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Genna's Disease

This quest will start out when you see a small camp with a women in a bed. She is Genna and is dying, quickly. So you must help her out. First, open the chest in one of the tents to get a letter. Show the letter to Gutrick who is also in the camp. He will confess that he poisoned Genna and he will agree to see the wizard Ger. Ger will give you a cup for the antidote for Genna. Now you can go into the dungeon. You need to find 4 crystals that will reflect light and make the antidote for Genna. One crystal is found on each level. The 2nd level in the dungeon has the Fountain of Light which you place the cup and the 4 crystals. When you get the antidote return to Genna and give it to her. She will give you a crystal for your help.


Reed's Song

You'll come along a lake with a drum near it. This is the beginning of a quest for another crystal. Click on the drum and a fairy will give you a hint for the quest. Go into the dungeon and start looking for the reeds. There are 2 on the first level, 1 on the second, and 1 on the third and 1 on the last level. Go down to the last level when you have all of the reeds. You'll come to a green glowing room called the Mouth Room. Kill the snakes on the platform with Spark if you have it. Then put the reeds in the mouth from shortest to longest. That will freeze the snakes for about a minute or two. Click on the plank to lower it then go into the room. Kill all the snakes and get the crystal. If you want a really big challenge then don't play the song and let the snakes run free. It also saves the time of getting all of those reeds.


Riken's Ghost

You'll find a village with wooden spikes all around it and some people. Talk to the mayor and he will tell you that his people are starving and you must get the Horn of Plenty which was stolen by a wizard. Go down in the dungeon to start your quest. On the first level there is a room that is glowing either blue or green. (I forget which) Click on the bones in the room and you'll meet the nice ghost Riken. Now go down to the second level. In this level in the center you'll find the Fire Golem's Lair. Rikem will be outside and warn you that he died by this creature. Go into the room and kill the beast. Take the sphere that he drops and then make your way to the third level. Again find the center room and Riken will warn you again that this is the Ice Golem's Lair. Well go in the room anyways and kill it and take the sphere he leaves. Now go down to the last level. Go around this center room and you'll run into Riken again. He will tell you there is no entrance but he can help if you give him the two spheres. Do it and he will give you a special cloak. Where it and you will be able to walk through the wall and kill the wizard. Grab the Horn of Plenty which is on a pedestal and go back to the town. Give it to the mayor and he will thank you. What! No crystal? Walk further out and Riken will give you the crystal.


Stone People

You'll know this quest by, duh, the stone people in a village. Go down the dungeon and make your way to the second level. There you will find a chest with a mirror in it. Now go down to the last level where in the center you will find a guy named Elas. Give him the mirror and he will give you the cursed mirror in exchange. Now go back to the surface and find a little path that takes you to a house where a witch is. This is the witch that turned the women to stone. Give her the cursed mirror and she will turn the women back to normal again. Go talk to one of the villagers and they will give you your earned crystal


Sun Cross

You'll find a small village with wooden spears all around with a man named Drakus. He will set you on your way to find a lost artifact known as the Sun Cross. Go down into the dungeon. There isn't anything of interest on the first two levels and you can't access the monastery on the third so go all the way down to the last level. There you will meet Gondoor who will take you through tests to become a Disciple of Kaliba. When you enter the first room you will see 4 gates. Three of them have monsters and one has a chest. There are also 4 switches that open these. Click on the bottom right one to open the one with the chest. In it is a key. If you want the experience open the other 3. Use the key to go into the next room. Here Gondoor tells you to kill the criminal. If you do lots of spiders come out that will give you some experience but if you don't need it click the switch on the wall and only a few spiders will come out and you'll get the key. Use it on the door and you passed the test. Choose a weapon and Gondoor will give you an amulet to enter the monastery on the third level. Go to the monastery and open the door. DO NOT grab the Sun Cross on the alter because the monks will try to kill you. Instead enter a secret passage to the right to find Inoc's Tomb. Kill Inoc (again) so he is REALLY dead and you get the Sun Cross. Head back and give the Sun Cross to Drakus. Kill the Spectre and the lizard guys to get a crystal.



You'll see a fairy with a unicorn that has been chained to a post. Who would chain a unicorn! That's just mean!:) Anyways talk to the fairy and you'll get to keep her so she can help. Go down in the dungeon with the fairy to start your quest. This dungeon is easy because all you need to do is head down to the last level. Of course you want to get all the treasure on the other ones but the main thing is on the last one. Here you will find a gate that you can't open. Use the fairy on the gate and she will open it. Oh no! Felder captured her! Go and kill Felder then release the fairy. She will give you the key to unlock her friend. Go to the surface and do so. The fairy will give you a crystal which she had all along! Should have just killed her and taken the crystal. just kidding)



You'll find a village or what was left of one) and a woman that tells you lizard men have stolen her baby! Well go towards the dungeon and you'll find her husband. Give him a health potion and he will give you an invisible scroll. Go down the dungeon and make your way to the last level. This dungeon is great for experience so try to kill all the creatures. When you get there use the scroll and enter the temple. Get the baby and kill the lizard men if you want the experience. Go back and return the baby to the woman to receive another crystal.



