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Ironworks Gaming's Baldur's Gate II Area
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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
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Chapter Two

The Copper Coronet

As you enter the Slums, you will be greeted by Gaelan Bayle. This guy says that he can get Imoen back for you for a whopping 20,000 Gold! 

AR0400.jpg (93156 bytes)

NPCs on this Map:
Anomen (Lawful Neutral | Human/Male - Fighter/Cleric)
Nalia (Chaotic Good | Human/Female - Mage/Thief)
Korgan (Chaotic Evil | Dwarf/Male - Fighter/Berserker)

Getting 20,000 Gold is going to take a bit of work (and fighting), so you'll need to be hired to do some side quests. Your first, and best choice will be the 'Copper Coronet'.  Talk to all the people in there, and you'll get some quests to go on, and as a reward, they will give you gold. There are 3 NPC's in this Tavern as well; Anomen,
Nalia and the Chaotic Evil Korgan! But before you enter, and get any quests, you should walk around the area a bit, and talk to a few people in town as well. 

AR0406.jpg (59739 bytes)

The Slums map has many buildings to enter, such as the Copper Coronet, Borinall's House, the
Slaver Stockade, the Planar Sphere, and the Temple of Illmater.

There are some side quests here too, one is a Slaver's quest, where you must enter the Copper Coronet and talk with Lehtinan and ask him about '
other' types of entertainment. Once inside, you'll meet this guy with a chick, this is the guy that mean old hag is looking for. If you wanna bust him, then do so. But this hag will come upstairs and fight the whore and kill her (I let her live, she was cute... lol). <g>. Anyway, now walk down the hall, you can now either take the way down to the Slavers 'fighting pit' or talk with the pimp lady and even get laid - Jaheira will NOT allow this, but you can remove her from your party just to see what happens!

Once you reach the Pit area (Behind it), you'll encounter the Beast Master, along with a few bears and big kitties. I had Minsc charm 2 of the bears, and all my other fighters went for the Beastmaster and killed him. 

Alright, after you whacked ole' Beastie boy, take his stuff, then whack off the rest of the guards and go to the prison cell.
Free the kids and the dude named Hendak (The real Hendak), now he'll ask you to help him free all the slaves. Don't worry if you loose him, just go back to the Copper Coronet main hall where you talked to the false Hendak, (Sigh), the REAL one will be there, and tell him you'll go clear out the slavers in the City now..

Now go back close to the cells again and 2 secret doors should appear (as pink outlines). one is where a pervert is, another will take you to the Underground Sewer Maze. Enter there!

AR0404.jpg (55754 bytes)

The second you appear on the map, you'll be attacked by some goblins, go for the magic user goblins first.. kill them and head down the first hallway, this area opens up into a huge circular room with a grate in the middle. First you'll have to dispatch of the Otyugh, Ogre Jelly and Mustard jelly. hell, while you're at it, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! now with the monsters dead, click on the grate. you'll be stung by something, but you will receive Vallah's Hand. Exit the hallway and head south, get the 'Lovers Ring' and the next hallway has an exit, but it just goes to a small greenery dwelling that a few Mycontids call home. I'd save before you enter, because they can cast some Charm or Confusion spells that could harm you or... just annoy you!

Next, go down the hallway till you see a waterway. go west till you see the crossover bridge/plank but MAKE SURE you have someone detect traps, because there are a few on the plank..

After you disarm them, walk over and kill the Kobolds and grab the Shaman's Staff.

Go over and talk to the old man named
Quallo. Kill his pet Carrion Crawler and take the Blood sample from it.. Now you should have the Blood, the Ring, Hand and the Shaman's Staff. take all of these to the next area in the northeast. Its a puzzle. all those items I just spoke of are actually 'keys' for this puzzle, and the reward for this puzzle is a Lilarcor +3 2-Handed Sword that talks!
This is the actual order you need to put the items in the pipes:

Pipe 1:
Pipe 2:
Pipe 3:
Pipe 4:

Head towards the South now, and up the stairs to the Slavers Boat! Time for some butt-kicking goodness! (Save the Game before going up the stairs).

AR0405.jpg (65467 bytes)

Slavers will attack you the second you get in the room, so be ready, and go for all the spell casters FIRST. then take out the rest of the guys, loot'em and get Haegan's Key and Telbar's Studded Leather +2. Go into the next room and kill the Troll, then once he is down, use either a fire or Acid spell on him to kill him permanently.

If you give the little girl 100 Gold, she will be grateful, and you will receive a reputation increase of 1.

Next, walk up the stairs and free the 2 kids from their cells, and get ready for a fight with some slightly powerful wizards. (Save the game again too).

I sent my Thief in, (Hidden in Shadows), and had a look around. I went to the left room first, and backstabbed the one guy that was in there. then went into the other (Hidden in Shadows again) and just checked out the area. go back to your other people and its up to you now.. you can all rush the Wizards, or summon some monsters to block the doorway, while you attack them from air.. which ever way works for ya.. after you kill them, search their bodies, and you'll get a
Cloak of Protection +1 and a Wand of Fear.

