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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter Seven
Chapter 7 Written by Dan Simpson



Elhan uses the Lanthorn to open a hole in the tree to the Elven City of Suldanessellar (everyone in the party gets another 74,500 experience). The elves then re-enter their city and bid you to follow them... In case you are wondering, you are in the Forest of Tethir to start with (see the above section 'Three New Areas' if you haven't been here already). Enter the city. The elves move out to look for survivors, and Elhan tells you to be careful and look for Ellesime.

We are currently in the bottom right portion of the map. Go north to find the first building (x 4640 y 2500). Enter. Kill the three Golems in here to save the two elves. They reveal that you will find Priestess Demin in a house in the Southwestern part of the city, then leave. Search the large bookcase on the right (x 680 y 270) to find the:

Stone Horn (needed) Darts The container just north of that bookcase holds a: Cloak of Elvenkind (Hide in Shadows +50%)

The rest of the containers hold merely minor treasures. Exit the building. Head up the northwestern path (x 4515 y 2450). Beware Golems that may lurk around here. There was a group of Rakshasa's (x 4060 y 1950) just outside the next building. Be ready for a large battle, and enter the building. If you cast Protection from Evil 10' on your party, then the Glabrezu will not attack you. Once inside take out the mage first and the rest will be easy. There is nothing else to be done here for the moment, but remember this place (Temple of Rillifane), we will be back. Exit.

Note: If you have the artifacts of Rillifane before coming here the first time, and quickly placed them in the Altar, you could let the Avatar of Rillifane fight this battle for you. (Rolander)

Head down the southwest path to the unmarked building (x 3160 y 2730). There will probably be more Golems here to fight. Go up the stairs on the building to rescue some elves. Tell them to get to the gates. South of this building is a platform where some elves and trolls are fighting. Once the trolls are defeated the elves "move out" to help out other sections of the city.

Go down the next southwest passage to the next building (x 2080 y 3240). Enter the TOP room first, and search it until you find the Wardstone. Then leave that room and enter the lower room. You can find the Meteor Swarm spell on the fireplace mantle. To the right you will see three dead elves around an odd piece of furniture. The answers to this thing's questions can be found on the wardstone. Go up and use the thing:

First: Press the Rune of Corellan Lotharian 2nd: Press the Symbol of Rillifane 3rd: Press the elven Symbol of Water 4th: Press the Rune that denotes the Tree of Life, do that correctly to get the Symbol of Rillifane. Leave this room.

Go west (where you will see Elves battling skeletal warriors), then northwest to get to Demin's House (x 780 y 2140), which is guarded by a Drow and a Demon. Go up the stairs and enter the building. Inside you will find Demin fighting three Rakshasa's:

Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (20 STR) On the shelf behind her you will find: Spell scroll - Absolute Immunity

Afterwards talk to Demin to learn all about Irenicus' past and why he has invaded the elven city. She also has an idea to help clear the city of its current pest problem, to restore the Guardians of the forest. What you need is to find the three artifacts of Rillifane: The Cup, the Symbol and the Moonblade. We already got the Symbol, all we need is the Cup, which is on the Dragon to the northwest and the Moonblade, which is in the Temple of the Moon to the east, then leave her house.

Go up the northern path to the Harpist's House (x 1060 y 625). Outside the house a group of elves are fighting some golems. If you manage to save the elves they give you 13,000 experience. Enter the building. Search the desk in the top left to find:
Stone Harp (companion to the Stone Horn) now, leave the building.

Go up to the northwest passage (x 500 y 725). This path leads to a new area with the Black Dragon that we must defeat to get the Golden Cup of Rillifane. Take the passage. Once at the new area, cast whatever protective spells you wish (I used Haste, Protection from Evil and Mazzy's Protection from Fear), then go southwest and fight the dragon.

You can try to reason with him, but he won't fall for it, and a battle is inevitable. Just keep his spell defenses down and attack. By this point in the game you should be mighty enough to easily whack this pest.