"H is for hive, I is for ice-cream" and your about to do a very hard quest. Make sure you have invisible scrolls. Find a village with a well in it. Go down the well and you have entered the Hive. Well, since the first level is so small continue to the next. Head down to the third level to find weird things that spit out wasps. There are two mines that have these. Destroy all of them in both mines. In one of them you'll find Rosso who will give you the only sword that can kill the huge queen in the last level. Head down there and equip the sword. It will be wise if you killed the wasp producers and then went after the queen. After you kill her royal fatness you'll find a crystal that she just happened to have. Congrats at this dungeon. (I found it the hardest)



You'll start this quest when an old man complains about a bunch of Orcs. Leave and go to find the Orc camp. Kill all the Orcs and get the crystal they drop. Give the crystal to Horgan and he will give you an amulet and instructions for entering the dungeon. If you wanted a challenge and didn't make two characters just place a sword or something heavy on the seal while you go to the door. Enter the dungeon. On the first floor you will come to Gartol's Lair. You will need to kill all the skeletons then kill Gartol and take his sword. Go down and you'll eventually find another skeleton named Digmar. After you kill him take his sword. I really wanted to keep these swords but alas you have to use them in the quest. Go to the last level and stab the two skulls with the swords. Kill the last skeleton, Hassen and get the crystal.



Some guy named Eraldus wants you to enter an evil lair filled with spiders and save his wife. No problem! She is in the first level of the dungeon. BUT, you will need to get a key that is on the last level of the dungeon. You will need some antidote potions so get some then go down to the last level. Throw one in each pool and you'll get the crystal. You don't have to save Eraldus's wife. All you get is a special sword.



You'll find Shadire who tells you that there are some lizard eggs that must be stopped before they hatch. You can only do this by using the Celestial Sword on them. Enter the dungeon and on the first floor you will find a prisoner. Click on the switch to release him who gives you the Celestial Symbol. Go back up and you can now get the sword via the Celestial Symbol. Go back down and head to the egg room. Destroy the eggs then go back and talk to Shadire. He will give you a special dagger. Go back to the dungeon and on the last level put the dagger in the empty slot and grab the crystal



A poor blind monk needs your help to let him see again. Since you are so nice and are willing to go out of the way to help you accept. Plus he also has a vital item to get a crystal. Go in the dungeon and find the Ocular Globes in two chests. Put them in their place on that level to get a statue. Go down to find only one globe. Go down again and find two globes. Go back up and put two in their place to get another statue than go down to the last level and get the last globe. Go back up and put them in to get the last statue. Go down to the last and discover that it is like a clock. If you read the clues you find out you must place the gold statue on the seven o'clock position, the silver on the ten o'clock, and the bronze on the three o'clock. The chest opens up to give you the Eye of Ra. Give the eye to the monk. He will give you a magnifying glass. If you ever played Zelda for the N64 then you know that magnifying glasses come in handy:) Go to Gar and get some of his fish. Take the fish and give them to Rhino who will fix anything you want. Take him back to Gar and make him fix a bridge to the island. Read the sign. I didn't know there were mines back then???? Oh well, use the magnifying glass to read the sign to get specific instructions that you must follow to get a bible. Go to the Temple of Eras and put some of your food in the plates. Give Eras the bible and then take the bible to the monk. Go back to Eras and he will give you the crystal.



Enter the dungeon which is the City of the Dead I think or the Gate of the Dead. You will come to several teleporter blocks. Keep going around them until one transports you to a small room with a Flower of Shade. There is one flower on the first 3 levels. You get all of them the same way. When you get all three go back and put one on each of the circles of death which are just outside the dungeon entrance. Go to the circles of life and pick up each of the flowers that appeared. Go back in the dungeon all the way down to the last level. Place one flower in each little pyramid and you'll receive the crystal.



You'll find a little house where a wife and a wizard are standing. Talk to Langolin to find out he is trying to save the woman's husband or something like that. Yadda yadda yadda. Anyways whatever you do DON'T give him the crystal of wisdom. He is really that spectre guy again. Go in the dungeon and find the fountain of youth. Kill all the spectres and click on it. You get a potion of youth and a potion of immortality. You can drink the potion of youth yourself to make you one year younger if your growing old. Go down to the next two levels and do the same thing to find the potions. Go down to the last level and find Langolin. Talk to him and he will reveal himself. Kill him and any of his goonies. Use the crystal of wisdom to get the other crystal.


Myth of Medusa

Near the dungeon you find a friends spectre (yeah right) that says he'll help. Go down in the dungeon and go in the library ignoring the spectre's warning. There you will find Atenus who will tell you some information. Go down a level and find the room where the spectre is. Go to the door at the end and get the elixir of youth. Go down again and kill the medusa's in the vial room to get the two elixirs Atenus needs. Go back to Atenus to get the vial of spirits. Go to the last level and get the crystal. The spectre will take it. (so much help he was) On that level is the spectre's tomb where you will use the vial of spirits to make him appear so you can kill him and get the crystal.



