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Hint's and Spoilers

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Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
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Chapter 5 Written by Dan Simpson 

Sahuagin City

Chapter 5 begins when you are taken in front of the Sahuagin Priestess. At first you cannot understand what they are saying, but soon they cast a spell that allows you to hear them. They don't seem hostile (for once). They tell you that your coming was prophesized (they usually eat surfacers that they capture). Their city will be destroyed lest you save them.

Go willingly for the moment, as you are best served by listening.


You are brought before their King, who soon enough asks you whether you are the surfacers of prophecy. It doesn't matter what you say as they think the same thing of you in any case. Accept their challenge to fight one of their slaves.

You are set to fight an Ettin, nothing that challenging. Kill it (5000 experience) to prove that you are indeed the prophesized one. The losing priestess is sacrificed, and you are told about the Sahuagin Rebels. The King wishes the Rebels to be exterminated, while the priestess who sponsored you wishes them to be negotiated with. Agree to the King's demands to bring back the heart of the Rebel Prince to him. The Priestess wishes to speak with you before you leave to go do the deed.

Head over to the temple (x 1335 y 225) and you can watch the losing priestess get sacrificed. Then she gives you a couple of jobs to do, first retrieve a Tooth from a Drow temple. This will allow you to leave the city later, and second to try to get the Rebels back in power within the city. In other words, to do the opposite of what the King asked you to do. Agree to do that as well and she gives you an orb that the Prince will recognize. Now you have a choice of which plots to do, kill the Prince or kill the King.

Head down then right (x 1350 y 1900). You will be warned of Drow in the area. Continue right, then down (careful to look for traps). You will bump into some spiders. Continue south and take out the Bone Golem (x 940 y 3470).

Go left (careful to look for traps), then up. Several Imps here have a game they want you to play in order to get the Drow treasure. They will create images of 5 famous people of the realms in front of 5 chests. Each person has a treasure. What you need to do is gather these treasures, then put them in the chest behind the person they belong to. Oh, and this entire platform needs to be deTRAPPED.

Needs: Has: Alustriel - Pendant Elminster's Pipe Drizzt - Scimitar Piergeiron's Helmet Elminster - Pipe Drizzt's Scimitar Khelben - Staff Alustriel's Pendant Piergeiron - Helmet Khelben's Staff

Once all the items are in their proper place, the Imps open the final chest. For this everyone in your party gets 18,500 experience. Within the chest you will find: Boots of Etherealness Cloak of Protection +2

Continue up the passage until a Beholder named Spectator appears. Talk to him. He doesn't have a great existence as he was set to guard the treasure chest behind him for 99 years. If you try to take the items in the chest, he will attack you. But, you need the item. So, ask him if there's no way that you could see the item. With a bit of verbal wrangling (either you must have Cernd, Haer'Dalis, or Edwin in your party or have at least 13 Wisdom yourself) he agrees to let you check inside the chest. Open it and grab the tooth. Spectator seems disappointed in it, and leaves. (15,000 exp)

Note: Or you can have anyone with at least 13 Wisdom talk to the Spectator.

Head all the way north (x 2680 y 50). Then go right until you reach the stairs (x 4600 y 1200). Don't worry about killing the rebels on the way there, they're insignificant. Go down the stairs. Go through this ambush to the doors (x 3700 y 2340).

Here you find the Sahuagin Chieftang who will take you to see the Rebel Prince (if you have the Priestess' Orb, that is).

Now you have to make a choice which side to go with. On the one hand you can go with the Prince's schemes, accept the Fake Heart and give that to the King. (if you want to do it the other way, see below) If you have a Monk, I would recommend siding with the King.

Take the Heart over to the King and give it to him. He does fall for it and would reward you. Then the Prince and his goons attack the city and you are forced into combat with the king. Kill the king to get his items:

The Impaler Spear +3, +10 piercing damage Key to Treasury (etc.)

The Prince then enters and takes control of the city. He then rewards you for your efforts: 60,500 experience for each person Magical Rope

Go over and open the treasury (x460 y670) to loot the contents:
Rod of Lordly Might Magical Rope Spell - Protection from the Elements.

Of course, now you can also double cross the prince and kill him. That way you can still get the Wave Blade (you could probably also pickpocket it off him, but Imoen has a horrible Pickpocket rating, so if you have her, you probably can't do that).

Or, you can assault the rebel prince and take his real heart. He also has some treasure on him:

Wave Blade (part of the Wave Halberd) The Impaler Spear +3, +10 piercing damage

Return to the King with the Heart and he will take you to the entrance to the Underdark. He also gives you a fairly generous reward:

Gauntlets of Crushing (+4 to THAC0, DMG, for unarmed combat) Rod of Lordly Might (can change into different weapons) Magical Rope 2000 gold 58,500 experience for each character

In case you are wondering, you get nothing for turning in the Priestess. Also, the King vanishes so you can neither talk to him again nor double cross him and kill him.

Once you are done here, you will be shown to the exit. Simply go down.