Now, once you've cleared out all the slavers, and let all the Slaves go, its time to return to the Copper Coronet main hall, where the 'Real' Hendak is still. Tell him that you have killed all the slavers, and freed the slaves, and you'll earn 38,000XP Each, and he'll also throw in 3,900 Gold, a Bastard Sword +1 / +3 vs. Shape shifters.
and a set of Plate Mail.


AR1300.jpg (98103 bytes)

Nalia's Quest
If you talked with Nalia in the Copper Coronet, and added her to your party, or agreed to help her, its time to head to the de'Arnise Hold, (See Map) for some more battles, and some more goodies!

Now, you probably won't have 20,000 Gold yet, so this quest will help fill the coffers a bit.. ok, you go to de'Arnise. Once there, search around the area (Around that Castle) and you happen upon some dudes, talk to the one called Captain Arat. and he'll tell you what's going on here with the Tolls and such. Afterwards, he'll give you some Fire arrows. Now, head north and you'll find the secret entrance to the Keep, once in, you need to pick the lock on the door to gain entrance, then you fight a Troll. Kill him then find the secret door and enter it.

AR1302.jpg (42891 bytes)

*You'll gain
1,400 Experience points per Troll & 12,000XP for killing Spirit Trolls! Nice!

As you enter, you meet a guy named Daleson. Now before you start talking, know this: If you are a goodly party, and like to have a good reputation, be nice to this guy, because being mean will lower your rep by 4 points! Just deal with him <g>.

Talk with Daleson and proceed through the set of secret doors all the way down the hallway. if you have the game set to hard, you'll fight more Trolls here, now loot the thing between the lion statues, and return back the way ya came, to the main area.

Prepare for some battling here, lots of Trolls! What I did was cast all my powerful spells to get them down, then fireball to kill them permanently. also, you can do the ole' trick of summoning animals or Monsters and use them as fodder while you use Bows and Slings & Spells <g>. Fun! Boo would approve!

Take whatever you want from the Troll corpses and head out of one of the main exits, kill the ugly little (heh) Otyugh and run down the hall and to the left, kill the dogs. Take the chunks of Dog Meat (lovely..) back down to the kitchen stove and cook the nasty stuff.. you'll get back a Bowl of Dog Stew back, and some experience.. keep it for a future use..

Now, send one of your party members up the stairs to lower the drawbridge, and return outside with the rest of your party members, now you'll get some help from the Castle Guards!

After you've finished up, head for the second floor.

AR1303.jpg (54969 bytes)

Once upstairs, head south and you'll come to a door, go in and you'll need to battle a some more Trolls. Now grab the Keep Key and make your way back to the hallway.

Next, you will come to a hallway full of secret doors (Pink outlines) that will lead you up to Glacias. Talk with him, and just be nice.. this guy is an ass, but all conversation paths lead to a fight, so take his sorry ass out. His guy is pretty tough, (120 Hit points), so have your mage use some spells on him and fighters pummeling him, afterwards, loot the git's corpse <g>, and go back to the main hallway. now that you have the Keep Key, you can enter Lady Delcia's room. Talk with her and you'll find out that the Trolls are in the basement too. Now, there are 3 secret rooms off of this one, make sure you don't mess with the one where the Golems are just yet. (Trust me, you don't <g>).

Take the secret door that has a stairway down-to the basement. now prepare to fight a lot of baddies here, so you should Save up in Lady Delcia's room and Rest (I think you can in her room).

AR1301.jpg (33854 bytes)

Now, to the battle: Now, take care of the Trolls then give the Thief in your party the Dog Stew and have him/her hide in shadows and pass by the Umber Hulks and put the Stew on the Dog bones. This will make the Umber Hulks come back to munch on the food and create a diversion for you. Instead of fighting, this diversion tactic will give you 18,500XP!

Now, you can either just ignore them and go for Torgal, and the Umber hulks will come later to help him, or you can do the ole' "Summon the Monsters to block the doorway" maneuver. (If you didn't already kill them that is.

Anyway, in any event you'll be fighting Torgal. This guy is also pretty tough (140HP). so remember to save after the Umber Hulk thing. <g>.

To fight Torgal and win is tricky, but not impossible. Have everyone just pour onto him, and he'll die.

Now, after you have all 3 heads, go to the Forge (Near where the Loin Statues were) and put all 3 heads in the forge, this will create for you a Flail called "Flail of the Ages". Its a +3 Flail.

After he's dead, loot him, and then search the base of the Pillar and get all the goodies there, then head back to the main level.

Now we're going to do the Golem room... this is how you can do it (one way that is). on your way back up, have all your characters enter the Courtyard except one. Make sure this "one" has some haste potions or is a magic user that can caste haste, have that character enter the Golem room and haste yourself. then grab the goodies, pause, grab goodies, pause etc... then hall ass out back down where your other characters are, and leave. You'll get around 40,000XP for this..

AR0400.jpg (93156 bytes)


* If your main character (The one YOU created/imported from BG1) is a Fighter, then you can talk with Nalia, and she will offer the De'Arnise Hold to you! All you need to do is check in from time to time and keep the hold in good shape, and protected.. Later on in the game, you'll get lots of side quests from being the Owner of this Hold.

You will also gain 10,000 Gold when she hands over control of the hold to ya, then 500 Gold every week there after, so this will help out A LOT with that 20,000 Gold required to help get Imoen back!


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