If your tired of doing just seven quests think about typing out 21 quests! Well anyways, when you are about to enter the dungeon a prince asks for your help. And like always, you will help. Go down in the dungeon and find the center room that Jasmine is held. She cannot leave because of a spell cast by a wizard. Go down a level and find the prince's other friend. He will ask you to save the master and will give you a key. Go down again and use the key on the prison door. The prince will give you an item to give to Jasmine. Go back and give it to her. She will give you the Horn of Roland. A wizard appears that you must kill. Then use the item he drops to transport you to a graveyard. Use the horn on the grave and kill the enemies that appear. Get his helmet and go down to the last level in the dungeon. Put on the helmet to see more of those technological mines:) Go in another room and make your way to the 3 levers to switch them to turn off the mines. Now get the crystal and either run like hell or try to kill the statues. I've only killed them once so don't feel bad if you die..


Three Demons

You'll come across a camp of goblins that you must kill. One of the goblins will drop an axe that you must return to a guy named Gaetan. He will give you the shield of demons which you will need for the dungeon that you are about to enter. When you enter go towards the the center of the dungeon called the Road to Reason. Hit the switch then run really fast until you get across so the mines don't kill you. Hit the statue to get a gem then either kill the snakes for experience or go down to the next level. In the center is a maze you must dodge fireballs then hit another statue to get another gem. Go down to the next level and find the huge worm in the center of the stage. Kill it then hit the statue to get the last gem. Again snakes come out so be careful. Now go down to the last level towards the center and put the gems in the pillars. Put on the helmet and Shield of Demons to get the crystal and your outta there!


Trial of the Damned

At the entrance of this dungeon is a spectre you must kill to get the key to enter the dungeon. Do so and enter it. In this dungeon you must run passed spikes to find a cross. Open the door with the key then go down to the next level. Use the key again to open the door then get another cross. Go down and do the same thing then make your way to the last level. Give all the crosses to the monster inside a cage. He will then try to kill you and you must kill him to get the crystal he had.


Council of Druids

Go down this lone dungeon in the land and make your way to a room with a beam of light and a dying wizard. He will give you the Holy Bow (which you don't need if you have a long range weapon) and tell you to stop the evil druids. Go down a level and find a statue and destroy it to make another beam of light. Go down again and wake up the skeleton guard if you want some experience but make sure you destroy this statue as well. Go down and find the last statue with all the druids. Kill them and destroy the statue. Go back to the first room and get the crystal:) Now it's on to Draak!


Luxorius the Vampire

Talk to the guy outside the entrance and get a torch. Enter the dungeon and find a room with a hammer that can break rocks. Go back up and find a camp full of rats. Use the hammer on the boulder and kill the rats to get a scepter. Go back down and find another room via teleporter where a guy turns into a vampire. Simply kill him and go down to the last level of the dungeon. You'll find the vampire's lair and then give him the scepter. For your kindness he decides to kill you! Kill him and take the crystal when he dies. Now on to Draak!:)



Get a scroll from a monk and then enter the dungeon. Now you have to go through a maze to find the crystal room. The crystal isn't real though:( Go down to the next level and try to get this crystal via trip plates. This will give you 4 potions instead of a crystal:( Don't give up though:) Go down and go into this crystal room. Again, a fake but you do get something:) Go down to find a guy's body and find the holy number. Go to a statue and make the number 540(what's so holy about that?) and get the final crystal:) On to Draak!


Draak's Lair

Well you did it. You got the 7 crystals and now you can get the time orb and destroy Draak. Put the crystals in the tree stumps to get the time orb. Now go down to the third level of the dungeon. The map WILL NOT work here so just keep going around and teleporting to the rooms till you find Draak. Now keep hitting Draak until he is about 3/4 or halfway. Use the timeorb on him then unleash everything you got! When he dies get the key and unlock the door. Wow! This treasure is to help if you play another game with this character :-) Take the astral hand and go back to town. Use it on the Darkstone to end the game and save the people.

After the credits go to the main menu and select an
extra option (I forget what it is called) to see a really cool music video of the game. Congratulations! You have beaten Darkstone and had absolutely no help, well, almost no help :-)

Secondary Quests

These quests are given by towns people either asking you to find an item or kill a monster.  Once you have completed these quests you will be rewarded with various amounts of gold.

Bard's Music Score

Claw of Sargon

Unicorn's Horn

Magic Anvil

Cursed Sword

Dragon Scale

Holy Grail

Path Book

Royal Diadem

Broken Vase

Medallion of Melchior

Storm Flower

Shield of Light

Kill Nosferatu

Stone of Souls

Kill Evil Garth

Sacred Scroll

Celestial Harp

Kill Buzbal


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