The Cloak of Mirroring
Fish Head - Sahuagin City (AR 2300, x 2350 y 1140)

There are many rebels throughout the city, and one of them has the fabled Cloak of Mirroring on his person. Head to the giant Fish Head, and stand in the center. You will then be ambushed by several Sahuagin, one of which has the cloak. The cloak reflects spells back to their source.

Sea Zombie Lord
Zombie Lord - Sahuagin City (AR 2300, x 2630 y 3120)

One of the stranger sights to see in the city is a bloody pit filled with zombies and the Zombie Lord. (6000 exp) Not worth much in terms of experience OR treasure, but it is interesting.

If you took the portal from Irenicus' basement, you will come straight here. The other way here is from the Sahuagin City.

You get to watch as Irenicus has sided with the Drow to defeat the surface elves. An ... interesting alliance to say the least.

Walk east and a little south (x 1600 y 3700) to find a group of Duergar. These are traders, and they have seen Irenicus and Bodhi hanging around the Drow city, but believe that you wouldn't be able to simply walk into the city (and believe me, you can't). One of them thinks he has a better way. Then you get to shop if you want. (You can also do the Imprisoned Mage quest while here)

Head north, through the Drow, then west, through the Mycontids and north to get to the Svirfneblin city. (x 630 y 1135) The Deep Gnomes want you to talk to their leader, and say you "could be useful." Enter the city, go around the passage, south, then west. There are two rooms here, and the leader is in the right room. Go in and talk to him.

He wants you to deal with an otherworldly creature that they accidentally dug up, and in exchange he agrees to help you get into the Drow city to hunt Irenicus. Within a deep dark cave is a creature called Adalon, who can help you enter the city. However, you can't get in her cave without getting a gem from the gnomes. (Svirfneblin is another name for "Deep Gnome") Agree to help them with their demon problem for the gem. (Of course, if you were Evil, you could just kill him and take the gem... IF you were evil)

He tells you that the demon can be found in the new passage to the northeast. You will find the passage at (x 3600 y 600). Talk to the guard there to open the door. When you are ready, click on the pit and the Balor will appear. He requires about a +3 weapon to hit. (But if you followed this walkthrough, you should have several +3 or better weapons by this point) Kill him to get 26,000 experience. But we aren't done yet! Oh no. Put that scroll (that the gnome gave you) in someone's Quick Item slot, and use it. That seals up the hole.

Head back to the leader Gnome to get your reward:
Mace +3, Skullcrusher (extra damage to Humanoids), Light Gem 25,000 experience for each character.

Leave the city, then head eastwards. You may have to fight through the Kuo-toa's, but possibly not. Then you go north to get to the bridge (x 3950 y 1890). When you cross this bridge, a Drow war party ambushes you. Make sure that everyone who can, is wearing some of the spiffy Drow armor. (Spiffy)

This path then splits into two groups, take the left path. (x 4100 y 1200) Enter the cave.

This is the lair of the Silver Dragon Adalon. (If you are evil, and need Silver Dragon's Blood to make the "Human Leather Armor"... WAIT and do it later!) Go down and talk to her. She wants your help (of course). Her eggs were stolen by the Drow to keep her from interfering with them as they invaded the surface for Irenicus. In exchange for this she will help you get out of the Underdark to chase Irenicus at your leisure. To assist with that goal, she casts a powerful illusion on your party making them all appear to be Drow.

Leave the cave, go down then take the other passage up to the Drow Gates. The gates will automatically open and a Drow guard confronts you. Be confidant and tell them that you are "Veldrin from Ched Nassad". You are told to be in the Males Fighters Society within three days.

Enter Ust Natha.
Mind Flayers - Underdark (AR 2100, x 200 y 2650)

Just north of where you first enter the area you will find some Mind Flayers. These three goons make for good practice at fighting them, which you might need if you want to take on the Illithid city. (9000 exp each)

First Drow Battle
Drow - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1735 y 2170)

The first real battle against the Drow occurs just north of the point where you free Vithal (see the next quest below). Drow fight well with magic, summoning creatures to help them defeat you and casting spells fairly intelligently. The most notable thing about them is their Drow Armor, which you should definitely take. Drow Full Plate +5 is the best armor in the game. It will dissolve when taken to the surface, but that will still give you a lot of good use with it.

The Imprisoned Mage
Uder Mordin - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1770 y 3800) Mage - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1930 y 2090) Svirfneblin - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1633 y 750) Vithal (later) - Underdark (AR 2100, x 2375 y 3320)

Talking with the last Duergar, Uder Mordin, he brings up the story of a mage who was imprisoned in the earth after a battle. Seems this fellow was looking for some artifact of importance. Talk to the seller Duergar and buy a Freedom Scroll. Don't scribe this to your spellbook, simply cast the spell, then move north to find the mage. (10,000 experience)

Talk with Vithal to learn that he was searching for a great treasure of some sort. He asks for your help in completing his work. Agree. He wants you to fetch his Book of Rituals from the Svirfneblin. The Svirfneblin city can be found at the top left of the area. You will find the book on the Innkeeper in the left room of their city. You can buy it off him for 300 gold.

