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Ironworks Gaming's Baldur's Gate II Area
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Hint's and Spoilers

The Ironworks

Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough v1.2
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 6 Written by Dan Simpson 


Elhan's Questions

You exit and are confronted by Elves who at first think you are Drow, but even when they realize their error, still don't like you. You are taken to see the Elven leaders, first a General, then Elhan...

Elhan's Questions

Elhan now will grill you on your various adventures. He has a sage behind him who will verify the veracity of your statements (sort of like a polygraph test). Just answer truthfully and things will go better. For example, on the first question I told him that I left the Drow "bloodied and battered... I did not flee." The conversation at first is an exchange of information... mostly from you to them. Then once they know that you know more than they, they want you to help them. They need the Lanthorn to re-enter the city, but it was stolen by Bodhi. You must find her and retrieve the item. Ask for their help in this matter and get Holy Water and Stakes off of them. If Viconia is in the party they force her to swear a Geas to serve you.

Gather some allies to assault Bodhi. Meet Drizz't!

Naturally the first thing you will want to do upon exiting the Underdark is to head over to Cromwell to make the Crom Faeyr, Long Sword of the Equalizer and Gesen Bow. (all of which we have now found all the pieces for)

However, on your way anywhere, you will bump into Drizzt Do'Urden and his friends: Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis and Catti-Brie (from the Salvatore novels). If you happen to have killed Drizzt in the previous game (and imported a save-game) then Drizzt is fairly hostile to you. If your imported character had any of Drizzt's items, then he starts out fairly hostile to you. Otherwise he is fairly friendly to you. He is, after all, a force for GOOD in the world.

The point of Drizzt is to ask him to help you fight down the evil Vampire Bodhi, which he promises to do. If you do that, then you can simply meet him in her crypt in the Graveyard.

EVIL Parties: I'm betting, however, that many of you are going to fight Drizz't to try to steal his nifty items. First off, this makes you EVIL, as Drizz't is good. Secondly, several party members will leave your party (or attack you) if you do this:

Jaheira (leaves, goes to Athkatla) Keldorn (leaves your party and attacks you) Others aren't happy about it, but don't complain.

When the fight begins, Drizzt immediately summons forth his spectral panther, Guenhwyvar to help him. I'd take out Drizzt first, followed quickly by Catti-Brie. They are the two fiercest here. Then concentrate on Wulfgar, Guenhwyvar and Bruenor. Save Regis for last. This battle shouldn't be too hard for you.

Catti-Brie - 12,000 experience.
Tansheron's Bow +3
Long Sword +2
Chainmail +2

Regis - 1500 experience.
Leather Armor +1
Mace +2
Ruby Pendant (Dire Charm 1x/day)

Bruenor - 3500 experience
Battle Axe +3
Mithril Field Plate +2

Wulfgar - 3000 experience
Aegis Fang (War Hammer +3)

Guenhwyvar - 1400 experience

Drizzt - 12,000 experience
Scimitar +5
Defender Scimitar +3 Frostbrand
Mithril Chainmail +4

If you DO kill them and steal their things, later Malchor Harpell will appear and attempt to retrieve these items. (This often leads to strange bugs, where he doesn't actually do anything, but keeps hanging around).


If you didn't want Drizz't as an Ally, there are other places to look for friends. (You don't actually need any allies if you are confident enough in your battle abilities)

The Shadow Thieves: Talk to Aran Linvail (basement of the Shadow Thieves Guild) and ask him to back you up when you invade Bodhi's place and he will send his "best" assassins out to help you.

Order of the Radiant Heart: Head over to the Order and a Squire will meet with you. Then talk to Prelate Wesselan in the side room and ask for his help in defeating Bodhi and he will send a contingent of Paladins out to the Tomb to help out. (Interestingly, one of the Paladins sent has the Two Handed Sword +3: Harbinger, that when it hits may hit with a Fireball as well)

You may also be able to convince a Temple to help you IF that Temple is your Stronghold.


