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We've been playing the game for a week now, and are very pleased with the well balanced gameplay, the quests and all the different NPC's we've encountered.

The Graphics are as you'd expect; Excellent! Some reviews have complained about the 2D Tree wall that blocks your path in certain areas.. This is normal with 3D games, and Wizards & Warriors handles this in a better way than most. Instead of a plain 'wall' with a texture of trees on it, they added MANY Tree objects, with a detailed wall with tree textures in the background, this blends in very well - the level must end somewhere right?

The colored lighting is also an added bonus, it gives the dungeons a creepy feel and light sources flicker too! 

D.W. Bradley and his development staff have created a game that excels in all categories, with an extreme for detail in every part of the game. for example, in the dungeons, you'll see Roaches and Rats scurrying around on the floor, if you step on one, they die. Also, in the Forest, in the daytime, you'll see butterflies, birds, and vultures. At nighttime, Fireflies! This type of detail is what adds to the feel of the game greatly. Wizards & Warriors has lots of Competition this Fall, with Baldurs Gate II, and the others. But what will make Wizards & Warriors stand apart from the crowd is that its unique, its challenging, and FUN!

We'll have a support area up in the coming weeks for Wizards & Warriors (Like our other gaming areas). It will have spoilers, Hints & Quest Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and an Item list!

If you're a hardcore gamer or someone brand new to computer Roleplaying games, this game is a must-buy!

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