You will find Vithal standing just northeast of the Duergar position near one of the three portals in the area. Talk to him and give him the book of rituals. Agree to help him out. Then a Greater Earth Elemental (10,000 experience) appears. Keep it from killing Vithal. Then Vithal enters the portal. Wait a moment, then he reappears and tells you to come to the Fire Gate, which is just above this gate. Talk to him again. A Greater Fire Elemental (10,000 experience) appears. Same thing happens with Vithal entering the portal. Then you go leftwards to the Air gate.

Talk to Vithal again and the same thing happens with a Greater Air Elemental this time. (11,000 experience)

When Vithal returns (everyone gets 20,000 experience) he offers you some treasure:

Rod of Absorption

If you complain, he will give you a couple of spells (Simulacrum and Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting). If you complain further he will attack you.

Vithal - 20,000 experience Skull of Death (Helm, casts Death Spell) Spells - Wail of the Banshee Incendiary Cloud Time Stop Infravision

QUEST: The Giant Soul Gem

Gem - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1940 y 1860) Dagglefodd - Underdark (AR 2100, x 1770 y 610)

Just left of center in this area is a giant soul gem. This gem has 6 facets, when each facet is manipulated a new monster is freed. These will then fight you. From left to right:

Facet 1 (x 1845 y 1862) - Madman Aganalo - 6000 experience Jhor the Bleeder (Bastard Sw +2) Facet 2 (x 1872 y 1901) - Raevilin Strathi - 974 experience Spells (summoning) Facet 3 (x 1920 y 1920) - Riti - 8000 experience Spear +3, Backbiter (Cursed) Spells - Improved Haste Facet 4 (x 1980 y 1920) - Alchra Diagott (Lich) - 22,000 exp Spells - Summon Nibshruu Delayed Blast Fireball Spell Turning Facet 5 (x 2025 y 1885) - Bedlen Dagglefodd (don't attack him) Facet 6 (x 2035 y 1850) - Gont of Riatavin - 7000 experience (if you let him go, you get nothing but advice)

Then talk to the elder Dagglefodd up in the Svirfneblin city to get an extra reward: Bracers AC 4 10,000 experience

He will also sell you items from then on (not that he has anything that good).

When you enter the city you get to watch a little display between a Drow and his slave. He kills the slave, and is in turn killed by his mother. This just emphasizes that Drow are evil. Really evil.

Do NOT reveal yourselves as "non-Drow" or the entire city becomes hostile. Worse than that, they might seal you in.

We are here to do one thing and one thing only, get the Silver Dragon eggs to give to Adalon. In order to do that we need to keep our ears to the ground and search for information. Also we need to ally ourselves with a Family. Once we are allied then the quests become available (for instance, you can't "Free the Humans" until you have become allied).

Head over to the Male Fighter's Society (x 3535 y 1650). Here you will meet up with Solaufein. He asks for your name, tell him that it doesn't matter what your name is and he will be amused and like you more for it. He tells you that you are going to be working for the Matron Mothers, and to meet up with her handmaiden on a platform near the entrance. From this point you have three days to get to that platform and meet with the Handmaiden.

On your way back to the entrance, you will see a meeting between some Mind Flayers (Ambassadors, no less) and Drow. This isn't particularly important, but it is interesting. Go to the platform. (x 1550 y 3300) Talk to Solaufein again. He explains that some "devourers" have taken a priestess hostage. He asks if you know what those are:

INT 15+ - You can say "Illithid" and Solaufein likes you more INT 9 to 14 - You can say "Mind Flayers" and nothing happens INT 8 or less - You say "Otyugh" and Solaufein likes you less "I don't know" - nothing happens

You are to rescue that Drow from the Illithid before they take her to their city. You have three days.

So, exit the city, and head south. I encountered an adventuring group, that naturally assumed that I was evil. (x 3300 y 2225) One of these goons has:

Dragons Breath, Halberd +4 (+1 ice, fire, elec., poison & acid dmg)

Continue south, then cross the bridge to find Solaufein (x 4715 y 3100). He asks if you have any questions. If you apologize to him, he will like you more. After which he tells you to get ready for battle. Cast all your protective spells (Protection from Evil is very useful) and get ready for combat with some Mind Flayers. You must fight 3 Mind Flayers as well as 2 Umber Hulks. I would take out the Flayers first, one at a time, then the Hulks. After the battle, Phaere (whom you just rescued) sort of thanks you. (20,000 experience) Nothing you say to Phaere matters. They both go back to the city. You have three days to go back and talk with Solaufein again.

Enter the tavern and find Phaere and Solaufein. Phaere automatically talks to you and asks you to join forces with her house. Respond to this in the affirmative (say "yes")... you can also intimate that you would rather have her as a reward (if you know what I mean), but that has some bad consequences if you are currently in a romance with someone else. She wants you to meet her at the same platform as before... but not right now. For now she wants you to enjoy yourself in the Tavern. (see the Quests below if you need something to do) When she leaves the Tavern you have 3 days to get to the Platform.

