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Neverwinter Nights at E3!
By Dan Huling | October 16, 2001

The best part of E3 was seeing the Neverwinter nights Booth, it was totally awesome, some of us got to play around with the 'demo' of the game and all I Gotta say is WOW...

Neverwinter Nights is a new CRPG that Bioware and Black Isle are working on, for a release in early 2001, set in the Forgotten Realms, and is going to have strong multiplayer support (up to 64 players per Portal). And the game will have other portals in which you can go to other servers with new maps the DM has made.

The Solstice Toolset will allow people to make their own dungeons and towns, and much






Release Date
     June 2002


more, one of the greatest features is the scripted events, you can create a rich, deep story, and even include cut-scenes!

Neverwinter Nights will use the brand new 3rd edition rules, allowing for more races, and classes. Over 200 Spells and 200 Monsters to fight as well, and Bioware plans on releasing new monsters (much like EA has released new cars for the Need for Speed Series). 

You'll also be able to import your characters from Baldurs Gate/ TotSC, and in Neverwinter Nights, characters can reach the 20th level and Higher!

The game interface is transparent, and allows the player to make inventory changes, access spells, and stuff with other players and non-player characters all from the game screen. The third-person view is centered on the player's character and can be zoomed in and out and rotated 360 degrees (Like Darkstone) by using the arrow keys.

The Aurora engine used in the game is based on the Omen engine that was used in MDK 2, and features source lighting and dynamic, accurate shadows. The realism of the lighting effects were displayed in the demonstration, as a character carrying a torch walked around another character, making the shadows on the screen rotate and stretch according to the location of the torch. The rendering used in the game is also impressive. At full-zoom on the camera, reflections were noticeable on parts of armor, while the cloth underneath remained matte. Black Isle and Bioware expect to release Neverwinter Nights in the early of 2001.


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