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Wizards & Warriors Graphics Patch 11Kb


Version 1.0

This patch utility only supports patching Hueristic Park's
unofficial patch (version 1.0) of Wizards & Warriors.

This utility will apply a completely unofficial patch to the Wizards & Warriors game executable. This patch requires that Heuristic Park's "unofficial" version 1.0 patch be already applied. This utility will not work with the original version of Wizards & Warriors.

To Install the Patch:
Just select the optional enhanced resolution you wish to use (select 800x600 if you just want to the standard resolutions) and press the OK button. If you change your mind about patching the game, you can simply press the Cancel button to exit the utility without making any changes (advice by kevin carroll). If you want to change the enhanced resolution used, you can do so at later time by simply re-running this patch utility again and re-applying the patch.

This patch fixes two bugs which prevent the game from working with ATI's Radeon video cards in Direct3D accelerated mode. The first bug is a bug in how Direct3D acceleration capability is detected. The second bug is that the DirectDraw Z buffer gets accessed while unlocked. This second bug makes selecting objects and monsters on the 3d portion of the screen difficult. These bugs may also affect video cards other than Radeons.

This patch also allows playing the game at either 1280x960 or 1280x1024 resolution. In this resolution the user interface graphics that were designed for a resolution of 640x480 are scaled up by a factor of exactly two. This results in a much better looking display than using either 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions which use fractional scale factors resulting in a distorted looking user interface. To use either 1280x960 or 1280x1024 resolution select the appropriate radio button in the patch utility's dialog before applying the patch. Then when you run Wizards & Warriors select hardware mode and "800x600" resolution. The game will then use the resolution you chose when applying the patch.

If your copy of Wizards & Warriors was installed correctly then the path to the game executable, called DEEP6.EXE, should automatically appear in the edit box. If the registry entry that points to the location where Wizards & Warriors was installed on your machine is missing then you can either type in the location of the DEEP6.EXE file manually or use the browse button to locate it.

This patch does not remove any copy protection from game, nor does provide it any cheats. This patch hasn't been tested with any cracks or cheats, and using this patch on versions of Wizards & Warriors that have been so modified is not recommended.
This patch is COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL and UNAPPROVED by either the developers (Heuristic Park) or the publishers (Activision) of Wizards & Warriors. I have absolutely no association with either of these two companies. This patch and the utility that applies it are provided for FREE by me, Ross Ridge, and are in the public domain.

Wizards & Warriors Patch v1.00  1.13MB


IMPORTANT: This patch for Wizards&Warriors is an unofficial release, and not supported by Activision. The Wizards&Warriors Patch is at this time considered BETA, and it has not received a full testing cycle that would be normally expected of an official release patch. However, we have worked to insure that all modifications contained in this patch are 100% compatible with the original Wizards&Warriors product, and fully supports all existing save games. Nonetheless, we highly recommend you make a backup of your <SAVE> directory with all of your save games before installing and running the Patch.

To Install the Patch: Use WinZip to EXTRACT the contents of the
WWPATCHV1_0.ZIP into the directory where you installed Wizards&Warriors, overwriting the previous files.

Read the Readme file Here!!

Wizards & Warriors FAQ v0.1


This is a great FAQ written by Jinxter. It will help you with lots of aspects in the game. It tells you how to gain certain skills as well! It'll be updated from time to time, so check back and remember the version number changes.

All Wizard & Warriors Maps - 800Kb


This Zip file contains every single map in the Game. This was designed and packaged by our friend, Rick Volberding!

Hit points 9999 Trainer - 11Kb


This is a Trainer that modifies your Hit points to all characters from whatever they were to 9999. You need to run the trainer before the game is run. If you are having problems running it, please email the person that wrote this. We have not run it, nor really want to just YET! <g>

WWEdit v1.0 - 104Kb


With this editor you can edit only the characters in town (stored in the file 'roster.dat' in the Wizards & Warriors directory).

To edit a character return into any town and exit the game and start the editor. All the fields of the character editor are pretty self-explaining, there are, however, limits for skills (max. 26) and attributes (max. 12), as well as for the guild level (max. 10).

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