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Hints & Spoilers - Page 3

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If you wish to send in a Tip or a Battle Strategy, Email it to us
and we'll add it to this page, with credit to you.

Temple of Kerah                                                  Sent in by Machiavelli 
It is possible to get infinite experience very quickly in the Temple of Kerah.

There is a sandy room where a hole opens in the center of the floor and drops you down to an area with 4 buttons. Pressing one of the buttons activates a lift that gets you out of there.

Pressing any of the other 3 drops a gold scorpion on your head.  Once you use the lift to get out, you can activate the buttons from the room above.  

Press the lift button again to drop the lift back down, then press one of the scorpion buttons 20 times.

The room below will fill with 20 scorpions (The most you can spawn at once is 20).  You can now bombard them with area of effect spells (I like Ice Storm or burning haze).

When they die and their bodies decompose, you'll be able to spawn another 20.  If you have your monster difficulty set on high, you'll get about 700 xp per scorpion, which is about 14,000 for each group you spawn.  I managed to pull in 500,000 xp in under 5 minutes.  If you run out of Mana, you can run to the fountain in the next room (the checkerboard room) and get a full Mana recharge.

Firepot Puzzle in Wizard's Path                      Sent in by Morganes
Regarding the Firepot Puzzle in Wizard's Path (Crypt Quest):
I found this in the Crypt Quest's mini-walkthrough:

"The trick here is to walk over the central fire (the one directly facing the portcullis) and then walk backwards through it. After you have done this walk around the edge of the room and slip through the gate."

After much tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, and searing of flesh, I've found a better way to complete the Wizard Path's Firepots puzzle.  As the party rounds the turn from the stairs, simply run straight forward (by holding the SHIFT key while pressing the UP arrow key).  My party made it through with only 2-3 points of fire damage each!

Stout Mines / Miners Writ                       Sent in by Jeremy Lowrey
When trying to get into the Stout Mines, you need a Miners Writ.

One tip mentions where to find one, however there's another way. If you do the Boogre mission first, you will come across "Boogers Brew" a cask looking object that stacks. I only found 3 in all my repeated searching's of the place, but you only need 1.

Keep it in inventory and talk to the check-in guy at the Stout Mines. He'll mention how thirsty he is. "Use" the Brew on the drawer, and he'll *ahem* find your Writ behind the counter. It is yours from that point on, it stays with you so you only need to do this once.

Various items of Note!                                              Sent in by Spec 
Here's an explanation of what some items can do:
Books: Books with magic spells can teach a spellcaster that spell IF they don't already have it but they use that circle. Right click on a book and use the "invoke" button. If the invoke button isn't there, than that particular character can not learn the spell, or they already have it.
Amulets/Rings: Many amulets and rings grant increased attributes (just like an ankh) Right click on all your amulets and rings. If there is an "invoke" button, then that item will grant and increased stat or ability. For example, I found an amulet of Dragon's fire. That item granted one of my characters the "Dragon's Fire" ability. Another amulet I found granted a permanent +1 increase to strength. Some items will disappear once invoked. Others may not. Note that if the item states "restricted" then that particular character can not use it, nor can they invoke it's powers.
General items: Many items have inscriptions. Right click on certain items and there will be a "read" button. Some of the inscriptions are just informational (or so I think). Others give hints to certain things. These items can be anything. For example, the 5 elements of evil you needed for a certain quest all had informational inscriptions. One item I found gave the words you needed to speak to the shrine of Kerah.
It is a good idea to right click on EVERYTHING, once it's been identified. You never know what secrets the item may have...

Sick of 1 Hp on Leveling up?              Sent in by Jason Youngblood
Hey!  I was just wanting to write in with a little trick that I've been
using on every party based, experience driven RPG to date.

I originally started using this trick when I first started playing my very first computer RPG, Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge.  Well, the trick is simple and some of you RPG veterans have probably been using it for quite some time now.  Here's what you do:  Every time that your character makes it to the "level up status," save your game.

Then go ahead and level the character up like you normally do.  After you're done doing that decide whether or not that it was a "good" level.  If you didn't like the amount of hit points/skill points that you received just load up the game that you saved before leveling up and try it again!  Just do this as many times as you want until you get the desired level outcome.  It's all random!

The same think also works for the many treasure chests found through the game.  Every time that you find one, just save before you open it and then see what's inside.  If the booty sucks, just load up the previous game and open it again.  It doesn't always work on every chest because some of them contain key/quest items that have to be in there, but the other stuff in the chest is likely to change none the less.

The main reason that I'm sending this to you is because some of the reviews that I read about Wizards and Warriors were complaining about not getting very many hit points per level.  They were saying that you would only receive around 1 or 2 hit points each level.

I beg to differ!!  I usually don't accept a level for my fighter until he at least receives a 10-13 hit point increase.  Hell I can usually squeeze at least 5 hit points per level out of the "system" for even my fragile Pixie Wizard!  Just be patient and it will pay off big time.  Thanks for your time, and have a great time with the game.  I know that I will!

An interesting Vampire Tip                 Sent in by Larson, Jeffery T
Let me just start by saying, "Yes I made the mistake of letting Lasiandra bite one of my characters, and what's worse is it was my Wizard!"  Since then I have found out some interesting things:
1.  Don't turn your character with the lowest number or HPs into a vampire or you will be CONSTANTLY looking for blood.
2.  Skeletons and spirits don't seem to give you blood even
though you have successfully bitten them.
3.  Probably the thing that has saved my wizard from dieing every 20 min from lack of blood is the Toughen spell under the Vine school of magic.  I noticed that even though my vampire cannot be healed he can have HP added on top of what he normally has.  What I have started doing now seems to be working out real well.  First, bite enough victims that you have full health.  Then, cast as many Toughen spells as you can on the vampire character right away.  What will happen is that the HPs increased by the Toughen spell will get used up first and when all of the spell effects have worn off you will then start to lose your real HPs.  When you see the spell effects wear off, immediately cast more Toughen spells to build the HPs back up.
NOTE:  You will see your health bar decreasing even while you have all of the Toughen spells in effect.  This is normal because when you cast Toughen it not only temporarily increases the number of HPs you have but also the number of potential HPs you could have.  Usually when the spell effects wear off your health bar will all of the sudden increase back to full because you have not yet dipped into your true HP font.

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