Get to the Platform and talk with Phaere. She tells you that a Beholder is in the city smuggling Adamantine. She wants you to go over there and kill it. Solaufein and her will scout it out ahead of time. You will find Phaere again in the Southeast part of the city (x 4200 y 3340). Talk with her to get the battle rolling.

Kill the Beholder (14,000 exp) and Solaufein seems happy about things. Phaere mentions that the body is going to be collected for... other uses (20,000 exp). Phaere tells you to visit her in the tavern within 3 days.

Phaere wants you and Solaufein to attack a Deep Gnome patrol to keep them properly fearful of the Drow. Solaufein naturally hates being sent on such stupid missions, especially given how weak the Gnomes are. You will meet up with Solaufein west of Ust Natha near the gnomish city. (x 890 y 2225)

Talk to Solaufein. If Solaufein likes you, you can convince him to let you handle this on your own. At that point he goes back to the city. (of course, if you have been cheesing him off, then he won't leave) The Gnome Patrol arrives, tell them that you were sent to kill them, and that you won't. Then ask for their helmets as a sign that the deed was done. Head back to the tavern.

Phaere is pleased that you brought her the helmet, and asks that you meet her in her chambers at the Female Fighters guild within ONE HOUR. (everyone gets 28,000 experience) Head over to the Female Fighters (x 2500 y 2050), enter and talk with Phaere. She wants Solaufein dead. Why? Who knows. She wants you to enter his home in the Male Fighters guild, kill him, and take his Piwafwi Cloak as proof of his death. Agree to her demands. You now have 3 days to get to Solaufein. (x 3500 y 1575)

Talk to Solaufein and tell him that you were sent to kill him, but that you don't want to do it. Then ask him for his Piwafwi Cloak as proof that he is "dead." Solaufein has a little speech, and he likes you more. You can then search his place, but there is nothing good here.

Report back to Phaere. (everyone gets 30,000 experience) If you are male then she wants to talk to you alone... for a little nooky. If you refuse her, she will sound the alarm and the entire city turns hostile. Of course, you could try to convince her that you "*really* can't", I.e. are impotent. In order to pull off one of these deceptions you need either 17 INT or 13 CHA (and in some cases 17 CHA).

After that (whether you talked your way out of it, did it, or didn't get offered because you are female) she wants you to meet the Matron Ardulace Despana, who is currently in the Temple. You have 3 days to get there (everything takes 3 days, for some reason). Oh, and if you did sleep with Phaere, then anyone you had a romance with is upset with you.

Head down to the Temple of Lloth (x 4200 y 2350). Enter, and walk forward until you find Phaere, who will automatically talk to you and introduce you to the Matron. The Matron wants you to prove yourself to her, and in order to do that you must bring back the Blood of one of the "noble races", which are Beholders, Mind Flayers or Kuo-Toa's. Oh, and it can't be any of them, it must be something special.

So, depending on what you want to do:

Beholders go to the next section "Beholder City" Mind Flayers go to the section after that "The Illithid Lair" or the easiest Kuo-Toa's "Exit from the Underdark"

If you don't retrieve one of these items in a timely fashion, (three days) then Phaere will track you down (wherever you may be) and tell you that your disguise has failed, thus instigating a battle (and forevermore keeping you out of Ust Natha). So don't waste time.

Come back when you have one of these items and she will take them and reward you with 22,000 experience for each character. Phaere then asks to see you in her rooms, within one hour. (she lives in the Female Fighter's Society, if you have forgotten)

Phaere details her plans to overthrow the Matron Ardulace and set herself up as head of the house. She wants your help in this, so agree to help her get rid of the Matron. House Despana is going to use the Blood you collected along with the Silver Dragon's Eggs to summon a demon. What Phaere wants to do is replace the Eggs with false ones so that Ardulace is destroyed when the demon is summoned. She can then use the real eggs to gain control of the demon. She gives you a key and a set of false eggs marked as "Phaere's". Leave her house.

Return to the Temple as that is where the eggs are kept. If you did well by Solaufein, he will appear near the entrance with a further proposition for you. He wants to give you a second set of false eggs that you can give to Phaere. This way both the Matron and Phaere get killed by the Demon. Agree to his plan and enter the temple.

Once in the temple, take the passage immediately to your right, and take that up to the Egg Room (x 2067 y 780). Kill the 2 guards and enter. There are 5 Golems in here, just waiting to pounce on you once you have taken the eggs. Kill the Golems. Take the Real Eggs and REPLACE THEM with PHAERE'S EGGS. (don't forget to do that!)

