change into the Slayer. The cost of turning into the Slayer is a reputation loss of 2 points. Also you cannot stay the Slayer for too long else you will die. (It says "you feel yourself losing control" when it gets close)

Open the door to your left (x 1965 y 1150). There will probably be a Minotaur here to kill. Then search the pool near the door:

4 Mithril Tokens (19 total)
Spell - Chain Lightning

If you go further up this passage you will find a Gauth (small green Beholder like creature, worth 9000 exp) and more Minotaurs. No treasure. Back to the Statue room.

Now take the lower right passage. (x 2330 y 1425) This leads to a small room with yet more Minotaurs. When they are dead, search the pot to find:

Minotaur Horn (used on the statue)
2 Mithril Tokens (21 total)
Spell - Limited Wish

You now have all the Mithril Tokens in the game, so you can go back to the Vending Machine and get whatever you want from it.

Put the Horns on the Minotaur Statue (everyone gets 29,500 experience) to open the exit. Go out.

Oh, but we aren't free yet! You will be in a small circular room with 6 enemies, goblins and hobgoblins for you to kill. Once they are dead, the Tester Apparition appears to administer the test to you. These tests have right and wrong answers, a right answer makes your life
easier (sends you to an easier area) and a wrong answer makes your life a little harder. I will document only the easy path (although the hard path has nothing special in it):

Agree to take the test and you will be teleported to a small room with a Spore Colony. Kill it.

Answer the next question with 'Splinter,' and be teleported to a room with a table:

Cloak of Reflection (reflects electrical damage back to source) Then talk to the Apparitions around the table and answer their riddles:

Rich have need of it, poor have it: Nothing Runs as it wills: A River Dwell with weak, rarely brave: Fear Shines laughter or tears: Memory

Note: If you messed up the 'table riddlers' last question (memory) you will be teleported to a room with a machine. The correct order of the machine is:

1. Mithril 2. Ruby 3. Emerald 4. Sandalwood 5. Jade 6. Onyx

This will get you a Bracers AC 5. (from Redd Barren)

This takes us to the Troll room. Kill the three trolls you find and take from one of them a Head. Go up and the Apparition will appear and mention that this room isn't part of the test. Tell him you'd like to stay. Then put the Head in the Troll Altar. This gets you the:

Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead

Talk to the Apparition to get out.

You will then be judged. If you took the Easy Path (the one I just described) then everyone in your party gets 51,250 experience points. If you took a harder path, then he teleports in a Mind Flayer for you to fight. (Everyone then gets 41,250 experience on the harder path)

There is one thing of Minor Treasure (x 970 y 380), but nothing important. Leave this area.

Escape from Spellhold
Once you return to the Asylum, you will be met by Saemon (the captain who brought you to Brynnlaw, if you forgot). He offers you one sage bit of advice, get the deviant mages to help you defeat Irenicus.

Avoid the big room in the middle of this area for the moment, if you go in there you WILL be destroyed by Irenicus (it's not even a fight! He just kills you!). There are some minor treasures in a northern room (x 1720 y 550). Open the door at (x 1400 y 400) and go up the stairs.

You will immediately meet up with Lonk the Sane. Convince him to free the inmates (one way or another). Then convince the Inmates that Irenicus should be killed and they will teleport you into his room downstairs. Quickly a fight between you and him breaks out. This battle is one of the larger battles in the game, as not only do you have Irenicus to face, but soon he summons forth a small army (of clones that look like your party) to help him. Plus you have allies in the Deviants (so, if it says "Wanev casts Death Spell on Mazzy", it means that he is casting that on your evil clone). Defeat Irenicus and everyone in your party gets 68,500 experience.

Irenicus flees, leaving you to face another group of "murderers". (thieves mostly)

If Yoshimo betrayed you, then he enters the scene after this and will attack you. Kill him and take his heart. This heart will allow you to undo the Geas on Yoshimo and give him peace in death.

Go back upstairs. Follow the passage up and left to find Saemon again. He says that he wants to help you and that he knows a way out. You have three options here: one, trust him and go with him; two, kill him; and three don't kill him and enter the portal downstairs. Do the first one, trust him and he will teleport you outside. He goes to town and tells you to follow. Don't, re-enter the Asylum.

Note: If you take the Portal you will skip the Sahuagin City (and its wonderful treasures). No matter which you choose, you will end out in the Underdark eventually.

Enter Irenicus' Office (x 1550 y 1000). There was a Stone Golem here. Search the dresser for: Staff of Thunder and Lightning

Search the desk for: The Complete Journal of Jon Irenicus (parts 1 and 2)

Go into the next room. Search the cabinet on the wall: Horn of Silence

Then search the drawers south of the bed for: Rogue Stone

Jon's Key (if you took the portal in the basement, this would open the secret door, but don't do that)
- Leave the Asylum and head back to Brynnlaw.

Escape From Brynnlaw
Go to the Vulgar Monkey Tavern and talk to Saemon again. His ship was destroyed by the pirate lord (who probably had good reasons for doing that). What he needs is for you to steal the Pirate Horn for him so that you can steal one of the Pirate Lord's ships. Without the horn you will not make it out of the harbor. He offers you the Vorpal Blade in exchange for doing this. You will find the Horn on the lord's mistress
Cayia at night.

Go to Cayia's house (x 615 y 1475) at night, enter. After listening to Cayia and her current lover's pillow talk, they call the guards and flee. Kill the pirates, then search her Table to find the Pirate Horn (and another Rogue Stone). Leave her house.

Head over to the Pirate Ship (x 1700 y 1900) where a group of pirates will attempt to enslave you as a rower. Disabuse them of that notion. Continue east to find Saemon (x 2950 y 2500), and talk to him. This gets you aboard the ship, but soon the Pirate Lord tracks you down. There is a bit of a scene, and Deshark, the Pirate Lord, even kills his own mistress, Cayia. Saemon, ever courageous asks you to kill Deshark for him. 

Kill the pirates and Saemon rewards you with a
Silver Blade (part of the Vorpal Sword!)

The ship casts off...

AR1607.jpg (118454 bytes)

The Githyanki Incursion
Soon the ship is overrun by Giths looking for their sacred Blade. Although Saemon tries to get a non-violent solution to this, it isn't meant to be and a battle soon breaks out. You have a very brief window to kill Saemon, if you want (18,000 experience). Soon this battle is forced to a conclusion when the Sahuagin capsize the ship sending everyone overboard...

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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
Ironworks NWN PW Mod online, called "Escape from Undermountain".
Online since 2002!

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