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Individual Quest - The Skull Castle

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

Entry is through the rather spectacular and forbidding Skull. Inside is the Starting Room (A) with the standard lever which loads the dungeon and raises the north door.

From the Entry Room (B) take the stairs up, flip the lever, and go though the one-way grate. Proceed to the Grand Room (C), take either stairway up, go through the door, turn right (east) and go to the Bridge (D).

You can either jump into the water or be dumped into it by the bridge. Once you hit the water the only way out is by swimming. Jump off and go to the right (north) waterways and take the left (northwest ) one. Let it carry you to the Spell Trap Room (E). Cross the room, get the Spell Trap Room Key, and return to the water. Swim northwest.

In the maze go to the Key Corner (F) to get the Elevator Door Key, go to the Elevator (G), use the elevator key on the lock on the south wall (to open the door at the top of the elevator), and take the elevator up. From the Small Sanctum Room (H) go south, throw the lever to lock the bridge in place, and cross it.

Follow the corridor and stairs down to the entrance to the Lich’s Room (I) and use the spell trap room key to open the door. Listen to the pitiful lich and accept his quest to find the ancient relic. Ensure you have received his Strange Key before leaving. Go back to the bridge.

Jump off and choose the left (southeast) waterways and then head into the Left (south) Waterway (J). Let the current take you to Adrianna’s Room (K). You can either ignore her or accept her quest. Exit through the east door and swim underwater to the lever. Pull it and swim up into the Cistern (L) and out.

Go east to the small room and take the western stairs down. Use the strange key on the South Grate (M). Follow the stairs down to the First Chained Bridges Control Room (N).

The Hanging Bridges puzzle is solvable through observation and mapping. There are four control rooms (N, O, P & Q) each with three levers (from left to right [as you look at them from inside the rooms]): 1, 2, 3 / 4, 5, 6 / 7, 8, 9 / 10, 11, 12. In Room N flip levers 1, 2 & 3. Go to the room at the bottom of the circular stairs and look north at the central pillar.

Run-jump to the center and turn west; run-jump across the two gaps to the western area. Go south, south, down, swing under the ledge eastward, and follow the corridor to Room O. Flip levers 4 & 6 and jump back to the center. Go back to Room N and flip lever 3.

Jump back to the center, turn eastward, and run jump to the eastern area. Go north, down, swing west and follow the corridor to Room P. Flip lever 7 then return to the center. Jump to Room O and flip lever 4. Go back to center and then to Room P and flip lever 8. Go to center and then to Room O and flip lever 6. Go to center and then back to Room P and flip lever 9.

Go back to center, turn north, and jump into the northern area. This completes the hanging bridges puzzle (you don’t need to go to Room Q).

In the northern area go right at the intersection and go down the stairs. At the bottom move crates to find the Hidden Lever Alcove (R) and flip it to lock the lava walkway trap in the up position. Continue east to the entrance to the Lava Chest Room (S), open the chest and get the Ancient Relic. You can also plunder the chests at the Treasure Room (T) by flipping the lever just outside its door. Now head back to the Lich Room (I) by going back to the spiral stairs, going up, taking the east stairs, east stairs again, and west to the Entry Room (B).

Give the relic to the lich and watch as his rants result in his disappearance due to Lord Cet. Fight the demons and ensure you have the Staff of Death. This completes the Skull Castle requirements.

A final area of interest is the vampire Madda Mabbig’s Room (U) (NW corner of west dungeon area) which is opened with the Staff of Death. There are several other areas to explore including the last waterway (which leads to a two-headed giant) and the lich's study.

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