Back to Phaere's. Give her Solaufein's Eggs (20,000 experience) and she seems awfully pleased. Well, that won't last. Listen to the Imp when it appears, then get back to the Temple. Phaere is right within the first passage and soon the Ritual of Summoning begins. The Demon kills the two Drow women one by one, then will leave if you remain silent. Be sure to search the two corpses for treasure:

Ring of Spell Turning Gorgon Plate +4 Lots of Gems 4500 gold

Now, QUICKLY, leave the Temple and get OUT of the city as fast as is humanly possible. If you delay, you will be trapped in the city forever.

Return to Adalon and give her the real eggs. She gives you an Item: Necaradan's Crossbow +3 78,500 experience (for each character)

And you are then teleported to the Exit from the Underdark. The gate out is just to the left, but you can explore around if you didn't already. (see the "Exit from the Underdark" section for more details)

Trick: On the surface, Drow items are meant to turn to dust. Want to keep that nifty Drow stuff you got? If you have NOT gotten the Harper's Pin for Jaheira, you can give her all of your Drow items, and kick her out of the party. She should go out to the Harper Hold in the Docks District. (If you have done all the Harper quests already, then she just leaves for good) Then when you pick her up again, all the Drow items are still there and can be worn in the daylight! As long as you never take these items to the "Exit from the Underdark" area, you can keep them forever. (Gabriel)

QUEST: The Duergars Tank, the Aboleth

Duergar - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1050 y 3150) Qilue - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 2725 y 1890)

Just after freeing Phaere from the clutches of the Mind Flayers, a Duergar near the entrance will tell you to talk to his "master" who is in a big tank just behind him.

Talk to the Aboleth, the creature in the tank, and he wants an exchange. You get him Qilue's brain and he won't reveal that you are not Drow. Sounds good. You can find Qilue's home right next to the Female Fighter's society. Enter.

Alternatively: When talking to the Aboleth the first time, you can refuse to do his quest. Then when he asks why, simply tell him that if he reveals you, then you will reveal his treachery as well. For this you get 12,000 experience. (from Cyrille Artho)

Once inside, kill everything that moves. Besides Qilue, there are 5 servants (mages mostly) to be killed. You can find most of these to the right. Search Qilue: (4000 exp) Boneblade Dagger +4 Qilue's Brain

There isn't really anything else here, so return to the Aboleth, who gives you 10,000 experience and promises not to tell anyone who you are.

QUEST: Free the Humans
Slave Trader - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1111 y 1808)

Just north of the tavern is the slave area, where humans are sold to Drow masters. If you've been on the second floor of the Tavern you probably know that slaves don't have much to look forward to in Drow Culture.

After you have talked to Matron Ardulace, talk to the Slave Trader and buy the slaves. We want them armed, so pay him the full price of 2000 gold. He will actually lower the cost to 1500 if you ask him. The slaves will be teleported near you. Tell them that they are now free, and that they should head to the surface. For this you get Reputation +1 and 7500 experience.

QUEST: Defeat the Cultists
Taso Kala - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 2480 y 2100) Cult - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 4200 y 3340)

After accepting the quest from Matron Ardulace, you will find Taso Kala in front of Phaere's doorway. She automatically talks to you and ORDERS you to find and destroy the Cult of Ghaunadaur. Accept this (if you don't want your cover story blown). You will find the "cultists" where the Beholder was earlier, in the southeastern part of the city. You have one day to complete this quest.

This battle consists of Drow, Otyugh and Oozes of all colors. Destroy them. None of them have any significant treasure. Go back to the Priestess to report your success. Be subservient and she'll go away (you weren't expecting a reward were you?).

QUEST: The Trapped Djinn
Dola Fadoon - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1930 y 3180)

Just to the right of the entrance is a djinn being tortured for the fun of it (or whatever). It begs for someone to destroy it. I wouldn't do that until you have talked to Matron Ardulace. Kill it. Then the torturer will demand compensation. She wants 4000 gold as compensation and if you don't have it, you get a day to come up with it. If you have talked to Matron Ardulace, then you can wheedle it down to a mere 2000 gold.

This quest is best done just before you leave the Underdark forever. That way you can kill Dola Fadoon, tell her that you don't have the money, and leave the Underdark before anything bad ever happens to you. For all this you get a measly 5000 exp.

QUEST: Deirex the Lich and Jarlaxle the Mercenary
Visaj - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3000 y 2275) Deirex's Tower - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3700 y 2850) House Jae'llat - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 3260 y 1460)

Just after meeting the Matron Ardulace for the first time, Visaj appears on the path just north of Deirex's Tower. He approaches you and wants to sell you a Rope. Not just any rope, but a magic lich-defense negating rope. Useful, no doubt, for breaking into Deirex's Tower and stealing his items. There is the small chance that the famed mercenary Jarlaxle will come looking for it, but how likely is that? Buy the rope for 1000 gold. (If you don't have that much he'll sell it for 750 gold. If your charisma is 15 or higher, you can talk him down to 500, OR you could just threaten him and take the rope from him)

Now head down to Deirex's Tower and enter. Deirex is right there, and although the Rope does seem to do what it was advertised to do, you are soon teleported to Jarlaxle's Pocket Dimension«. There isn't really any way to change how things turn out in here. He tells you that he wants some Gems from Deirex, as his men are imprisoned within them. He gives you a day to accomplish this before teleporting you back to Deirex's Tower.

