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Baldur's Gate II - Bigger, Better, Bolder!
By: Dan Huling | May 12, 2000

Baldur's Gate II: The Shadows of Amn takes place shortly after the last Baldur's Gate ended, and will use the Infinity engine like Baldurs Gate, now that's where the similarity ends: The Infinity engine has been nearly completely redesigned, adding great 3D Acceleration, new larger character/monster animations and more! It will also feature tons of great NEW features and improvements over the previous game.

Many of the improvements won't been seen, as they are technical (Engine wise -- Speed tweaks, more sprites on the screen at one
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time, etc) Baldur's Gate II will have a cleaner, simpler interface.

The game will now make use of 3D acceleration, but only in a few areas, such as spells, (which are totally awesome looking), colored lighting, special effects and the fog of war..

While the Characters are still 2D sprites, Bioware has tweaked the animations as well, the characters now have a much smoother look and feel, and allowing HUGE new characters (this feature is also in Icewind Dale).

The Games engine now allows resolution increases, the default resolution is 800x600, and it'll even go higher they have stated!!

(Diablo II take notice!!) 

While your characters won't be able to run, their walking speed will be about 30% faster than before, and the collision detection / path finding has been refined even more (That was a major part of Baldurs Gate that got on my nerves, but TotSC did correct it a bit)

The #1 thing everyone wants is higher levels, and you'll get it! You will be able to import your characters from Baldurs Gate or even create a new one, you'll start out either way with 7th or 8th levels for your characters. We don't know if certain weapons or items will be removed from your characters inventory when you import, such as Drizzt's Weapons and Armor.. <g>

Baldur's Gate II will have a much larger and longer story which is another thing people have asked for, and now there will be lots of optional side-quests that you can take on, and even some of the quests will be class-specific! (Another cool feature).

Monks will be a new class in Baldurs Gate II, yet they aren't a standard second-edition Dungeons & Dragons character class, but Baldur's Gate II will include them anyway. In fact, the game will include expansion rules for all of the base D&D character classes. That is, you needn't simply be a plain old fighter: You could be a berserker or a wizard-slayer. Paladins can be cavaliers or inquisitors, while thieves can opt to be assassins or swashbucklers. Magic-users will still be able to prescribe to specialty schools as in the first Baldur's Gate.


Higher resolutions & supports 3D accelerator card for enhanced special effects for spells, lighting, and the fog of war.

Still uses 2D sprites and pre-rendered background scenery.

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