Nizidramanii'yt - 52,000 experience Golden Goblet of Life (fancier name) Bladesinger Chain +4 (elven Chainmail, AC 1) Minor Treasures

Once the Dragon is dead, head back the way you came.
Go southeast, past the Harpist's House, southeast down the next passage to get to the House of the Moon (x 1830 y 1450) and site of the final artifact of Rillifane. Enter.

Within the house you get to watch as an elf kills a Balor, but is destroyed himself in the process. Search the elf's remains to find the Moonblade. Then search the rest of the room to find: Boots of Elvenkind Spells - Gate

Return to the Temple of Rillifane and place the three sacred objects (Cup, Moonblade and Amulet) in the Altar in the center. This will create the Avatar of Rillifane who is irritated that his temple has been defiled by Irenicus. (everyone gets 65,000 experience) After talking with you he summons forth the Guardians of the Forest, who clear out the city and unseal the Palace for you to enter. You also get: Staff of the Woodlands +4 (+3 AC, best weapon for Druids)

Leave the temple. Just outside the temple will be a new elf, Reirra, who offers to sell you things. When you are ready head up to the Palace (x 3450 y 600). Near the House of the Moon you will find some elves in conflict with some monsters. Help out (although the elves seem to get dominated).

Go up to the tree and keep using it until you get all the nuts (the screen will fade to black). There is now only one door to go through, so go through it. This leads to a pleasant garden with a waterfall in the center. To the left are two statues, use the statues to put the Stone Horn and Stone Harp on them. (3000 exp each) This removes the waterfall and replaces it with a staircase. Go down the stairs. (after first talking to your party members about the upcoming battle)

When you first enter this area, Ellesime talks to you. She tells you that you need to slay 3 parasites on the tree in order to weaken Irenicus to the point where he can be defeated.

From where you start, go all the way left (x 1970 y 450) and one of your Seeds will grow into a new branch that continues left. Go left to find the first parasite (x 1430 y 140). Click on it to try to kill it, however it has a defender that leaps out to attack you. (for me it was 2 Earth Elementals) Once they are dead, click on the parasite to kill it. One down, two to go.

Go a little left and down from the first parasite and a new branch will grow in. Cross it and go down. (x 877 y 1070) Follow this path down to find the second parasite (x 1180 y 1480). Click on it until its guardians attack you (air elementals). Once they are dead, kill the second Parasite and Ellesime will contact you again. She is very excited now and thinks there is a good chance that you could kill Irenicus. (or as she calls him, Joneleth) One more Parasite to go.

Go down. You will pass right by Irenicus (x 1800 y 2035), go past him on the path that leads eastwards. (x 2340 y 2400) Another branch will grow in, cross it. Keep going right until you find the final parasite (x 2875 2025). Do the same thing to kill it. When the last parasite dies you are automatically teleported over to Irenicus.

There are many ways to fight Irenicus. Some might suggest summoning a Nibshruu or Hakashar to deal with him. Others would recommend using Protection from Magic scrolls. An easy strategy that often works is to let him cast some spells, then just wander off for awhile. Most mages don't follow you, and it can easily allow you to do what you will (protective magics, healing, etc.).

I would recommend summoning a Hakashar if you have one and sending it to deal with Irenicus, then I would pull back your party and wait. Let the Hakashar (or Nibshruu) do its thing (namely getting rid of Irenicus' spells) and when it gets unsummoned send everyone in to finish him off. Don't worry about the Hakashar's tendency to destroy items as you won't have time to get any items anyway. Also, if anyone in your party dies, BE SURE TO GET THEIR ITEMS! Quickly! Once Irenicus is dead you won't be able to pick them up. (although they will be on the ground when you arrive in your next destination)

When Irenicus is dead, everyone is sucked into hell with him.

