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Individual Quest - The Collasium (Sunken City)

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

Sail south on the Lost Sea. Follow the west coast until you find a tiny sandy cove containing a broken cart and crates. Collasium is offshore to the east. Ensure your characters are equipped with underwater helms and breathers then submerge and swim to the city. Approach the crumbling temple-like building with the broken double doors. Turn to your right and go around the corner of the stairs and then enter through the hole in the foundation into the Starting Room (A) which has the standard lever which loads the dungeon and raises the west door. Save your game now before pulling the lever.

Follow the corridor then observe as the mermaid swims away from the Fled Room (B). Follow her west through a jumbled room to the Grated Trapdoor Room (C). Speak with her until she gives you a glowstone then take the west exit. Explore this area checking all chests for a second glowstone (ignore the north locked door for now). Once you've looted the area return to the grated trapdoor room and go down through the grate.

Follow the narrow and twisting tunnels to the Library (D), go up the stairs and open the chest to get the First Tablet. Speak with Ala-Shakahn, the Oracle of Water, and get the prophecy scroll from her. Walk west and north and follow the corridor to the First Crab Room (E). Kill the crab and exit the room via the south door (using the switch on north wall to open the door) which leads back to the area west of the grated trapdoor room. Go back through the grated trapdoor room to the fled room (B) and take the east stairs up and then go north.

Cross the broken bridge, turn east and follow the corridor to the Rotating Room (F). Put a glowstone in the slot (you should hear a click which means that the east door on the other side of the rotating room opened). Enter the rotating room, wait until the opening is nearing the east exit, and then run through it. Follow the corridor.

The next room is the Steel Trap Room (G). Three of the four traps contain crabs. Open the fourth trap (the one in the southwest corner) and go down through the opening. Follow this winding tunnel to the Second Tablet Room (H), open the chest and get the second tablet. Return to the rotating room (east exit).

You will need to use two glowstones at this point (or attempt to block one of the rotating room's doors with a chest). The placement of the second glowstone in Collasium is random and, in a few cases, it is not present. If you have not found a second glowstone at this point by searching all chests along the way then you could reload from the game saved prior to entering the city. However, some players have reported successfully using a chest to block open the east or west doors to the rotating room. Assuming you do have two glowstones then place the second glowstone in the slot near the east rotating room door (this opens the north door). Enter the rotating room, exit east and recover your first glowstone from the slot, and then re-enter the rotating room and exit north.

Follow this corridor to the Y-Stairs Room (I). Go up the stairs and follow the north and east route to the Double Ramp Room (J). Climb a ramp and continue to the Floating Fan Room (K). Kill the Mother of Crabs and continue west to the Suspended Cart Room (L). Fight the sharks and search the northwest tunnel - get the third glowstone from the chest. Take the north exit from the cart room.

You will enter the Twin Fountains Room (M). Enter each side corridor and place a glowstone in each slot then enter each side room and turn the levers inside. A cubbyhole in the center of the twin fountains room opens and reveals a chest. Jump to the cubbyhole and open the chest to get the third tablet. Recover at least one glowstone from a side room slot. This completes the Collasium requirements. You can exit the twin fountains room by returning to the rotating room (F) along the path outlined above, or use a hidden route. To use the hidden route jump into the water beneath the cubbyhole and follow the passage to the mermaid Vemoura. After encountering her continue along the corridors and through the secret panel into the corridor east of the double-ramp room, and then return to the rotating room (F).

Place a glowstone in the slot next to the north door to the rotating room (to open the south door), enter the rotating room and exit south. Follow the corridor to the exit room, pull the lever and exit the city. Loot Talrik's treasure chests outside and swim back to shore.

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