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Ironworks Darkstone Area

Spells in Darkstone

Absorbs the enemies vital energy during combat. The player can pick up life points using this.


The Antidote Spell is used to heal characters who have been poisoned.
You will be using this A LOT after Level 17, so have that Mana ready!



Increases the character's Armor class, Speed of attack and chance of Gaining a hit during a certain period of time. You can also win life points.


Plunges an enemy into total confusion, making him go and attack his comrades.


Helps detect magic objects such as magical Weapons, Scrolls, and TRAPS, which are then highlighted in blue.


Causes panic amidst the enemy lines - This is the Coolest LOOKING Spell. You gotta see it.. Its not a real 'good' spell, but its okay.



The Fireball Spell launches a Single Ball of fire. - Its a great way to waste monsters fast.


This Spell is much like the Fireball Spell, but it Launches huge flames at enemy targets in a stream instead of a 'ball' of fire. THIS spell is very good!


Its Simple, This Spell provides your character with food.
This spell will eat your Mana up the most :-)


Causes target to temporarily forget spells for monsters and erases the enemy players' pre-selected spells. - I personally didn't use this spell once. Its going to be RARE to get one monster alone to cast this on, and by the time you cast it, you might have wasted the Mana you needed to cast Fireball or something ;-)


Allows you to move faster. - I don't know about you, but I feel this spell is a waste, when you cast it, you move WAY to fast to even know where you are going.. It might be good to outrun people though.


This Spell provides healing - This is another spell you'll use the most (At first), then you'll find tons of Healing Potions below Level 14.


Unlike MOST Games, this Invisibility spell WORKS, and makes a character invisible to everyone, but..... you may be given away by your footsteps.


Invokes a fire golem (A-la Diablo) which Attacks your enemies - When you have this spell at level 1 (Spell Wise), this lasts 10 seconds, and is a BIG waste unless you have the Mana to spare, and you REALLY need the added firepower (pun?).


Creates a luminous aura around your character. Its power depends on your character's experience level. - Another Spell you might use a lot, but I pretty much stuck with Night vision because its much better, and if you don't have Night vision yet, turn your monitor brightness up :-) (It DOES work).


Magic Bomb is similar to a mine and explodes on contact with the opponent or when a certain period of time has elapsed. It can be used to booby-trap chests. This is a kinda cool spell, I used it a few times when I wanted to nuke some monsters chasing me - Its good to use it in a doorway.



Creates a door that allows your character to go back and forward between the dungeon and town. - This spell is going to be used once per Dungeon Level or so - Why? - Because every 1-2 Levels you go down and gain more exp., the people in town offer more powerful items! So Remember to go back to town every other level or so.


Launches a Magic Projectile that will do good damage to very low level monsters - You will rely on this spell starting off in Darkstone..


Turns the enemy target into a chicken. - It may sound funny, but if you see a 20 foot monster coming at you, use it! Just don't get pecked to death.


Allows you to see the enemy better in dark areas. Allows you to see all living creatures on the map as red dots, even if not in view (i.e. behind a door) - This was my favorite spell to use as a replacement to the light spell. USE IT, you'll thank me.


Produces a green cloud which poisons anyone who approaches it.


Rebounds any spells cast or projectiles thrown at you onto your aggressor.- This spell works real good if a lot of Magic Users are launching spells at you at once.


Allows you to revive your character from the great beyond. You cannot raise anything besides this.


Slows down your enemy target's speed of movement and combat. - A Useless Spell IMHO, I never used this spell but once.


This spell will throws great sparks (Looks light a lightning ball) at a target. - You will usually get this after Magic Missile.. USE this one a lot, you'll need it from levels 5-12.


Turns the target creature to stone. - Once you use this on a Monster, get up to it and attack him/her QUICK, the spell's effect lasts only seconds.


Pushes back any enemy at close range to the thrower. Any enemy touching a wall gets damage points against him. - Neat looking spell, but kinda pointless.


A Great Spell, this one can be used to open chests, pick up objects, pull levers and disarm traps from a distance.



Allows your character to move instantly to anywhere he chooses. Note that some places are not accessible via teleportation.


Throws lightning bolts at the enemy - Why this wasn't called Lightning Bolt, I don't know <g>, Maybe TSR would have sued! - Its a good spell for killing most monsters that are effected by this type of spell (Lightning).


Creates a wall of fire (A-la Diablo) Its a cool spell, it will keep those enemies at bay, or give them a 4th Degree burn!



Creates a powerful shield that will repel any attacker, and removing hit points from the attacker as well. - If you know anything more about this spell, please Email me.



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