The Nine Hells (AR 2900)
When Irenicus died, your stolen soul did not return to you and as a result you followed Irenicus into hell. Imoen has a theory as to why the same didn't happen with her, that Bodhi's vampirism made the soul transfer easier. In any case, you must find Irenicus and finish things, once and for all.

Well that big giant door to the north seems like a likely place to have to end out eventually, if only you could open it. Go over to the left (x 575 y 840) and down the stairs.

Note: Each of these "tests" has a GOOD and an EVIL way to accomplish them. Which you do has some fairly drastic effects when you get around to opening the final doors.

Walk forward a little to find Wraith Sarevok (he was the final bad-guy in the first Baldur's Gate, if you didn't play it). Talk to him. He tells you just about everything you will need to know about this hell you are in. How you need to collect the Tears of Bhaal to open that door, and to confront Irenicus for your soul. If you get really mad at Sarevok and yell at him and so forth, then your stats will be increased. (It's along the lines of you deserving the power of the Slayer) My Barbarian gained +1 STR. That, however, is the EVIL path. Go back up. Then go down, and left to the next staircase (x 830 y 1830).

You will immediately confront a demon by the name of Greed. He greets you and gives you the Blackrazor Longsword (a +3 weapon with many good effects).

Walk forward to find the trapped Genie. He gives you a little riddle. The gist of which is that to free him and gain the Tear of Bhaal that you need requires the use of the Blackrazor. You can either give him the sword (20,000 exp) or you can kill him with it. (11,000 exp) In any case once you have the tear go back up. Giving him the sword is the GOOD path, killing him the EVIL path.

Go right, then down the center stairs (x 2100 y 2200).

Walk forward to find the demon Selfish. It tells you that it has a Tear but that you have to prove yourself worthy. It then steals one of your companions (and if you happen to HAVE no companions, then it steals a mortal from some random place). Then the choice becomes thus, if you go on the left path you must sacrifice to save this person, if you go right you sacrifice nothing (but the person being held is killed).

If you take the Left path, you will lose:

First  Door: 2 HP from maximum Second Door: 1 point of Dexterity Third Door: Experience

If you take the right path, YOU lose nothing, but the person held dies. Also if you are a Paladin or a Ranger you will become Fallen. This is a permanent death (unless you have the Rules set to the easier levels). Naturally making the sacrifice is GOOD, and getting them killed is EVIL.

There is also some minor treasure by where your companion is held. Time to leave this area, go back and get to the next set of stairs to the right.

You will immediately encounter the Fear Demon. He tells you that there are horrible fiends beyond him that will devour you alive. Your only hope is a magical Nymph-skin cloak that he has. Don't take the cloak as you don't need it. Taking the cloak is the EVIL path, not taking it is the GOOD path.

Past this demon there are two paths, a northern one that leads to Beholders and a southern one that has a Fear aura on it. Take the southern passage to the right, skip by the treasure chest. At the end of the path is a bright red crystal. Click it to get the Tear of Bhaal.

Go back out, and there is only one last set of stairs to hit. (x 3385 y 1000)

Here you will meet with the final demon, Pride. He has a big long speech since he is the last demon (actually any of them will give you this speech if you do them last). Then he tells you that to get the last tear you must defeat a big evil monster. Ask him what KIND of monster it is. Then keep bugging him about the creature. Why does it deserve death? Keep bugging him until he admits that the creature might just give you the tear anyway.

Go forward to find the Dragon and it will give you the tear. That was easy, wasn't it. Doing it that way is the GOOD path, fighting the dragon anyway is the EVIL path.

If you chose to fight whatever was in there, it will be a Red Dragon and it will have some interesting treasures, but at this point in the game, it isn't really worthwhile. Go back out.

I bet you're just saying to yourself, just how many times must I kill Irenicus before he finally dies!? Well just this one more time, honest.