Fight with Deirex. He is a fairly standard Lich and fights as such. (Time Stop, Abi Dalzim, etc.) By this point Liches shouldn't present too tough a challenge for you. (22,000 experience) Be sure to search his body for the Lich's Tooth and the Jae'llat Wardstone.

Then search the place for treasures: (4 containers, not all in this room, and some are trapped)

Spells - Glitterdust Wizard Eye Deafness Contagion Remove Magic Limited Wish Melf's Minute Meteors Spook Leather Armor of the Viper +5 Jarlaxle's Gems

Take the Gems and you will instantly be teleported back to his little Pocket Dimension. Jarlaxle takes the Gems and thanks you for your efforts. Now you can either accept his thanks (2500 gold and 10,000 experience) or you can attack and kill him and his mage (14,000 experience and 12,000 experience). They don't have any good items for you to take. In any case you will be teleported back to Deirex's Tower.

Go up to the next door (x 3475 y 2730), and enter. Search the lake for treasure:

Gold Gems Spells - Cacofiend Ruby Ray of Reversal Spear +3 Wand of Frost & Wand of Magic Missiles Two Handed Sword +2 Crossbow of Affliction +4 (-2 STR, +4 DMG & THAC0) Short Sword +2 Ring of Folly (cursed)

That's it for the Lich's treasure (the other door on the outside leads in here). Leave the tower, go up and right to reach the House Jae'llat (it's marked on the map). The Wardstone will allow you entrance. (x 3260 y 1460)

This is, of course, a fairly large battle against many Drow warriors and priestesses. It just wouldn't be a Drow House without those elements. Each Jae'llat Guard is worth 6000 experience. This is the first battle, there is another one when you go over to the right. This battle has Hindra Jae'llat in it (14,000 experience) as well as Istar Jae'llat (16,000 experience). Then search the place for treasure: 2500 Gold And a LOT of Gems (about 50)

If you are wondering about the other warded door out there, it also leads into the Jae'llat house.

OTHER: The Running Girl

Near the female fighter's society you will see a human girl running for her life. Later a couple of Drow warriors ask you which way she went. You can lie or tell the truth, I've seen no real consequences of it.

OTHER: The Tavern Duels

Tavern - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1835 y 2550) Sondal - Tavern (AR 2202, x 580 y 1133)

On the main level of the tavern, to the left near the stairs, you will find Sondal, the Duel master. Agree to watch the first duel. One Drow easily defeats four others, comes out and asks for your opinion on the matter. Tell him that he shouldn't gloat over children and he challenges you to a duel. Accept.

Note: If you lose any duel, you will be permanently barred from dueling. Also, all the duels here are One-on-One (unlike the Monster battles).

When Lasonar is close to being defeated (30,000 experience) he yields the fight and gives you his sword. Blade of Searing +3 (Bastard Sword, with extra "searing" dmg)

After the battle, Chalinthra challenges you to a duel. (She was involved with Lasonar, and found insult in you beating him) When you are ready, talk to Sondal again to get the duel going. Chalinthra is a Cleric of no small ability. However, she dies just the same. (12,000 experience)

The next fight is against a Mage, and requires a Mage from your party to duel him. So send a mage over and let the battle begin! (6000 experience) The next battle is also a mage battle, but this one is slightly more difficult (8000 experience). After that there is one final mage (11,000 experience). I won these battles by summoning a Nibshruu and using the Cloak of Reflection.

OTHER: The Tavern Monster Battles

Tavern - Ust Natha (AR 2200, x 1835 y 2550) Szordrin - Tavern (AR 2202, x 1450 y 840)

On the main level of the Tavern is a man standing to the right, Szordrin. Talk to him if you want to duel some animals. He has several combats, which must be done in order: (return to him after the battle to get a reward and another battle)

Umber Hulk - 4000 exp, 250 gold (from Szordrin) Nabassu - 16,000 exp, 500 gold (from Szordrin) Sahuagin Prince - 2000 exp, 750 gold (from Szordrin) Beholder - 14,000 exp, 1000 gold (from Szordrin)

He then claims that he will go to the pens to find more challenges for you to fight, but he never returned (for me at least).

You will find the entrance to the Beholder City in the Southeast part of the Underdark (x 4120 y 3700). It is the passage that leads down. (The other one goes to the Illithid Lair)

We are here to find a Beholder Eye Stalk, and conveniently enough, we can find it on one of the first Beholders here. Kill the Elder Orb to find:

Elder Orb Eye Blade of the Equalizer Amulet of Spell Warding

Once you have the Eye, you can head back to Ust Natha and give it to the Matron Mother. Or you can finish exploring in here and kill a LOT of Beholders. If you have either the Shield of Balduran (from the Collector's Edition bonus shop) or the Cloak of Reflection (from the Sahuagin City), then this place is a breeze. Put those items on your two best fighters, and only send them out. The Beholders won't be able to touch you.

