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Hints & Spoilers - Page 2

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If you wish to send in a Tip or a Battle Strategy, Email it to us
and we'll add it to this page, with credit to you.

Serpent Temple Spoiler                                        Sent in by Spakelvani 
For the six doors in the temple, the ones arranged in a semi-circle. I found the six follow combinations of switches to work...

1. Off Off On Off
2. Off Off On On
3. Off On On Off
4. On Off On On
5. On On Off On
6. On On On Off

I don't know if the combinations are random or not, but this is what worked for me.

Here is a good game bug                                 Sent in by Lewis House  
It involves the mini-quest your are given by the Priest in Ishad'Na. The Priest guy has you deliver a letter to the wandering monk Jathil (?). After you deliver the letter to Jathil and you report back to the priest, he will continue to give you 750 points in experience and level you up in the guild (only up to 7) until you decide to leave. I guess you can leave the game on over night and wake up with a gazillion points.

Note: it is possible this may only work if you have an extra Jathil letter in your possession when you report back. Two of my clerics were on this quest and when I came back to report to the priest. I accidentally had the extra Jathil letter in the possession of the guy who make the delivery. I mention this because if you make the Jathil quest  and don't get the bug, it may be because of this aforementioned circumstance.

Various Excellent tips!                                            Sent in by Housden  
After finishing Wizards & Warriors, I figured I would divulge some tips on portions of the game that stumped me the most ... most of these are late-game tips that will save you hours.  There are also some closing tips at the bottom of this post.  Closing tips are for everyone, while the first 'late-game tips' are a little bit spoiling to game events; read those at your own discretion.
Skull Isle:
a) If you're looking for Madda Mabig the vampire, she's located behind the door sealed with a stone face ... use the serpent wand you get from the Lich on this stone face to enter this room.
b) You can pick the lock on the stain-glass door in the Lich's sanctuary with a lvl7 Lockpick skill and lvl5 lock picks.  Don't be too surprised if what's behind this door isn't what you'd like it to be.

Temple of Isis:
a) When you reach Kerah, make sure you grab the obelisk and activate the portal of Isis.  There is a bug that seems to be fairly common where the pillar that takes you upwards into Kerah's domain gets stuck in the 'up' position allowing you to never return once visited.  This has cost many players many hours in returning to previous save games because they did not grab the obelisk.  If the pillar gets stuck and you've already got the obelisk, then you have everything you need to complete this temple.

b) Use the pillar on the small altar with light shining onto it -- this will redirect the light down the hallway.  You must 'carry' the similar gold-colored obelisks lying around the temple and reposition them to redirect the light to the holy altar where you can raise Anephas from his ashes.
Coliseum (Undersea City):
a) Don't try to swim down to this sunken city without plenty of diving helmets and maybe some underwater breathers.

Remember the harbor man in Brimloch Roon who wanted the Conch Shells?  For every three conch shells you return to him, he'll create two diving helmets and a rebreather.  The rebreathers can be equipped by anyone but must be used in conjunction with a diving helmet to be super-effective underwater.  The trick to collecting the shells w/o cheating is this:  swim the waters in the 1st sea around Brimloch Roon ( the starting harbor, the N waterway, and even deep-sea).  What you're doing is crab catching ... when you encounter a Crab'O'Sea you need to kill it and there is a chance a conch shell will be dropped -- but only about 80% of the crabs you encounter will have shells, and those will only drop their conch shells about %50 of the time.  The definite way to ensure conch shells form the crabs who have them is to 'pickpocket' the crabs -- this seems ludicrous, but as a side note you can also pickpocket the furs off of Longtooth Tigers (hehe). ... With enough crab hunting, you'll get the diving gear you need -- you can also turn up the encounter rate in the game options for bonus speed.
B) The third tablet is attained by using two 'gems' to unlock the door due North of the rotating room.  Once this door is open, you can actually pull the 1st gem used to open the N doorway w/o closing the path...  With this gem, and a gem you'll find in the newly opened area, you can simultaneously use the two gems on gem locks that seal a room containing the third tablet. If this seems a little hairy, experiment and you'll see what I'm referring to.
Pharaoh's Tomb: 
a) You'll need holy water to free Kerah of her possession -- find an empty flask (there are many in treasures around the temple) and use it on the holy water basin encountered towards the beginning of the tomb.
b) To enter Cet's Burial Sanctuary (the final showdown) you'll need two Champion Keys.  These can be found on specially named and empowered demons found just before the lava-surrounded sanctuary.  The area looks like a bunch of bridges connecting various tombs with a single bridge that spirals up a red-stone tower.  From the entrance to this area (when you first see the tower, standing on the starting bridge) here are the directions to the two Champion Keys:  1)  Follow bridge and turn right; take first left and head up the slope, take your fist left and look for an off-colored stone block that moves away like a door .. the champion is here and will drop the key when killed.  2)  Follow bridge and turn right; continue straight and follow the turn to the left; enter an open room with two exits far-side from where you enter and take the far-left exit; follow this direction until you come to the second demon baddie ... the champion will drop the key when killed.
C) The Lich's heart is atop the tower that contains the champion keys...  You must find a discreetly placed elevator by jumping where you'd think you can't just one floor above the very bottom of the tower area -- the elevators will take you high enough to reach the top of the tower and discover the bloody altar with a funky Petri dish full of heart.
Being a Vampire means very high-maintenance for a character with this skill so they will not die of hunger...  Be very weary of when this is offered to you.

if you don't have a wizard to begin with, then you will never have Stone magic.

Each class has a realm of magic it can use except the barbarian.  If your current class doesn't include a realm of magic that was made available to you by a previous class, then you will have a penalty of being able to learn only (spell level/2) level spells for that realm.  However, a warlock ignores this penalty which means a warlock class can get the maximum potential from all previously learned realms of magic.  I learned this from the newsgroup, so thanks to all those involved.
Shields are basically worthless.  They look great, but you could be equipping a second weapon in place of them.  They provide no AC bonus, only an occasionally chance to block.

There really aren't enough axes or pole arms to make learning those weapon skills worthwhile ... there are tons and tons of:  swords, daggers, staves.  In the end I got the most powerful axe (Rune Axe) and it was two-handed (which nullified my 2ndWeapon skill) and did less damage than most my one-handed swords (of which I could also equip a dagger!).  I had a ranger that specialize in pole arms, and they turned out to be so crappy I switched him over to swords by the close of the game just to use items x2 as powerful.

3 headed Hydra Tip                                         Sent in by Adam Russell 
This beast has a lot of Hps.  Poison him up real good and run away.  If you don't get too close you can dodge most of his breath.  Or just run back to your boat.  He can't squeeze through that last stretch of trees so you can just stand there and blast him without him even breathing back.  I still ran out of Mana though and had to wait for the poison (39hp/round) to wear him down.

2 Tips and a Tech fix!                                   Sent in by Michael Booker  
Let me add two brief hints and one technical fix for W&W.

In the Dragon's Spire, you need to swim under the Celanth's pool to get to a Guardian.  He will give you a ring that is needed to get past two otherwise-impassible boulders in the waterfall area.

In Skull castle, do not back up after meeting the vampire girls.
You can't get out that way, and when you return, they will attack you.  Walk past them and you'll find a door that gets you back to the rest of the dungeon.

I've had the game lock up *twice* _during a save_.  The game won't reload after that, giving you an error message and locking the system up again.  However, all is not lost!  Go to the save game folder and delete the save files.  The game will reload at that point and you ca go to the inn and reset your party based on your last city visit.  I can understand if that sounds like
a bad idea, but I can't find any other fix.

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