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Individual Quest - The Pyramid of Cet

Legend: Rooms and special locations are Capitalized and underlined; quest items/encounters are in bold, and special items are in bold italics.

Reach the pyramid in the sandy wastes by heading north-northeast from the end of the forest trail. Climb up the side and enter the dark shaft which leads to the Entrance Room (A). Place the three tablets in the appropriate holes on the walls and pull the lever.

After the dungeon loads go through the north door and follow the corridor to the 6-Pillars Room (B). Kill all of the monsters; this allows the south door to open. Go through it and collect a handful of empty flasks from the chests in the next room. Exit to the west and into the Holy Pool Room (C). Fill the flasks with holy water and take the south exit.

3. Avoid the trap door in the corridor (otherwise climb out of the pit via the narrow ledge). Continue on and take the northwest exit into the Flask-Shaped Room (D). Take the north exit, turn east, and cross the hole in the corridor by carefully walking along one of the narrow dark sides (the wide sides are trap doors). Continue east and then south. Fight the monsters and continue south.

4. At the "T" go west and then south. Attempt to avoid the crushing blocks and go east to the First Anubis Lever Area (E). Click it and return to the "T" and then go east. Kill the monsters and follow the newly-opened corridor east and north into the Black Fire Room (F). Speak with the dis-heartened chained lich. Unequip the Mavin Sword and Staff of Death and use both on the black fire to empower them. Re-equip them and go east. Click on the second Anubis lever at the corner and continue on.

5. Collect the potions in the Potions Room (G) and go south. Cross the next room and follow the corridor up to the Overlook Room (H). Head west and follow the hallway to the Pharaoh's Point Room (I). Take the southeast exit.

6. Go down and follow the hallway to the 4-Doors Room (J). Go through the east door to the red brick area. Go south then immediately east up the long ramp; go north at the next intersection, and west through the brown door into Alamon's Room (K). Kill him and get the first champion's key. Jump into the square shaft and follow the tight passage to the edge. Run-jump across the abyss to the elevator area. Ride both elevators to the top level.

7. Enter the Lich Heart Display Room (L) and click on the sacrificial tray to retrieve the lich's heart. Go to the southwest corner of the precipice and jump down onto the Upper Walkway (M). Go through the south exit, plunder the chests and return to the upper walkway. Then go north, down the ramp, turn south and walk past Alamon's room down the ramp. Then turn south.

8. Follow the corridor south to the Golden Panel Ramp Room (N). Go up the ramp, turn south and continue until you reach the Anubis lever - flip it - then return to the golden panel. You can plunder the area behind the golden panel. Return and go north; follow the passage down to the crushing walls. Dart through and pull the Anubis lever to lock the walls open. Continue east.

9. In Sathius' Room (O) kill him and recover the second champion's key. Return to the 4-doors room. Now would be an excellent time to save your game. Now go west to the Square Hole Room (P). Go through the north exit and flip the Anubis lever; return to the square hole room and jump through into the Portal Room (Q). Touch the portal and the evil Cet appears. He destroys the portal; then Kerah appears and begins to battle Cet. He transforms her into an evil angel who attacks you. Do not take any action until Cet fades away. Fight the evil Kerah (no spells) until she receives about 200 hits. She'll ask for some holy water. Quickly give her a flask of the water. If she's flying then back off a little, jump up and give it to her. She becomes normal again and departs.

10. Take the west exit from the portal room, go up the west stairs, then take the north stairs up, and proceed to the Anubis lever. Click it to lock the lava walkway, cross the lava, and return to the 4-doors room. If you want a female character to become a valkarie then head back to the black fire room and have her use the lich's heart on the fire then return to the 4-doors room.

11. From the 4-doors room take the final exit south, go through the next room ,and enter the lava area. Carefully use the stepping stones or a Lavawalk spell. Use both champion's keys on the locks to open the barred door and enter Cet's Room (R). Kill Cet with the Mavin sword and Staff of Death. Be warned - as he nears death he may use the Firestorm spell on your party. After the deed is done Anephas and Kerah appear, thank you, ask for the Mavin Sword for safekeeping, and then disappear. Your party is then transported to Brimloch Roon. Congratulations - You've Won!

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