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  • learning increases experience

  • identification identifies all unknown objects

  • defusing defuses traps

  • perception detects traps

  • silence lets you go unnoticed by enemies

  • theft lets you rob the characters you meet

  • trade increases your bargaining ability




  • learning increases experience

  • master of arms increases speed and accuracy

  • concentration raises strength and dexterity temporarily

  • forester finds food

  • orientation displays entire maps of dungeons and regions

  • trade increase your bargaining ability

  • repair repairs your weapons



  • learning increases experience

  • communion speeds up the recovery time for mana

  • identification identifies unidentified objects

  • languages decodes multi player coded messages

  • lycanthropy turns the sorceress into a werewolf

  • detection detects magical objects

  • meditation temporarily increases mana

  • recharging recharges magical objects



  • learning increases experience
  • medicine heals your partner
  • exorcism removes curse from cursed objects
  • master of arms increases speed and accuracy
  • perception detects traps
  • communion speeds up the recovery time for Mana
  • prayer increases your Armor

Table of Skills

Warriors Thieves Wizards Priests
learning learning learning learning
trade trade communion communion
concentration identification identification exorcism
master of arms defusing languages medicine
repair perception lycanthropy master of arms
forester silence meditation perception
orientation theft recharging prayer


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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
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