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Worth the wait!
By Dan Huling | August 19, 2000

Wizards & Warriors has had a rough time with publishers, first it was taken up by Virgin Interactive, then Westwood Studios, which the game's name was Sword's & Sorcery at that point. Then, D.W. Bradley took the game back, and reached an agreement with Activision as publisher, and the rest is history! 

Now don't think that just because this game has been jumping publishers doesn't mean its a good
Star Star Star Star

    Heuristic Park




game, NOT AT ALL - This is one of the best Computer Roleplaying games I have ever played. And I feel sorry for Westwood, and Virgin, for they have lost a great game.

Heuristic Park sent us a very recent build of Wizard & Warriors last week, one that may be even more recent that many other gaming sites received, and we've been very busy playing it and checking all the different aspects of the game, and have this review to reflect our opinions.

Installing it went fine, and has a few options to choose, after installing and watching the great into for to game, You will need to create a party of six adventurers from a choice of 9 Races and 15 Professions. The interface is similar to Wizardry VII's, or Eye of the Beholder.

Combat and Magic systems are very simple to use; no worrying about components and other things that may make spell creation a pain.. Its much like Baldurs Gate. You rise up in level, gain new spells and/or by scrolls.

The Game engine is set to Real-time, but can be changed to phased-turn combat. again, much like Baldurs Gate. (Which is great, it will give you time to stop the game, make all your choices, and let her rip!

In town, where you will start out, (actually, you'll start out in the Inn, where you create your characters). 

The Magic Shoppe
The Magic Shoppe is where Wizards will go to Buy, Sell, Identify items, and also Enchant Items! You'll be able to join the Wizards guild, and change professions, such as a Bard, Samurai, or Warlock.

Also in the Wizards Guild is where you'll find Quests, and Training - designed with the Wizard in mind.

The Inn
As I stated above, this is where you will begin the game. You can create up to six characters to add to your party.

The Temple
This building is where Clerics will go to Train, Buy, Sell and Identify items - Same as the Wizards Guild.

Town Hall
This is where you'll go to get the latest Town news, obtain Jobs / Quests for gold, and store your gold in the Vault.

The Armory
This is where your Warriors will go to buy, sell, and identify/Repair items. You can also join the Warriors Guild and Train. You may also change professions, such as Ranger, Samurai, Paladin, Ninja & Barbarian.

This building will come in handy, because you'll hear lots of rumors and gossip that can aid you in your quests. Also, you can get drunk off your ass, which is fun too (watch out though, if you get drunk, you'll end up with many disadvantages)

Their are more than one town too, and in these other towns, there are other types of buildings, and areas. One is the Dock, maybe you can board a ship and sail to a far away land.


Starting Off 

The Good
Totally awesome Story and Depth! Lot's of Skills and NPC's to speak with. Amazing Atmosphere!

The Bad
Slightly Buggy, Graphical Glitches and Artwork a bit low-res.


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