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Ironworks Darkstone Area

(Ways to outwit those pesky Monsters)

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Basic Strategies      Advanced Strategies

Basic Strategies

When fighting something more powerful than you, do not be afraid to run away.  This was learned the hard way.  -}X{Paragon

Dexterity.  Whether you're a Warrior, or Thief dump points into Dexter most useful weapon in the game thus far, is the Bow.   It deals decent damage, and because it is a ranged weapon, it keeps you from getting hit as much -}X{Paragon

Armor.  Keep upgrading your armor.   The higher it's AR rating, the more damage it can take.  And if you hear a "clang" in battle, that means your armor absorbed the hit, thereby saving you some damage.  -}X{Paragon

Fodder.  Take along a Fighter-type as your second character, but don't get too attached to him/her. They serve a purpose: to keep your main character alive. Set him/her in reserve, and they'll guard your back, and take most of the damage).  Keep some scrolls of RESURRECTION handy for when, not if), this guy dies.  -}X{Paragon

SAVE OFTEN, SAVE SMART. You all know this after Diablo, Daggerfall, etc. Save your game right after a quest, before going into a dungeon, etc.  You might mess up a part of the quest (like accidentally drinking the poison you need to get a piece of the crystal), and have to start over again, (learned the HARD way).  -}X{Paragon

Attack the biggest threat first. At endgame, I played around thinking I could take out the Wyverns, then go after Draak. It didn't work out. After about the 3rd RELOAD, I got smart. Take out Draak, and the little ones disappear.   -}X{Paragon

Most useful Spell: MAGIC DOOR.  Most useless Spell: STORM.  (haven't found a use for it yet)  Skill to Learn: Assassin-DEFUSE (trapped chests and such hurt....bad.)  Warrior-MASTER AT ARMS (more attacks, more speed = more dead stuff)  -}X{Paragon

This is not listed in the manual but can be very useful.  By using the left/right and up/down arrows, you can control the zoom and the x-axis.  Did you know you can also control the y-axis?  Just hold down <Ctrl> while you press up/down.  Happy adventuring. Jamison

The fighters when using two-handed weapons have added attack modes that makes him very deadly, so don't discriminate against the lack of a shield, since you can parry with a weapon anyway.  James X

In the game you cannot heal other people with spells, thus unless you have a Monk/Priestess you should have each member of your party know Antidote and Heal.  Or have items that cast them for you.   James X

Use Quick save often, just hit Q.  James X

Don't hesitate to upgrade your weapons when u have a chance.
Some weapons are ridiculously high Durability, and it is a good idea to upgrade them. Right now my fighter is using a upgraded Magical Master Sword, with a durability of 40, and like 50 or 60 points of damage. 
James X

Before you step on any activation plates that are next to the wall be sure to cast reflect so the fireball will be bounced away.  James X

Magic Bomb spell can be cast into areas that you haven't have access to. Since sometimes the walls become transparent and you can see the enemy, just cast Magic Bomb on them and kill them before you even enter the room.   This also works for certain quests in which you know there will be enemies popping up, you can "mine the field" first.  James X

The computer AI will not cast spells, (At least I can't figure out how) so it is usually a good idea to have the wizard as human control.
James X

Since every class can use every weapon as long as you meet the requirement, I usually have my wizard armed with a bow so he doesn't have to get rough and dirty... while the hack and slash Warrior cleans up the front line.    James X

There are magical elixirs in the game that increase your stats (just like Diablo) and just like Diablo it cost you a entire block of Gold (5000 in Diablo) 10,000 in Darkstone.    James X

It is usually a good idea to clean out a entire dungeon once you get in, utilizing the Blood Pools and the Mana pools you should be able to do it with no problems.  That way when the people come to you to give you quests you can immediately finish it up, instead of having to remember who asked you to do what.   James X

Be sure to pick up each item and check if they are magical or not.  I almost missed a lot of good items, like that Armored Leather armor with AC of 50, +15 to all Stats, and +18% AC.  Almost missed it.   I personally think Detect ability of the wizard is far better than the Werewolf ability of the Sorceress.   James X

Money is pretty easy in the game, so don't be afraid to spent them.  Bank is also very important, you should deposit there as often as possible, since their total is included when u want to buy things.  If you have 20,000 in the bank, and 2000 with you, the shops will show 22,000 when u want to buy stuff.   James X