Head up to the Big Door (x 2050 y 400) and click it. Click it again to remove the seals. (and again...) Depending on whether you did the tests as "Good" or "Evil" you get these bonuses:

FEAR TEAR (the Nymph cloak)
Good: Immunity to +1 weapons or less Evil: +2 CON

SELFISHNESS TEAR (sacrifice for companion)
Good: +10 resistance to magic Evil: +2 to your AC

GREED TEAR (the Blackrazor sword)
Good: +2 to all saving throws Evil: +15 to HP

PRIDE TEAR (the dragon)
Good: +20% resistances to fire, cold and electricity Evil: Gain 200,000 experience

WRATH TEAR (Sarevok)
Good: +1 to WIS and CHA Evil: +2 to STR

IMPORTANT NOTE: If in any of the above tests you choose the Evil Path, you lose one reputation point and also have the alignment changed over to evil (if you were good or neutral).

When the door opens, Irenicus blasts out to face you one last time. This time, it's personal.

This time Irenicus summons forth 4 demons and then becomes the Slayer. I ignored Irenicus and killed the demons first, then I concentrated all firepower on Irenicus. I found this battle to be easier than the earlier battle with him, but that is just me. He also will teleport around the area. When he dies, he dies rather spectacularly. And so the game ends...

Below are secondary Quests you can complete:

The Limited Wish Adventure
This quest can be done whenever you feel like it, in either chapters 2, 3 or 6. You must have the Mercenaries of Riatavin still alive in Delosar's Inn. Then cast Limited Wish, ask for a One-Time wish and select the Adventure like you've never had before (it does require 10 or better WIS to cast). A scroll appears at your feet.

Reading the scroll reveals several things about this quest: One, it is about a gong, two, you should talk to the mercenaries of Riatavin at the Delosar's Inn (Bridge) and three, there is someone named Captain Dennis who should have the Gong.

Head out to the Bridge District and go near the Delosar's Inn. (x 1830 y 2880) Just outside you will meet with a man named Vittorio who asks for your help in collecting money off of Dennis, who is inside. Agree to help him and follow him inside.

Captain Dennis and Vittorio are having a shouting match when you enter. Listen to what they say. Seems that Vittorio stole and sold Dennis' mother's gong in order to buy ale. That sounds bad. Agree to help Vittorio find the gong. He says that he sold it to one Roger the Fence, who you will find in the sewers beneath the Temple District.

Go to the Temple District and enter the sewers. You will find Roger in the southern part of the sewers (x 1680 y 2300). Ask for a Gong and say that you want Vittorio's gong. He doesn't have it, and won't tell you where it is until you take care of a small problem he has. He wants you to kill a local Sea Troll before he'll tell you anything. This troll can be found by going left from Roger (x 400 y 2366). When it is good and dead, return to Roger. Aside from whatever rewards you get for killing the Troll (see the Sewers section above) he will also tell you that he sold the gong to a Troll Shaman in the Troll Mound out by Trademeet (you will probably have to talk to him again to get him to reveal that).

Head out of the city and over to the Druid Grove (which may require going through Trademeet).

At the Druid Grove, head left to find the Troll Mound (x 1330 y 2210). Grae, the shaman, will be just outside of the mound. When asked about the Gong she attacks you instead of giving it to you. When it gets close to being defeated it tells you where the Gong is in exchange for its life. (you can always kill it anyway) She says that she sold it to an Ogre Mage in a tower to the northeast of here.

Wander north, then east, across the bridge to find the big house. We don't want to enter the house, we want the tower that is south of it. (x 4840 y 1270) (There is a little path leading southwards just past the bridge) Enter the tower. This Ogre Mage is quite the peaceable sort and is quite willing to trade the Gong for a Wand of Frost. If you have a Wand of Frost, then you can trade for the gong. (12,250 exp) Oh and don't mind the smell. Also in here you can find:

Scimitar +2: Belm (+1 attack per round)

Return to the Bridge District and give the gong back to Vittorio. Everyone is happy and you get your reward:

1500 gold 16,500 experience for each character Boomerang Dagger +2

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