Go up and right to find Drow battling a Beholder. Explore the place at your leisure. There are many Beholders, Gauth and a few Mind Flayers.

Just above and to the left of the Drow (x 790 y 605) is a small nook of treasure: (all treasures here are hidden in "nooks")

Minor Treasures
Just to the right of the Drow (x 1213 y 770) is another nook o' treasure:

Sling of Avoreen +4 (casts Sonic Boom once a day)
Minor Treasure

Along the path to the top of the map (x 2500 y 580) is some treasure:

Greenstone Amulet (can protect user from Charm, Stun and Psionics, useful against Mind Flayers, no doubt) Rainbow Obsidian Necklace

There is treasure at the top of the map (x 2130 y 175):
5200 gold Gems

Just left of that one is another treasure (x 1815 y 195):
Minor Treasures

Well south of that (x 2450 y 1080) in a passage to the left is a larger thing of treasure (it's not a nook, I mean): Minor Treasures

That is that for the Beholder City. Once you have killed all the Beholders, you can take your leave and know that you have done good work here.

Note: You WILL want to make an Archive Save before going in here! So, do a normal save, and call it "Illithid Lair", and don't save over it until the entire lair is finished. That way, if you screw up, you can easily go back to the beginning.

The most difficult, and potentially rewarding, of the three lairs is the Illithid Lair, which you can get to via the Underdark. It is located in the Southeast corner of the map, and you go right (x 5070 y 3400).

Once you have entered, you will be quickly captured by a group of Mind Flayers who then enslave you.

You wake up in a very small cell. Despite being slaves now, you still have all of your items. After all, Illithids don't really fear physical attacks.

A minute or so later, an Ogre will open your door and tell you that it is time for you to fight. Remember the Gladiators back in the Copper Coronet? Same idea, except now YOU are the gladiators. Soon enough you are thrown into a pit to fight 3 Umber Hulks. Beat them and you will be put back in your cell. When you are back, you will be given Healing Potions.

Open the side door and talk to the Gith, Simyaz, inside. These Gith were here to recover the Silver Blade (which you now possess, assuming you went with Saemon) and ended out here instead. He offers no solutions. Soon the Ogre comes again and this time takes the Gith out to fight.

Soon the Gith return and tell you that they are to fight you in the next battle. However, they have a better idea. They will keep the Mind Flayers busy, while you try to find an escape from the Lair. You will soon be taken into the battle. Defeat the Kuo-Toa's and then escape out to the right while the Githyanki keep the Mind Flayers busy.

Kill the Ogre Jailor here (10,000 exp). Then search the table: Hilt of the Equalizer (which means that you probably have all 3 pieces)

Go right into the next half of the room. There are four doors here. Open the bottom one first (x 3390 y 1760). Kill the 2 Kuo-Toa's here. Then open the top right door (x 3270 y 1515) next to kill a couple of Sahuagin. Next open the right door (x 3380 y 1620) and follow this passage right. Kill the Mind Flayer here. Then go to one of the Vats, and manipulate it until you get the Goo.

Go back to the Ogre Jailer room, and open the southern door (x 3050 y 1960). Go down this passage, fight the 2 Mind Flayers, and then go right into a weird slave-control room. Find one of the smaller machines and pour the Goo into it (via clicking it twice). This frees the slaves from their stasis. They tell you of a way to make Control Collars, as well as ask you to find them a way out.

Go up to the big machine in the room and Use it to make Collars. Keep using it until it no longer works. You will get 4 Collars. Equip these in your Quick Item slot to use them. Then when you find a Mind Flayer, use the item on him to control him permanently.

Note: How to get extra Mind Flayers (to open doors for you). There is a room where you get the "Goo" which frees the slaves. In this room a lone Mind Flayer will spawn once every minute or so (if one is there, a new one won't spawn). There are at least two doors that require a mind flayer to open and for both doors I just went back to this room, controlled the mind flayer with one of the collars and marched him over to the door. I didn't have to turn into the Slayer once throughout the game (after the first time which you don't control). (from Rakhiir)

Return to the right portion of the jail, and open the northern door (x 3050 y 1450). Go through the passage and into the room. Search the grate on the northern wall to find:

Methild's Harp (Bards can dispel Hold Person effects, 3x day)

Now try to open the door to the right and you get a strange message. Only a great mind or a creature with godlike strength can open this door. Which means either you go capture a Mind Flayer with the collars... or you turn into the Slayer and force the door open. Turn into the Slayer (unless you managed to keep a Mind Flayer alive), lose the 2 reputation points, and go through the LEFT door. Once you are in the next room, go up through the north door until you reach the Brine Room.

The Githyanki will now be freed and will come out to congratulate you. Oh, and they aren't going to help you get out of here. (everyone gets 25,000 experience)

Once in the Brine Room, try to capture some Mind Flayers (don't use all your collars). Click on the 8 vats to create 8 Brine Potions, which can be used to protect your party from Psionic Attacks. Give these potions ONLY to front line fighters, and use them ONLY when you are near Mind Flayers, they have a very short effectiveness.

