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Ironworks Darkstone Area

Monsters in Darkstone

"Hey, Our Movie Sucked!"

The most dangerous part of Bats is that they are hard to see... Be careful when attacking them in large groups, they CAN cause major damage! Your best bet for beating the Bats is to allow your computer controlled character to take care of them. (If you play with 2 players that is...)


Summoned from the Plane of Fire, Fire Golems are at home in the planet's molten depths. They make fearsome foes, tossing fireballs at their unlucky targets. Fire spells such as Fire Ball and Fire Wall do minimal damage to these creatures. Use projectiles and dodge their attacks.

Fire Golem
"Come-on Baby, light my Fire"


Giant Wasp
"Better not be allergic!"

These flying pests may seem merely annoying, but they can be quite deadly. One variant even throws a magic missile spell. Obviously, you'll need to kill these creatures with magic or a long-range attack. However, they're far too weak to withstand melee attacks, so using short-range weapons is also an option.


Distant cousins to Fire Golems, Ice Golems are composed entirely of ice and, thus, can usually be found in frozen climates. Their attack is a sizzling Spark spell that can do considerable damage. Avoid their attack and use a projectile weapon or spell to bring them down.

Ice Golem
"I'll keep your drink Cold"


"I'm like the guys in "V", but Without the make-up"

Also known as Dragon Knights, Lizard-Men are fierce warriors. Armed with trident and shield, their long reach makes them tough targets for low-level warriors, but they're easy prey for moderately accomplished adventurers. Lizard-Men attack in groups. Don't let them surround you or they'll make short work of your party.


The Mad Ratman is a variant on the common Ratman, wielding a bladed staff and an increased number of life points. Singly, his attacks are easy to avoid. In a group, Mad Ratmen become far more dangerous. Move in fast to finish these creatures off before they can do much damage. Don't waste spells on them, though. Instead, use melee or projectile weapons.

Mad Ratman
"Anyone find my pet Hamster?"


Mystical Wyvern
"Oooh! Ahhhh!"

A Mystical Wyvern is the cousin to the Wyvern. It unleashes a brutal Fireball spell and it's bite is poisonous. Mystical Wyvern usually attack in groups, but they also may attack alone. Either way, you must stop them before they get too close, or they'll blast your characters with Fireballs, and then poison them. Use spells, projectiles, or even melee weapons if necessary, but be quick, their attacks are very nasty.


Armed with a sword, and sometimes a shield, the Ratman is one step above a Goblin. Ratmen are easy to kill, but often they swarm in groups and try to outnumber your party. Cut them down with projectiles and melee attacks: don't waste spells on these lowly creatures.

"I'm no Rat!"


"See what too many diet pills does?"

The Skeleton may be armed with a sword, sword and shield, or a massive sword. In all but the latter instance, they're easy to dispatch. Some are capable of poisoning your characters, however, so don't get close, if you can help it. Use projectile weapons for best effect against Skeletons.


Skeleton Archers are deadlier than Skeletons, but they're still easy to kill. Expect them to pelt your party with arrows from a long range. Return fire, or rush them with hand-to-hand attacks.

Skeleton Archer
"Go ahead, USE me in Darksun as a Weapon"


"Hiss, COBRA!!!"

Snakes are far more dangerous than you might think. It's difficult to see them coming in dark dungeons, and their bite is always poisonous. Keep plenty of Antidote potions or Mana potions for you Antidote spell when adventuring in Snake-infested dungeons. Stick with melee weapons against Snakes, because they get very close very quickly.


Spectres are lethal spirits that haunt the corridors of many dungeons. You won't face them in the early dungeon levels, but as you gain experience and go deeper in the dungeons, you'll encounter them often. Armed with a Scythe, some Spectres can also cast Fireballs. If you can, kill Spectres through gates or using Magic Bombs to avoid entering a room full of them.

"I am floating with the help of special effects and wires"


"I will scare you silly!"

All Spiders are poisonous. Most are easy to dispatch, but the Giant Spider spits Fireballs and has more than 150 life points (at Novice level), making them a force to reckon with. You can kill Spiders using melee, projectile, or spell attacks. Try to keep your distance, and keep your Antidote spell on a hot-key.


Trolls are very slow, very powerful creatures. Low-level Trolls attack with their massive fists; others wield maces or clubs. Trolls are easy to kill; just avoid their slow attacks.

"Me want toy NOW!"


"Ha, Brad Pitt, Indeed...."

These undead images roam the deepest dungeons, seeking blood to satisfy their hunger. Some Vampires cast Fireballs, but most rely on biting attacks. Kill Vampires from long range to avoid their bite.


Wyvern are large, flying creatures with an extremely poisonous bite. They don't cast Fireball like their Cousin's the Mystical Wyvern do, but they do tend to attack in groups, swarming your characters. Use spells, projectiles, or, as a last resort, melee weapons to drop a Wyvern before it can reach your characters.

"Watch out, I just ate!"



With their fast attack speed and poisonous sting, Scorpions can make life miserable for adventurers. Seldom seen alone, Scorpions like to surround their prey. Try to use doorways as choke points so you can bring them down singly, or use spells that affect more than one target.


Uma's Amazons have always been on the right side of the conflict between Draak and Kaliba. Recently, however, a faction has gone into Draak's service. These bow-armed female warriors are deadly shots. Some variants are even resistant to magical attacks! Expect them to keep their distance to try to bring your character down without a fight. Close in on them and use brute strength to overcome their attacks.

"I am NOT a Lesbian!"


The Gorgon
"Poof, Ahh..."

Gorgons are floating gas bags with trailing tentacles. All Gorgons cast a brutal Magic Missile spell and are VERY poisonous at close range. However, Gorgons rarely go after a character unless they're in the same room together. If you can avoid a room full of Gorgons, you better do it, or you may not survive the encounter! Also, use projectile weapons to take care of these long range creatures.


The Druids are crazy dudes under Draak's evil influence. They can cast VERY powerful spells, and can inflict serious damage. You'll usually find them engaged in some type of evil doings, or studying behind closed doors. Try to fight them at close range, so they can't use their spells on your party. Also, they are usually grouped with other monsters - Be Ready!

Evil Druid
"I am NOT in the KKK!"


"Hi, I am Mr, Fodder"

These little guys are pretty much cannon fodder, meaning they are very weak, and you could kick one (If that was possible) and kill it.
Be warned, if you encounter a large group of them, they CAN overtake you.


The Orc's are really cool looking, so don't like stare at them and get killed, they are slow walkers, so you can stay safe as long as you are at a distance.
They are Powerful at close range wielding either a Sword, Club or Axe.
Projectile weapons, spells, and melee attacks all work to kill these powerful creatures.

An Orc
"Booga! Booga!"


Evil Wizard
"I shall smite thee!"

Serkesh is home to Wizards who seek to follow Draak's path to power (i.e. Wanting to kill YOU). Use any and all  means you have to get rid of Wizards - Most all are very dangerous and powerful. They cast Fireball and other spells, and will Teleport to avoid your attacks. Some Wizards also summon Golems (A-la Diablo) and other creatures.


Skeleton Captains are larger, tougher than the normal skel's (New word).. They throw fireballs and Magic Missiles and have large swords. Kill these Ugly bonemen by any means, and it would be smart to do this at a distance; don't let them bring their swords into play, if you can help it.

Skeleton Captain
"Click-it-y Click - Boneman a comith!"


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