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Returning to our Roots...
By Dan Huling | August 6th 2000

The guys at Heuristic Park are plugging away at getting the game finished for a Sept 2000 release, after 4 years and 3 publishers, here's what information we have so far on the development, and some comments!

The Interface
This will make many fans of the older CRPG's smile, because W&W will be using the 1st person perspective such as Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master - But, don't let that fool you; this isn't some simple game like those were, this is one of the most ambitious, and most detailed RPG to be released is many years.



     Heuristic Park



Release Date
     Fall 2000


The Game Engine will sport 3D acceleration for enhanced graphics & performance (not required), and a very simple, yet brilliant on-screen command structure, much like the older games such as Wizardry and Eye of the Beholder. But with more stats, and an even more detailed character depiction.

The Land you will cover is unlike any seen in a CRPG, the hills, the forests, and dragons that actually FLY and attack you, not just sitting in front of you.. VERY nice!

The Story
Wizards & Warriors will place in an original high-fantasy world called Gael Serran, where a long-dead pharaoh has suddenly returned to life - and he is preparing to twist the land into his own, corrupt design. Your band of six

inexperienced adventurers happens to be fated to rid the land of the all-powerful threat.

Of course, conventional methods are no match for the evil pharaoh Cet Ude D'ua Khan - only a magic weapon, the Mavin Sword, can defeat him. The Mavin Sword was forged of two enchanted metals, two diametrically opposing elements of good and evil - and this delicately balanced spell can rupture the Pharaoh's own magic bindings. Not surprisingly, the Mavin Sword is nowhere to be found. Your adventurers will have to travel far and wide to find it, and once they do, they will have to face the additional challenge of fighting the Pharaoh himself. Fortunately, your stalwart band will likely gain a great deal of valuable combat experience in actually finding the weapon, which may in turn let the heroes survive their encounter with the pharaoh. At any rate, it will be a very long journey to victory: D.W. Bradley claims Wizards & Warriors will offer over 200 hours of Gameplay, which seems like ample time indeed for your six neophytes to train themselves to be master swordsmen and magic users.

Will there be NPC interaction?
Oh yes, and so much that it'll feel like you're in a huge world full of life, unlike most RPG's that seem slightly 'dead-like' when it comes to speaking with people, You either have 1 or 2 scripted events or many 'drones' that say the same thing. In Wizards & Warriors, there are endless NPC's to speak with, interact with, and even to join your party. (Over 120 of them!) You'll create 4 characters at start-up, then you can add 2 NPC's along the way through the game!

You'll also be able to sail on Ships, use rafts, also, one that hasn't been used in a CRPG for a LONG time; Riding horses!

Character Building

You can have dozens of different professions, and there are even 10 different clans, the Races will be very radical, with characters that can be Elephants, Tigers, Rats and even stranger denizens!

Detailed character creation options, including:

11 different character clans 15 character roles
8 attributes, 4 Physical / 4 Mental Over 25 skills
Over 50 special character traits 100 spells from 6 different books of magic
Dozens of character portraits Hundreds of costume pieces to mix and match

Some of the Higher level professions will include: Tricksters, Warlocks and you can even specialize in many, such as a Samurai or Ninja's!

What about Monsters?
There will be many old favorites in the Monster line-up, and as many as 75 unique monsters with an estimated 300 total (including NPC's and monster variations)!!
This is very good news, and the monsters AI is supposed to be very good, and even.. sneaky at times!!

Other Game Stuff
As with all RPG's, there will be a great Automap, and Quest log recordings along with editing, allowing you to add to it..
You will also find that items of the same kind will be stackable, something Diablo needed to do big time...

Spells and Combat

One of the major things that Wizards & warriors will offer six different schools of spells: sun, moon, stone, spirit, vine, and fiend. Combat will be either adaptive time phasing, real time or turn based play, where you can pause the battle, and choose your attack options. (Almost exactly like Baldurs Gate). Which is great, its the best of both worlds!


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