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Individual Quest - Toadem Quest

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

* This quest is given by Shinwiki the Toad Savage shaman. In exchange for riding their "Toadem Place" of the evil, they will give you a Magic spear and some powder.

1. This quest is actually quite simple and straight forward. The only misstep I had was the start. I didn't realize how to get to the Toadem place. Right next to the shaman is a trapdoor with ladder leading down. Take this. (Rather than searching the entire lake area...) Basically this trapdoor leads to a tunnel under the water and over to an isolated Toad hut.

2. Go outside of the hut, and wade ashore. Once ashore, follow the path to your right (it's really the only way to go.) Shortly you come to the Toadem Place. and once you step inside the boundaries Four Scabban Evils pop out of the ground, and start spewing swamp gas at you. It has the same effect as nausea, so you have a fairly decent chance of gagging instead of striking a

3. The four Scabban evils sit one to a corner of the clearing, so you will have to move to each one in turn. They were as tough as Scabban was from the Crypt, although it's worse because there are four of them. However a party of 2 warriors, level 5, one Paladin level 2, one Rogue, level 6, one Warlock level 2 and one Priest, level 6 were able to handle the evils. BTW, all four will be attacking you at the same time with their ranged gas attack. It doesn't really hurt you much, just impairs you. It's when you are standing toe to toe with one of them. I am not trying to say however that no damage will occur, because I noticed my priest got knocked around a little bit.

4. At the far end of the Toadem is a chest filled with some nice goodies, cash, and some items. All you have to do now is retrace your steps to the shaman, and receive your reward. The spear is very nice, +1 hit +1 enchant. The powder is fairly common stuff, so If you use it, keep it, else sell it for some cash. And that is all.

In your conversation with Scabban in the Crypt he mentions that several apprentices fled the compound and succumbed to the "Evil" so this quest nicely finishes off that story branch. One side note, you may want to pick up the Smith quest of finding out what's going on in the toad village, and kill two birds with one stone.

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