Go back to the previous room and open the lower left door (opening these doors requires only that you have a Mind Flayer in the party, x 1690 y 1235). Have only your best fighters proceed, each having taken a swig of the Brine Potion. (or using the Greenstone Amulet from the Beholder City) Continue left to find a large group of Illithid and Umber Hulks.

From this room there are 3 doors, one to the north, one to the south and a secret door to the northeast. Since we are being thorough, take the south door first. This leads to a room with three bizarre Pod-like things in it. Open each of them to reveal an enemy.

Kuo-Toa Priest - 2000 exp, Magic Bolts, etc. Insane Dwarf - 1750 exp, Ring of Fire Control (50% fire res., spells) Umber Hulk - 4000 exp

Back to the other room. Now open the Secret Door (x 1140 y 1300). Go up this way to find 3 Mind Flayers and several Umber Hulks. Once they are dead, search the table to find:

Staff of Command +2 (casts Domination once)

Back to the other room. That leaves only the northern door to go through. (x 950 y 1280) I'm not sure why, but I had to turn into the Slayer to open this door. What then was the point of taking control of several Mind Flayers? If you have a Mind Flayer in your party, you can then Lockpick the door as normal. Anyway go through there to find the Big Evil Illithid Brain. Kill that first (40,000 experience), then concentrate on the other Illithids in there, then the Umber Hulks and finally the Brain Golems. When the Brain dies you automatically gain some of its blood to give to Matron Ardulace.

Head back and then right to (x 3730 y 1100) to find the slaves who are now escaping. They thank you (45,000 experience and a Reputation +1) and leave. You should do the same.

You will find the Githyanki outside in the Underdark under the Tent. If you have the Silver Blade on you, then they want it back and are prepared to fight and die to get it.

Exit from the Underdark (AR 2402) 

KUO-TOA DUNGEON (for the Kuo-Toa blood for Matron Ardulace) This one is by far the hardest to spot. From the Underdark head west. Go to just south of the Svirfneblin bridge. Then continue west into the darkness. You will find that you can travel at (x 150 y 1840). It's not marked on the map, and if you didn't know it was there, you might go right by it.

If you did the Silver Dragon Quest, then you will appear at the END of this particular level. In that case you may want to backtrack to find all the spiffy items.

Anyway, go right. There are many strange symbols drawn on the ground. The spiral indicates "danger". Go up the northern "spirally" path to find some beholders. (well one Beholder and 2 Gauth) These things are easily killed by anyone with the proper Cloak of Reflection (or Shield of Balduran). Go back.

Now go up the northeastern passage (x 1230 y 1315). There are a group of Kuo-toans here, including some wizards. Finish them off. Then search the nearby pool to get some Tainted Tadpoles. Go back.

This time we go right. The path will split, one portion going north and another continuing right. We want to keep going right, however, the way is dangerous as a Flame Strike will hit you. Cross over and open the big door (x 2800 y 1670).

Within is an empty room with several statues. At the top of the room is a gigantic statue of a Demogorgon. It asks you to put a sacrifice in front of it to "awaken the five." This is best done by casting "Animal Summoning" or a similar spell, and putting the animal in front of the statue. The animals dies, and the five demon knights appear.

Each of the Demon Knights is tough, does level drain and has some odd spell casting abilities (such as Horror). Kill them.

16,000 experience each Two Handed Swords +1 Soul Reaver: Two handed Sword +4 (not usable by Good) Girdle of Frost Giant Strength (21 STR, part of the Crom Faeyr) Armor of the Hart: Full Plate +3

Go back to the passage, and take the northern path.

Just a little ways up the passage you will run into another large group of Kuo-Toa's. Take these goons out.

Continue northeast into a small round room. It may have Kuo-Toa's in it, or they may be in its two side rooms. In the right room you will find the Kuo-Toa Prince. Kill him.

Kuo-Toa Prince - 4000 experience Blood Gems Gold Bracers of Blinding Strike (casts improved Haste)

Oh, and if you want to, you can put the Tainted Tadpoles in the pools in the right room. (If this is done before the battle, it weakens the Prince)

Now if you did the quest for Matron Ardulace, go back the way you came. However, if you need to, you can leave the Underdark completely to the left. I wouldn't recommend that, but if you have to, why not. (Your disguise WILL fail if you attempt to leave, and then you can never return to Ust'Natha)

If you were merely teleported here by Adalon, then fight through the Drow guards (some have good EXP, but none have good items) to exit the area through the gates to the left.

This next series of passages leads to the surface. You will first encounter a large Drow war party that needs to be taken out. Go up to the next room to find Drow warring with surface Elves. They tell you to get to the surface and talk to Captain Elhan. There is another battle through the northwest doors.

Open the southwest doors (x 800 y 520) and go through. There is yet another battle with Drow here. Continue through. Open the last door and exit to the surface.

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