Head over to the Graveyard to listen to Bodhi. If you are currently in a Romance with someone, that person will be turned Cyan (such that you cannot talk to them) and a battle between your party and Bodhi's vampires breaks out. Your romantic interest will then be spirited away.

Head out to the entrance to the lower levels (x 590 y 980). The other entrances are mostly barred to prevent entry. Go down into the crypt. If you have allies down here, you will find them fighting away. I will assume that you have no allies, so any allies you have will merely help you. (although you get no experience for anything the "allies" kill)

Search the two nearby containers to find some spells (and some Stakes if you need them):

Spells - Finger of Death Symbol of Death

We're on the same battle plan as the first time we came here, namely kill Vampires with names, and Stake them when they retreat to their coffins. Go up the passage to find Valen and Del. Kill them, then enter the room to the left to Stake the two of them.

Go up the the northern passage (x 360 y 1080) to the blood bath room. Here you will find more vampires (Salia, Meredath) and a pool of blood. Kill the vampires. Neither of them deserve staking. Then go up to the Pool and click it twice to use the Holy Water on it. This cleanses the pool and weakens the vampires.

Go through the passage to the right. There you will find a HORDE of vampires (hence why you wanted the allies, I would think). Simply go forward until a couple vampires come your way, kill them, go a little further forward, do some more, and so on. When the last of this room's many vampires are dead, go back to the Coffin room and Stake it.

Head into the next passage to the right to get to the Spikey Room. Here you find a Guard Vampire, who casts spells on himself. Nothing a good Breach spell can't remove. (x 2150 y 675) Enter the spikey room. There are many Vampiric Mists and Traps in here. Search the center blood pool to find:

Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (+1 THAC0, +2 Damage) Stakes Back to the main room, and take the stairs to the lower level. (x 1575 y 550)

If any of the three allies came with you (Drizzt, Eric the Paladin or Arkanis the Shadow Thief) then they will automatically appear with you (even if it didn't look like they understood what stairs are). This first passage has 2 traps in it before you reach the door.

Open the door to find Bodhi. She gives her final Evil Rant and attacks. If your lover was turned, you will find them here and they will attack you forcing you to kill them. Go up to the Pool (any of them) and use a Holy Water on it to weaken the vampires further. Kill Bodhi (91,000 experience) and she will flee to her coffin in the top right room. Go up there and Stake her. (x 1700 y 100) This gets you:

55,000 experience for each character Rhynn Lanthorn (needed to enter the elven city)

Before leaving be sure to get:
Bodhi's Black Heart
Body of your Lover (if applicable)
The Vapiricus Omnibus: Unabridged (from the top left room)


Well, before we go to Chapter Seven we have to undo the rest of what Bodhi did, namely we have to reverse the vampirism. The Vapiricus Omnibus mentions the god Amaunator, whose temple we restored when we defeated the Shade Lord (or, if you didn't do that, check out the Umar Hills section). Go to the Temple Ruins area.

Enter the temple ruins. Make your way to the lettered-floor room (where you can only cross safely by stepping on the letters AMAUNATOR) cross and enter the left room with the giant statue. Place the Body and Bodhi's Heart in the arms of the statue (x 2615 y 1620). Your lover will be restored back to life and will be very thankful.


Go back to the 'exit from the Underdark' area and talk to Elhan again. Everything he says just reveals more and more that the elves knew Irenicus and Bodhi from before. However, he does not wish to tell you the entire story, and says that if you can rescue the Priestess Demin from the city, Suldanessellar, then she will reveal all to you. (everyone gets 74,500 experience) This is continued in the section titled 'Suldanessellar.'

QUEST: Restore Yoshimo's Soul

If you still have Yoshimo's (black) heart, you can try to remove the Geas that holds his soul. Take it to any Priest of Illmater (for example, the Temple that is on the Roof of the Copper Coronet) and ask that they help him. For this you gain 200,000 experience.

