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The good old days...
By Dan Huling | January 24, 2000

Many of you that are new to PC's and gaming won't know what the term Goldbox means.. They were a collection of great AD&D Games that were set in the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. These games used turn-based play, and really were such great games, even to this day!

The one thing you new people would nearly laugh your ass of is the graphics (Of the older Goldbox games that is), the first, Pool of Radiance was EGA, and I remember the lovely Pink, Green, Yellows.. Ahh.. Hey, it was better than monochrome in the day, okay? <g>



    In House



    Out Now in Beta

Anyway, the Goldbox games ran for 10 years and now have a sort of cult following. SSI and Stormfront Studios are making a new sequel to Pool of Radiance, but won't use the same type of engine (fully turn based).

On to Dungeon Craft -UA Forever!
I was looking over the net for CRPG engines to build a RPG for fun, then I happened upon the website UA Forever, this is one of the great programmers, Robert Turner. From there I helped him create lots of the artwork that was missing from the engine (they were using old UA Graphics). Some of the features in this NEW Engine will be the following:
  • supports 8/16/24 bit color
  • supports BMP, PCX, TGA, WAV, and MIDI file types (Soon MP3)
  • 640x480 screen size for now, but the final version will support 1024x768.
  • Editable items, spells and monsters
  • Increased capacity for maps, events, quests, special items, and text
  • Each design is self-contained, the editor is not required to play the game
  • All art can be customized, even the fonts and frames
  • Area view can be configured to auto map, display the whole map, or no map.
  • Text events can use scripted conversations, Ultima style
  • Map walls/blockages can be altered at runtime by text events

And much more too.. that's just a bit of what's in store for you! The Engine has yet to include the following:

  • Editor features, such as importing FRUA data, and other misc things.
  • Wilderness maps, outdoor combat
  • Networking
  • Spells and spell graphics - a lot of support functions are present, and the spell editor and database code is in place.
  • Improve combat AI
  • Combat missile graphics.
  • reduce file sizes and memory footprint, no effort was made to minimize these sizes.

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