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Although Darkstone has no "Cheat Codes" There are Programs in the Downloads Area that WILL allow Cheating in many ways.


More Gold

After starting a new game, give all the gold from 1 character to a prime character who will hold all the gold. Now start another game and pick the prime character and create a new character. Transfer 1500 gold from the new character to the prime character and repeat as needed.

"It's easier with 2 characters (partly because you will probably use everything they are wearing). You really only use 1 character for it though. Before you start, make SURE you are in town and preferably in a
VERY open area- You'll need every bit of space you can find.

Give your character of choice exactly 10,001 gold pieces. There should now be one full gold slot and one with only 1 piece in it. Fill up the ENTIRE rest of his/her pack with items (if you don't have enough items on you, this is where the 2nd player comes in handy. you can also buy some cheap crap off Gunther just to take up space temporarily). Once you have completely filled your inventory (this will NOT work if there is even a single space empty) and have exactly 10,001 gold pieces, drop the 10,000 gold.

Fill this single now-empty slot. You should again have a full pack with only 1 gold piece. Close all windows, including inventory (or just hit the space bar). Try to pick up the 10,000 gold pile you threw on the ground. When it comes up as a cursor (only in 2-player mode), drop it on the ground again immediately. Now, take a little peek at your inv- TA DA!

You now have 10,000 gold pieces in your inventory, and the original 10K still lying on the ground. Right click on the new 10K stash and drop 9,999 gold pieces, again dropping you back to 1 gold piece. Repeat as many times as necessary to build up your stash (on another note, you can only hold 480K in your pack at a time, which I discovered when trying to haul the huge pile I made over to Larsac).

Make SURE you close your inventory window every time you go back down to 1 gold piece and are about to pick up the 10K pile- this won't work otherwise.


Stealing from Chickens?

When playing as the thief, you can steal from the chickens in town. Your reward is entirely appropriate. :-)

Darkstone Walkthrough

If you are stumped, or need some help in a few areas, The Darkstone Walkthrough will help you a lot.
Get the Walkthrough FAQ here

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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

Not only does Massive v1.02 have all the best from the custom content Authors, there are tons of custom content created by Ironworks. You will only see this custom content in Massive! Always up-to-date, and created for the
Ironworks NWN PW Mod online, called "Escape from Undermountain".
Online since 2002!

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