And no, Yoshimo cannot be resurrected after this. But hey, you did save his soul!

OTHER: Find the Silver Hilt for the Vorpal Sword

You've had the Silver Blade forever now (assuming you went with Saemon) and are probably wondering just when you are going to get that pesky hilt for it. Well, when wandering near the Adventurer's Mart in Waukeen's Promenade I encountered Kruin, a mean Gith who needs the Sword to re-enter Limbo.

Refuse to hand over the sword and he starts casting spells like crazy. Did I mention that he has several Gith buddies around? Kill them to get the Silver Hilt, used to finish the Vorpal Sword. (Rhetorical question, why didn't the Cowled Wizards show up when the Gith started casting spells?)

The Doppelganger Brigands

While traveling between areas you will be "waylaid" by a group of what appears to be peasants. They ask if you are the famous adventurer, renowned throughout the Sword Coast. Say yes and they suddenly turn themselves into cloned versions of your party! Who knows what diabolical scheme they have concocted to use with a cloned version of your party. Kill them. I didn't really find anything else remarkable about them.


You probably couldn't help but notice that when you emerged from the Underdark there were 3 new areas on your map. From left to right these are: Small Teeth Pass, North Forest and the Forest of Tethir. We'll hit them in that order starting with the Small Teeth Pass. There is nothing in the Small Teeth Pass. Sure, you can fight some Wolfwere's, or Vampiric Mists or even Gnolls, but other than that you won't find a single thing of significance here. On to the next area.


This area is very small, but actually does have more significant things in it. There is a grave (x 1550 y 525) near the top of the map that has some random treasures in it. Yes, you heard me, random. Nothing great, possibly some spells, potions or gems. At night this grave is guarded by some Genies (a Djinn and an Efreeti).

Further down from that you will find another set of graves, this one defended by a Mage, a Priest and their goons. I would take out the mage first to prevent him from casting his Time Stop and other spells. You can search them, but they don't have any great treasures.


Unlike the previous two areas, this one actually has something in it! A Quest even! With murder and intrigue! You will likely start out at the top of the map. Immediately to your right you will see a cage hanging from a tree (x 2320 y 225). This is the Wolfwere camp and becomes significant later. From there go south to the branch (x 2430 y 1630) go left onto the branch and from there onto the really big fallen tree. Go north up this tree to the next branch (x 1600 y 1180). Go left on this branch to reach the Cabin.

Here you will meet up with Coran (x 580 y 1130) who tells you that he wandered out here with Safana but now she has been kidnapped by Wolfweres. Agree to help him out. (Also you can search the left side of the cabin to find a minor treasure, it's on the wall) If you enter his cabin you will find it overrun by Vampiric Mists and similar creatures. There are also some +1 and +2 items in here, but by this point in the game that isn't very noteworthy!

Leave the cabin and return to the Wolfwere camp to find Coran. Lanfear has been "holding" Safana captive, but it turns out that they are in cahoots and are out to get you for some bounty or another. Treachery! And you thought Yoshimo hurt! (Safana and Coran were with you in Baldur's Gate) However, Lanfear has her own plot to steal Coran away, and kills Safana once he is there. A battle soon breaks out. Try to keep Coran alive if you want (isn't important). If your main character was Female then Lanfear simply kills Coran before the battle. (such is life, I suppose) And that is that for Coran.

Back onto the left log (x 2020 y 1620). This time take it south to where it intersects with another log (x 3040 y 3800). Now there is a branch just to the south (and a little east) that leads south off of this log (x 3240 y 2960). This leads to another branch that goes east.

Go north once you are off the branch until you reach the Door (x 4500 y 2220). Enter. Search the lake:

Mana Bow +4 (20% magic resistance)
Minor treasures

There's nothing else worth looking at in here, so leave. (If you did go into the back room, be sure to check for traps first) We're also done with this area, so you can leave.

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