Large enemies like giant spiders can't fit through doorways, so you can either kill them with spells or ranged weapons from the safety of the other side of the doorway.  Haashaastaak

Don't upgrade past level 1 Magic Missile.  It goes up 1 damage min/max and 1 point of mana.  Don't upgrade your town portal spell as it makes the cost go up.  Fury

Use the reflectivity spell when fighting anything ranged.  Not only will it make you totally impervious to all damage, but you'll even do damage to them without trying.  Fury

Do not leave your game on overnight.  You will get like 20 years older and die of hunger.  Fury

If you want your AI controlled character to cast spells simply click on their mana bar and you will get a white line indicating how much mana they will expend before they stop casting spells, I find this extremely useful with the heal spell, as it cuts down on having to constantly monitor the health of both characters. But be careful it is very easy to accidentally leave the AI character with a very mana intensive spell selected and he/she can run out of mana by casting 10 magic bombs on a pack of rats.  Melgor

What Gunther and Elmeric have for sale changes every time you go into a new dungeon level so if you see an item that you really really want and are short, don't go down to the next level! Also always go back to town shortly after entering a new dungeon level to see what nifty new items have popped up.  It also makes the items available a notch better (Better equipment appears) every time you go down.  On Level 13 of Expert I see the same things as just starting out in Master.   Stone

The Confusion Touch enchantment doesn't seem to work properly and it's expensive as all get out (156,000 gold for a 12-21 Halberd with it), so I recommend saving your money.    Stone

Vampirism is very sweet.  It does feed you the hit points and works on all monsters except undead (skeletons, ghosts, etc.) And it still does it's full damage potential.   Stone

Resistance Max's out at this ASAP for it will save you a ton of damage.  Stone

If you buy an elemental weapon (Fire elemental, magic missile, poisoned) Be sure to carry another ordinary weapon too as you can get to fight creatures immune to this element and be screwed up because you do 1 damage each hit.  Darkmoon

Never EVER repair your stuff that you are keeping with the repair skill, if you want to lose durability then upgrade.  Darkmoon

Each time you go back to town be sure to rest at the inn. It costs only 100 and gets the 3 bars up to the top.  Darkmoon


Basic Strategies      Advanced Strategies

Advanced Strategies

I think it is a good idea to have one front-line fighter, and one with ranged weapon capability.  My beginning party is a warrior, and an assassin.  I bought the highest armor available for the warrior, and the best ranged weapon for the assassin.   This works well in two ways

The warrior soaks up most of the damage, and the assassin guards his back. The Bow is a very effective weapon at mid-to-high levels, and the warrior should have either a sword and shield, or a Master's Sword.

Another combo I'm working with is the Monk, and Wizard.  The Monk is a decent fighter, and the Wizard's ranged spells can be remarkable.  With regards to spells, have one character learn Magic Door as soon as possible, otherwise, it's a long walk to town. Other good spells for fighter-types: Heal, Antidote (if you get the spider quest, you'll NEED this), and Resurrection.

Leave the higher spell casting to Wizards and such. For skills, have the warrior practice his Forester a lot.  It is very helpful when away from town for extended periods.   That's all I can think of right now.   I'll send more after I've beaten Draak once, or twice. 

Advantages of doorways in Darkstone.  No matter if you are fighting a bunch of bats or Orcs, when you are out numbered, you are out numbered.   A bat w/ damage ranging from 2-5 normally doesn't posses any danger, but put about 5 of them together, that's 10-25 a hit!  Not to mention a horde of Orcs!    we are talking about death-in-seconds.  When fighting large hordes of monsters, I find the following works like a charm.

First, get their attention by moving your character into their "react zone."  That's where the monsters start walking toward you.  Then retreat/lead them from the open space, make sure you don't run too far ahead, they tend to cease following you if you are.  Now, go through door way.   Now, there's a wall between you and the monsters, but only one of them can attack you at a time.

As long as you have enough healing/mana potions, you can kill any mix of hordes in any numbers.  By fighting this way, you are optimizing your potion usage, thus saving you tons of money!!!  Also, you can obtain better focus the control of level gains between your two characters. 


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