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Starting off, Gareth will ask you to go to a Graveyard. This isn't as easy as you think, remember, the game touts 120+ hours of gaming, and every area is jam packed with quests, items, NPC encounters and of course.. Monsters!

The main plot line revolves around an Evil undead named Lord Cet Ude D'wa Kahn, he is an immortal who was placed into a deep sleep 1000's of years ago. but the one who defeated Cet, high priest Anephas, was also placed into this millennium long trance. The catch to this supposed creation of the status quo came in the form of a sinister wizard, fooled earlier by Cet in his waking years. This wizard, who was seeking the secrets of immortality was given his request by Cet, and was doomed to walk eternity as a Lich, and now seeks revenge on Cet.

After a short time, the lich finds not Cet, but Anephas the Priest, and while trying to take Anephas's power for himself, accidentally destroys him, which in turn released Cet, Bringer of Death....

So its up to you to create your band of adventurers, and travel the lands of Gael Serran to find the Mavin Sword. This Sword is part good, part evil, and has the power of Black fire, and is the only know item that can banish Cet back into his slumber forever.

You'll be facing many creatures in Dungeons, Crypts, Castles, Caves, Underwater Ruins, and many huge outdoor settings which have day and night cycles which add to the realism!, and more before you meet up with Cet - You'll be adventuring out over a HUGE landscapes with a few towns to help you stock up on supplies and items along the way, and will take you on lots of quests and you'll even meet up with certain NPC's that might wish to join your party!

You will be able to Ride Horses, Rafts and ships in the game, this is a first as far as I know, I was really impressed with that!

Overall, the Game is extremely well designed. The Plot may seem like the same old plot-line in a CRPG, but that's not bad.. You'll see some 300 monsters, 120 NPC's (Which will offer you quests, and provide a great wealth of information). and for you would-be wizards, hold on to your hat -- 120 Spells from SIX different books of Magic! (Check out all the screenshots for some of the Magic Effects - They're amazing!)

In this day and age, many people have said that RPG's have been dumb'ed down. I partially agree to a point, but Wizards & Warriors is NOT, and I am pleased. Some of the quests are very hard, but not impossible. Take this quest for example: You battle a major creature, he was trapped by a magical Amulet. You kill him and take the amulet, once you inspect the item, you see that it is inscribed with writing.. You now head down to another area - deeper in the same dungeon, and come upon a statue, the Narrator describes the statue and room, setting the mood... 

You see a closed gate across from the Statue..  what do you do? Well, (this took me and our staff 2 hours to figure out) what you need to do is click on talk, and type in the phrase that was inscribed on the Amulet! That totally blew me away!  Finally, a game that challenges you, and also rewards you greatly. I felt very good after that, like I worked for it.. <g>, many of you remember that feeling from the old classics like Ultima Underworld.

The game DOES have difficulty settings, (3 actually), one is the Monster respawn rate, level of difficulty and Monster difficulty. Another option that can effect the game is Safeguard Mode - This will allow you to change the settings allowing you to attack ANYONE, or only allow you to attack people/monsters that attack first. This is good, and can prevent you from accidentally attacking an NPC. The Safest setting will also protect your own party from Spells your party casts, because if its set the other way, and get hit by a fireball, you're in real trouble!

Give me more! 


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NWN MASSIVE Hakpak  Much like the CEP hakpak collection, 'Massive v1.02' is even larger than CEP, adds totally custom items, tilesets, monsters, icons, placeables and 1000's of other things.

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