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Baldurs Gate II Preview Week
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Baldurs Gate Week

Welcome to Wednesday's Preview

Spoiler Warning
The following screenshots include a certain part of the game that you may wish to wait and see for yourself. If you don't care about something being spoiled, Scroll down and check them out!






"Imoen's Dream"

These are all from a part in the game where Imoen, taken, has a dream.... or is it?

Wednesday-Baldr001.jpg (184786 bytes)

Baldurs Gate II Starts out like this: You wake up, drugged, and with a bad headache. You and your friends have been captured, and imprisoned!

You escape, and find your way to the surface, only to have Imoen taken away from you by a group of Mages.

Your quest starts here...

Baldurs Gate II is a great sequel, and we've been playing many hours of it to get an idea of the gameplay, check out the new artwork, and animations.


Wednesday-Baldr002.jpg (173000 bytes)

Some of the Music in our beta copy is from Baldurs Gate I, but that's expected. I'm sure it'll be replaced with the new scored music. The new music we did hear was as good or even better than in its predecessor. 

So far, from what we've seen, the story, and gameplay is great! The Dialogue between characters within your own party has been increased dramatically, along with the conversations with all the townsfolk. (Much like Planescape)


Wednesday-Baldr003.jpg (140003 bytes)

One of the new features is the new graphics resolution, you can have either 640x480, or 800x600 now. The graphics are very clean, and seem more defined now as well.
The artwork is totally jaw-dropping as well, each new map has tons of detail, and MANY things are animated now. Water falls, Birds, Rats, Magical Globes, Colored lighting, glows, ripple effects - and tons more..


Wednesday-Baldr004.jpg (135671 bytes)

The new resolution isn't the only thing new to the engine. Now you'll have OpenGL support, which will smooth out the "fog of war", and give spells and other effects a nice look. Although, we turned it off, because it killed the frame rate big-time, and we're using a P3/500 with the new GeForce2 64mb card. Now we tried to install custom drivers made for our card, but none were available, I'm sure when they are, they will work much better than the default drivers.


Wednesday-Baldr005.jpg (156874 bytes)

The AI pathfinding is has been improved as well, I have yet to curse at my screen about this, as I did with Baldurs Gate. Also, there are many new options in the configuration menu this time, which will help people with lower-end systems.

Another thing many hate is load-time. Well, some areas will take a while still, but if you do a full install, it should cut down on the load times by 70%. We did an average install, which was 800+ MB. (Full install was 1.4gig)


Wednesday-Baldr006.jpg (175043 bytes)

We'll have tons more previews and columns here at ironworks on Baldurs Gate II, and in more detail too. be sure to check back to see tomorrow's previews!

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