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Individual Quest - The Stout Mines

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

In the Entrance Room (A) you must place the writ in the drawer to load the dungeon (no wall lever this time). Pastolio will give you the writ back as an "unidentified scroll." The far door opens and leads to the Main Elevator (B).

The elevator deposits you on the first mine level. Head south and take the Second Elevator (C) down.

3. At the "T" go left (west) then left (south) again. Enter the Throne Room (D) and talk to King Freyedies. He’ll offer to make you Dragon Armor if you’ll find some ore. Agree and he’ll activate the trolley system for you. From the throne room head north.

Go through the Deep Room (E) and take the north passage to the Trolley Room (F). Click on the left (west) trolley to board it then click on the lever. At the end of the line click on the trolley to get off, follow the tunnel north and take the Third Elevator (G) down.

You’re at the Third Elevator – Lower Level (H). Go south, turn right (west) and take the Fourth Elevator (I) down. Go right (south), then right (south) again and take the Fifth Elevator (J) down to the next mine level.

You’re at Fifth Elevator – Lower Level (K). Go north and at the 3-way intersection go left (northwest). Enter the Lever Room (L) to the left (west) and get the lever (needed for the second trolley). If you already have a pickaxe (from an insane miner) you can now return to the trolley room (F) (go to #9). Otherwise, continue with #7.

From the lever room go left (north), bypass the first elevator, head left (north), then immediately right (southeast). At the next intersection go right (south) then left (west) to the Sixth Elevator (M). Take it down to the next level.

This is the lowest level; you are at the Sixth Elevator – Lower Level (N). Go right (north) and swing west; take the Seventh Elevator (O) down. Go south, then right (west) at the "T" and take the Eighth Elevator (P) up. Go south, then right at the "T" (south) again to the Pickaxe Room (Q). Get the pickaxe and head all of the way back up to the Trolley Room (F).

At the Trolley Room (F) use the lever on the broken eastern trolley. Hop on board and click the lever. Get off and follow the tunnel to the lava area. The easiest way to proceed is stop on the Broken Track Bridge (R), turn around, and walk up the right support truss to the higher level (you can also climb all of the way around the lava lakes). Follow the tunnel to the stepping stones, fight the lava pups, cross the lava, fight the hound, and continue to the Lava Ore Lake (S). Use the pickaxe on the ore body on the wall to get the dragon ore. Head back to the throne room (D).

Give the ore to Freyedies and leave the throne room. Go out to the "T" and loiter for a couple of minutes, then return to Freyedies – he’ll have your Dragon armor done. This completes the Stout Mine requirements – you can now leave. Optionally, you can plunder the king’s vaults in two ways – (1) kill Freyedies (and fight all of his guards), get his key and access the vaults, or (2) track down Raskalion for entry into one of the king’s vaults (#11).

The route to Raskalion is a long one. From the throne room go back to the Trolley Room (F), take the west trolley and go down the elevator. You are at the Third Elevator – Lower Level (H). Go south and at the "T" go left (east), left (north) at the next "T", right (east) at the next "T" and finally left (west) into the Round Room (T). Follow the north exit to the First Switch Lift (U). Take it up and click the lever (to change the first eastern trolley track from east side to west side). Go back to the trolley room.

Take the east trolley to the new area. Get off, take the tunnel south and east; at the "T" go north and take the Ninth Elevator (V) up. Follow the passage to the Tenth Elevator (W) and go down. Go to the Healing Lake (X) and "re-vitalize." Go back to the Tenth Elevator, go up ,and then take the southern passage to the Eleventh Elevator (Y). Take it down and follow the tunnel to the Second Switch Lift (Z). Throw the switch (to change the second eastern trolley track from east side to west side) and head back to the Trolley Room (F). Go back to the First Switch Lift (U) and throw the switch again. Go back to the trolley room.

Take the east trolley. Get off and go to Raskalion’s Room (AA). Use his lift to plunder the northwest vault. That’s it for the Stout Mines – head to the Entrance Room (A) and use the writ to exit the Mines.

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