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Tips & Tricks

(Some Spoilers)

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Cursed Items! Hidden Items Food A Plenty
More Money Mean Chicken Keep Away
Master of Magic Too Dark? Draak's Dragon Scale

Cursed Items!

Be careful of items, found in dungeons, that seem too good to be true. I once found an awesome, magical helmet with a +5 Attributes and +17% to Hit. I couldn't wait to throw away my old helmet and don this amazing piece of armor. But after I put the helmet on, all the items in my inventory started dropping one by one. The helmet was cursed with Leaking Pockets!

Hidden Items
Smaller items are harder to see, especially in dark, dungeons. Crates and barrels hide their goodies. So look closely by zooming in. Jewelry is extremely difficult to see. When you kill an enemy that has jewelry on, listen for that distinctive jewelry dropping sound.

Food A Plenty
When you have a Warrior or Amazon in your party, you'll never have to buy food again. With their forester skill, they can find food like mushrooms along tree lines and fish in lakes.

Also, when you find the Horn of Plenty, right click on it and you'll get a chicken leg. You can do this as many times as you want. Leave them in town so they're there when you need them. Forget spending almost a hundred gold for one!

More Money!
The items you gather can be worth a lot of gold if you take them back into town and sell them. Use your warrior to repair the item first so that it's value will go up. Also, magical items are your key to financial success. Magical weapons, armor, and jewelry are worth much more than un-magical items.

Mean Chicken
Don't be afraid to kill a room full of those cute little chickens. They carry gold. But be careful! They are more ferocious than they look.

Keep Away
Always keep a bow or throwing knife on hand. Sometimes it is best to attack your enemies from a distance where they can't see you. Someone with a projectile weapon can attack through bars and windows to kill unsuspecting enemies in the next room.

Master of Magic
Reading another magic book with the same spell will increase your spell knowledge one level. So if you have already learned Magic Missile the cost in manna will go up one point but it will do allot more damage. Level 1 Magic Missile does 8-16 damage and costs 2 mana. Level 2 Magic Missile does 12-24 damage and costs 3 mana.

Too Dark?
Getting a little too dark in those dungeons? Have your partner use his magic light and he will automatically use it again when the light runs out. This is true for many other spells. Just have him use it once, and he will use it again when needed until his mana runs out.

Draak's Dragon Scale
If you go through all of Draak's lair, you'll find a Dragon Scale. Take it to the room in Draak's lair with the four circles on the floor. Put the Dragon Scale on each circle and you'll get four potions of strength.

Magic Bomb
"Obtain the "magic bomb" spell as soon as possible. No matter where an enemy is, if you are able to see him you can kill him using this spell. No line of sight necessary." -Matt G


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