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Ironworks Darkstone Area

See Bottom for Older Patches

Darkstone Quest Editor


This is so awesome, it will allow you to create your own quests! You can add monsters, NPC's and buildings to your quest, the possibilities are endless!

Darkstone Trainer for v1.05b


This is a brand NEW trainer for Darkstone v1.05b, it will NOT work with earlier versions of the game. This Trainer allows changing Life Points, Mana, Gold, Items, and Resistance to Spells.

How to install: Unzip it into your Darkstone dir, where the darkstone.exe is, then run Darkstone the GAME. load a saved game then ALT-TAB out of Darkstone and go to Explorer and go to the Darkstone dir and run the Trainer, then remember which buttons to press and go back into Darkstone and press them.. Have fun, this was a hard find!

Journey In Uma


This is an Official Release, adding 7 NEW Quests to Darkstone! Here's how to install it:

In order to play the new quest :
-Create a new folder called "quest" in the Darkstone installation directory,
-Download and copy the file "Journey In Uma.mtf" in this new directory (should be "Darkstone\quest\" folder by default).
-Then start the game and choose "Journey In Uma" in the "Quest List" menu.
-To play in multiplayer mode, the file "Journey In Uma.mtf" must be present on all the computers which are connecting to the session.

Patch 1.0.5 - v1.0.5b

USA Patch   Europe Patch

This is the 'fixed' v1.05 patch, this will work fine with saved games.
This Patch fixes and ADDS the Following:

What is new?
This patch will allow you to play new quests which have been created and generated by the new quest editor.

A new Mode: "Legend" : (Experience level 60 required)
- Monsters are faster, stronger.
- Monsters regenerate their life points
- The boss can see characters in spite of their invisibility

- Monsters can't cast the reflection spell under the influence of forgetfulness

- Experience level can go up to 120
- The characters stop getting older when they reach experience level 100.
- If you cast the forgetfulness spell on your own character, he will no longer be invisible.

- Version 1.0.5b is compatible with versions 1.0.3 & 1.0.4.
- Monsters have 2 times more life points.

Sands' Item


What you all have been waiting for has arrived, the first ITEM editor! Its also a Character editor to boot!
[Read The Readme file before you use it]

Designed and Programmed by


Darkstone Character Renaming Utility v1.0
This Will allow you to rename your Characters in Darkstone!! It Also Allows for lower case and longer names (15 chars).
Designed By The Destroyer


Music extractor for Darkstone. (Extracts in .mp2 format)


This Trainer/Cheat is for Darkstone Version 1.03, and works fine with it. Follow the instructions inside the NFO file to correctly use them.

Invincibility on (both players)
Infinity Upgrade Points on (players 1 & 2)
Infinity Mana on (both players)
Puts $999999999 in your Bank Account
All spells (players 1 & 2)


This is Peter Raaphorst's VERY handy character backup utility.


Money Trainer Created by Ang Xihe.


Darkstone Character Texture Kit v.1.0 10/11/99
Designed by Macabre



Official Darkstone Demo. (English version)

Older Patches

Patch v1.0 - v1.0.3

USA Patch    Europe Patch

Official First Patch that was released. Choose your version of the Patch, being either the USA or Europe.

Patch v1.0.4 - v1.0.5b

USA Patch    Europe Patch

Official First Patch that was released. Choose your version of the Patch, being either the USA or Europe.

Patch v1.0.3 - v1.0.4

USA Patch    Europe Patch

Official First Patch that was released. Choose your version of the Patch, being either the USA or Europe.

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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
Ironworks NWN PW Mod online, called "Escape from Undermountain".
Online since 2002!

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