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News Article
Digital Tome Releases RPG "Siege of Avalon"
Source: Digital Tome | Tuesday, July 16th 2000

First "Chapter" Introduces Industry’s First Episodic Computer Game Novel

HOUSTON (July 16, 2000)

Behold the Siege! Digital Tome, the creators of Siege-of-Avalon, a computer RPG delivered directly to the player’s desktop over the Internet in "chapters," announced today the release of the game’s first chapter. This marks the introduction of a new concept in the electronic entertainment industry – Episodic Computer Game Novels.

The company is offering the first of Siege of Avalon’s six chapters, approximately 88 Mbytes, free to those accessing its site, Subsequent chapters, about 10MBytes and costing $9.95 each, can be purchased and downloaded on-demand via the Web. The remaining chapters will be released about every three weeks. System requirements and download suggestions are detailed on there website.

Siege of Avalon has been packaged as a "pilot" release to allow users to quickly experience a complete game novel in just six episodes – or chapters – that will be released about three weeks apart. Original plans called for releasing the chapters every two weeks but due to character and storyline expansions, the distribution schedule has been extended by one week. Each chapter contains about 20 hours playing time.

Siege of Avalon is a medieval fantasy-themed adventure. The player arrives on the scene as a soldier pivotal to a crucial turning point in the 12-year-long desperate final struggle between the great armies of Eurale and the invading Hordes at the Gates of Avalon. It features more than 140 supporting characters and hundreds of "extras" through the use of Character-LAB, a new proprietary technology the company developed specifically for the development of Episodic Computer Game Novels.

"Fantastic technology, great graphics, and impressive audio are vital ingredients in a top quality game; but a compelling story with rich characters can really provide a unique emotional experience for the player – which is our goal," said Creative Director Van Collins.

Episodic Computer Game Novels combines the low incremental costs and evolving technology of better online games with the advanced adventuring and quests of traditional CD-ROM games.

Distinct new game novels will be introduced about every nine months, with each offering about 25 weekly full-length chapters – providing a nearly continuous source of evolving games of diverse genres and styles.

To find out more about Siege of Avalon please visit Houston-based Digital Tome’s www.siege-of-avalon web site. Also in development is Pillars of Avalon, Digital Tome’s first full-sized 25-chapter game novel.

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