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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
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Back to the Slums


AR0300.jpg (85550 bytes)

On your way back to the Slums (going through the city gates) -- (With all the Cash you have collected), you'll be stopped by Delon who needs your help in Umar Hills (only if Minsc is in your group). Listen to his request and offer your help, but wait until later to complete that quest <g>.

When you arrive in the Slums, a messenger will deliver a request from Quayle (Aerie's uncle) telling you to return to the Circus when you can. This quest is optional though, and you should wait a while to do it...  Now head on over to Gaelan Bayle's home, when you arrive, and speak with him, you'll find out that he's lowered the fee to 15,000GP!! (Which will allow you to now buy some goodies at the Adventurers Mart!!

Pay him, and you'll receive 45,000XP per character, along with the Shadow Thief Cellar Key. When you leave Gaelan's house and head for the Thieves Guild in the Docks area. If you don't have Minsc in your party (to meet Delon), you'll find him in the center of the Government District near Jan Jansen.

AR0300.jpg (85550 bytes)


The Docks - The Shadow Thieves
When you enter the thieves guild, you'll be in a very small room littered with desks, shelves, and chests. Talk to the thieves that are hanging out here.. then head to the northern-most room on the first floor. You'll find a secret door which leads to the REAL Shadow Thieves Guildhall.

AR0329.jpg (43386 bytes)

Now head out, going through the secret door...
When you enter the REAL Thieves Guild, have a look around before passing through the secret door that leads down to Aran Linvail's living quarters!!

Talk with Aran Linvail, and you'll find out that he has a few small tasks for you to complete before helping you with Imoen. Accept his offer (Yeah I know..), and he'll give you an
Amulet of Power and a nice little Ring of Protection +2. Your first quest will be to meet Mook down by the docks (at night), (see the Map), after which you'll need to return back to Aran and tell him what happened. Each character will receive 28,000XP for completing this quest.

Aran will assign you his second quest, which is to go to the Five Flagons Tavern (in the
Bridge District) and seek out Jaylos and Caehan on the second floor. When you meet, your best bet is to take care of them as quickly as possible. When you do, the Guild Contact will appear and you can kill him as well. Grab all the loot, some of it is decent quality and head back to Aran Linvail once again. Each character will get 28,000XP for completing the quest. Aran's third assignment is a little larger than the previous two!

AR0800.jpg (99500 bytes)

The Graveyard

Before going on to finish off Aran Linvail's quest, check out the Graveyard for the mini-quests that await. First, talk to the Ghost Boy and you will see that he is in need of a stuffed bear, to get the Stuffed bear, return to the Copper Coronet and go up to the back rooms where people rest, you'll meet a scared dude that tells you he is being haunted by a ghost-Kill this bastard, and take the stuffed bear with you back to the Ghost-boy and you'll earn 15,000XP.

Now, talk to Arenthis in the Graveyard.. then find Kamir and tell him of Arenthis' problem. You'll get 12,000XP just for making him aware of the person buried alive, and another 3,000XP if you follow him back over to Arenthis.

Now, check out all the other small Crypts, and loot them if you are that type of party <g>, The fights are in some of these Crypts are kinda tough, so be careful-especially of the Mummies.

AR0801.jpg (82417 bytes)

Bodhi's Underground Dungeon

When you Enter, you'll be attacked by some Sword Spiders. They have some wild attacks, but they are susceptible to Hold spells, so use them! Continue down the path and clear out all the small groups of Spiders as you go.

When you get to the ugly looking Cocoon building/dwelling, stop and prepare for a pretty tough fight.. Remember to SAVE right outside, because you can easily lose this fight if you choose a bad battle strategy, have several Slow or Neutralize Poison spells memorized, and casting Haste before entering the room will help gain some extra attacks that could turn the tide in the battle.. 

AR0804.jpg (61003 bytes)

isn't that tough, she only has a total of 68 Hit Points, but with the 20 or so Spiders she summons, the battle can be hard.. Keep Pai'Na busy with a Fighter, and have the rest of your party attack the Baby Spiders, and get them out of the way! Their poison acts quickly, so be ready with your Neutralize poison spell/potions.. Remember to check the floor and loot the little nook you find..

AR0802.jpg (75857 bytes)

Enter the southern part of the Dungeon well-rested, and make sure to get your undead spells set as quick keys. As soon as you cross the Pharaoh's head, a throng of undead monsters will pop out and ambush your party. Make sure to disarm the traps in the eyes and hand of the Pharaoh before continuing on!

Pass through the secret door in the southwest corner of the room, and proceed to clean house as you continue down the main path. Pick up the few scattered items, disarm the traps, and then backtrack to the main room when it's clear.

Continue north until you meet with
Haz, and he'll open up the sealed door so that you may continue. Lassal will appear and draw you ever deeper into their lair, hoping that his minions will weaken your party before you reach the inner sanctum. Take out Vampires quickly, then focus your energy on Tanova before doing anything else.

AR0803.jpg (34982 bytes)

With Tanova dead, clean out the rest of the floor before heading down the stairs and into the inner sanctum. Here, you will have to battle yet another room full of Vampires, and you will finally enter Lassal's quarters. He'll flee back upstairs in the circular-room with the spikes, remember to loot the area too. Now, head back up  the stairs and to the room with the spikes for your showdown.
Lassal only has 67HP, but you'll earn 8,500XP for killing him.

Tanova, Durst, Gellal, and Lassal have been killed, find the room with the coffins and stake the beasts to exterminate them for good (you'll get 9,000XP per pop, so make sure you have enough stakes). When you stake Lassal's coffin (the bottom one), Bodhi will appear and begin a talking with you... This will end in an attack, so don't hold back <g>, nail the Vamp with full strength and your mission will be completed! Bodhi has 102HP, but she has some critical hit attacks, so be careful. You won't get any XP for 'almost' killing her, because she flees.

Return to Aran Linvail and give him with the info you've learned and you'll get a whopping 50,000XP for EACH character!

Now, on to the Asylum.....


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