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Individual Quest - The Serpent Temple

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined and special items are in bold italics.

1. Talk to Kol outside the serpent entrance and get the heretic key from him. Take the path to the left of the entrance and follow it to the rusty grate in the water. Swim under the grate and proceed to the Entrance Room (A). Flip the lever to load the dungeon and open the door.

2. Follow the corridor to the Grated T (B). Go east to the Y Room (C) and enter the northeast room by clicking on the skull lever. Open the chest to get the first monkey figurine. Open the southeast grate and follow the passage to the wooden ramps. Go up.

3. Follow the corridors to Kreug’s Room (D); quickly kill him and get the key. Go back down to the grated T (B) and go west. Open the door to the Iron Floor Room (E) with Kreug’s key and jump into the water. Swim down and then left into the round tunnel. Fight the monster then proceed to the table and get the snake figurine. Swim out and then go back to Kreug’s room.

4. Take the south exit to the Golden Serpent’s Room (F). Use a coin on the slot and receive some incense. Return to Kreug’s room. Head west into the Staircase Room (G), go up and follow the north corridor to the 4-Way Wooden Circle (H). Go around the pillar and continue north to the upper level of the Dining Room (I). Go down the south side stairs and take the western door.

5. Continue to the Kitchen (J). Cross the room and get the empty flasks, then ride the elevator down. Go to the next elevator and take it up. Loot the rooms ensuring that you’ve got the second monkey figurine from the top room. Return to the dining room.

6. Go back to the staircase room (G) and take the north corridor, swing west, go through the next room, then through the short, angled passage, and into the Overlook Room (K). Take the western stairs down and use the heretic key to open the hidden door to Kerah's Statue Room (L). Listen to the statue, gather the treasure, and exit. Turn south then southeast into the Monkey Chute Room (M). Click on the lever to release the monkeys; kill them all; however, one escapes (it carries the third monkey figurine) and you must track it down (it runs VERY fast). Meanwhile, go west and follow the corridor to the Big U Room (N).

7. Go down the steps into the short hall to the 6-Doors Area (O). In this area is a coin slot, 4 levers and 6 doorways. To open the doors you must flip a switch (or switches) and insert a coin in the slot. The sequences are (from left to right): lever 3 opens 1st door, levers 2&3 open 2nd door, levers 3&4 open 3rd door, levers 1&2&3 open 4th door, levers 1&3&4 open the 5th door, and levers 1&2&4 open the 6th door. The fifth room has the fourth (and final) monkey figurine. Go back to the big U room (N). Take the east wall stairs up, turn west on the wooden catwalk and go through the north door. Follow the winding hall north and west to a long stairway room. Go down to the torture chambers.

8. In the Fire Pit Room (P) click on the button in the fire. Go north. If you have H'Thark's lock picks (or the red-hot poker) and the key from the Inquisitor you can open the west cell and speak to H'Thark. Then continue north to the Death Wheel Room (Q). Click on the wheel to raise the deadly crusher up to the ceiling. Go down the ramp in the southeast corner and continue down the second ramp. Put one of the empty flasks on the flask grill and go up one ramp. Take the narrow ledge north, and click on the lever to open the two grates. Go west and down to the Spider Egg Room (R). Kill the spiders and collect the eggs. Go up and east into the crusher room. Drop an egg near the brown target on the floor, go out and click on the lever, go up to the wheel, and click on it until it drops down and crushes the egg. Go all of the way down the ramps and get your flask of spider nectar. Go back to the fire pit room (P) and up the stairs.

9. Go back to the big U room (N) and go through the east door of the catwalk. Follow the hallway east and north bypassing all side rooms and corridors until you reach an angled Y. Go northeast and down the stairs to the round room and then west back to Kreug's room (D). You must find and kill the running monkey and recover the fourth monkey figurine before continuing. Check near the monkey chute room (M) and widen the search area; ready a powerful distance spell (such as incinerate) and roast the simian when you spot him. Return to Kreug's room when successful.

10. Go to the 4-way wooden circle room (H) and take the west ramp down into the Huge Snake Door Room (S). Take the north exit to the round room, then go north down the stairs and follow the corridor to the Library (T). Place a monkey figurine in each of the niches indicated by a gray X on the floor. This activates the elevator platform; ride it up and take the south exit to the Study Room (U). Get the wand from the shelf, go back downstairs and use the snake figurine on the central niche; get the servant's book and return to the huge snake door room.

11. Stand near the brazier and use the incense on it. Then use the spider nectar on it. Finally use the wand on it. Respond to the serpent spirit's questions with the exact text from the servant's book. This opens the snake head door. Enter it, flip the lever, and jump up (to avoid crushing damage), then fall into the chute.

12. This is the Pre-Naga Room (V). Kill the snakes then prepare for the fight with the Naga in the next room. Once she's dead flip the lever on the back of the round obelisk and take the south exit. Go east and down and flip the lever above the fountain. Go up and west; at the first "T" go north, then west, north past the locked room, east, north and east to the First Elevator Room (W). Take the north elevator (1N) down, follow the corridor and go up (2S) to the Second Elevator Room (X). Take the west elevator (2W) down, follow the corridor through the gallery room and take the elevator up (3N) to the Third Elevator Room (Y). Take the east elevator (3E) down, follow the corridor and take the elevator (4E) up to the Fourth Elevator Room (Z). Throw the south switch and return to the second elevator room (X). Take the now-working north elevator (2N) up, follow the corridor and fall down the slide into the Serpent Master's Room (AA).

13. Kill him and get the serpent master's key. Click on the lever on the central pillar to start the elevators. The right elevator goes up to the first elevator room (W) where you can use the serpent master's key to open the by-passed locked room to the west. Otherwise, take the left elevator up to the fourth elevator room (Z) and use the key on the east lock. Go east and take the stairs up. Follow the long winding corridor to the big elevator (look familiar?). Click on the lever to rise to the top level of the temple and then prepare for the final confrontation.

14. Go down one of the narrow corridors to the amphitheater and attack Elyssa. You can back up the narrow corridors to limit your exposure to spells. Once she's dead recover the Masque of Evil which completes the requirements for the temple. To exit, go west, click on the lever to open the grate, and go north. This is the round room just south of the stairs down to the library. From here go back to Kreug's room and exit the temple.

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